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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi telling Raman that ishita aunty has a problem. Raman says Adi, this….. Adi says can’t you see, she does acting to look good infront of you. Raman says she did not think wrong for you and Shagun. Adi asks him to go to his wife, and he can’t bear anyone insulting her mum. Raman says she loves you a lot, you are mistaken, please come home. Adi says he won’t go with Shagun. Shagun asks Raman to leave and she will send Adi later. Raman says Shagun will come along. Adi says no, till Ishita says sorry to her, we won’t come. Mihir asks Adi to behave yourself. Shagun acts sweet and asks Adi to go with Raman. Adi says he won’t go without her. Shagun says Adi is angry, you go now Raman. Mihir says sorry Bhai. Shagun thinks Adi I love you, you will make me reach my place. Ishita will take me back to that home, superb.

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The watchman tells Appa about the cheque bounce which he gave to the society head. Appa says I will talk to bank. Appa thinks how can this happen, I have to go bank. Amma says its first Pongal for Raman and Ishita after their marriage, I have to invite them, but how, Shagun will create issue again. Appa says I should not tell anything to her now, she will get worried. Amma likes the gift. She says new shirt for you. He says I have many. She says she has placed the order for it. He says no, cancel it, I don’t want. He says I got three for our three son in laws. She asks three? He says Raman, Bala and Ashok. He says Mihika is our daughter and its her first pongal after marriage. She asks who invited them here.

Vandu and Bala invite Mihika and Ashok for Pongal. Mihika asks did they ask Appa and Amma. Ashok says we can’t come as I have imp meetings. Appa says we can be annoyed with Mihika, but can’t forget her, so Vandu told me. Amma says Ashok in this house with Raman, never, he is Raman’s enemy. Amma says what will Soumya feel if we sideline Mihika and Ashok. Mihika says we have to go Ashok, all family will be there, they will feel bad if I don’t go. She takes him far and says if you don’t come, I can say about my and Mihir’s child.

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Amma says Ashok and Raman in same house…. Ashok agrees to come. Bala thanks Ashok and they leave. Mihika thanks Vandu as she made it possible for her to celebrate Pongal with family. Ishita asks Raman about Adi, did he bring him or not. Raman says he is not coming, he is annoyed. Ishita says with whom is he annoyed. Raman says with you, stop discussing this now, I know you and Adi tried to stay happy, but my fate is bad that something happens, Adi wants you to apologize to Shagun, else he won’t come home, why did you tell anything to Shagun. She says I did not say anything. He says leave it, what was the need, mind your business, I explained Adi he is wrong, but he is a kid, I just know he was with me after years, why did you annoy him.

He says my son is away from me because of your over sweet nature. She says its because of me and cries. Appa is worried for expenses. He says Chadda and says I m sorry to disturb you at night, and asks about 2 lakhs depositing in society, I gave the cheque, but how can I get such amount again. Chadda says the fire incident damaged a lot, and rates have increased for everything, everyone is paying. Appa says fine, I will arrange the money. Appa says even if I break the FD, how will I get 2 lakhs. Amma comes and asks is he still working, not feeling sleepy. Appa closes the files, and says nothing, I was just checking.

She says fine, I was thinking, you bought shirts for son in law and sarees for daughters, and its first Pongal for Ishita and Mihika, shall we buy gold chain for them. Appa worries. She says you can break the FD. He thinks he has broken FD before. Amma says our life is complete, duty is over and whatever is there is for our daughters. She says I will sleep and have to get up early tomorrow. Appa thinks and cries. He says how can I manage all this, I can’t tell her else she will worry.

Appa comes to his room and sees Amma sleeping. He switches off the lights being still in worry. He sees a gold ring, and recalls Ishita refusing to take it before, saying its your wedding ring. He thinks Ishita was right, this is my wedding ring, I will sell this and buy happiness, and get chains for both my daughters. He cries and hugs the ring. Mrs. Bhall cries on Adi going far from her again. Mr. Bhalla asks her not to cry, and he will talk to Raman. She says Adi will not come back, he won’t come if Ishita does not apologize to Shagun. He says why will Ishita apologize, she is our bahu, she got Shagun from junk, we can’t agree to Adi always, Shagun has filled his ears. She says yes, but its our loss.

Simmi says what can we do. Mr. Bhalla asks Simmi to take care of mum, and he will talk to Raman. Raman thinks whats happening, Adi is annoyed with Ishita and Ishita is annoyed with me, I know Ishita did not tell anything intentionally, what should I do now. Mr. Bhalla talks to Raman. He says parents’ love can’t get less for children, even your mum is worried. Raman says Adi is saying Ishita insulted Shagun, and till Ishita apologizes, he will come, how can I ask Ishita.

Mr. Bhalla says I understand, few things should be left to time. Raman says its Lohri tomorrow, and kids should be there.Mr. Bhalla reminds the last Lohri, a miracle happened, you got Ishita, and I m sure Lord will give us more happiness this time, don’t worry, go and sleep. He leaves. Raman recalls Adi’s words. Ishita recalls Raman’s words and cries. She says does he really feel I have Adi go away from him. Raman cries thinking about how Ishita supported Adi and took care of Shagun. He recalls her sacrifices. He thinks of the happy times with Adi and gets into dilemma on what to do to get Adi back.

Mrs. Bhalla says I know Ishita its not your mistake, but apologize to Shagun. Ishita goes to Shagun and sees Adi. Raman and Mihir look on.

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