Shastri Sisters 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dolly asking Sareen about Shastri ji. Sareen says he is still not fine. Dolly says Minty is at fault, she should have known this would happen. Sareen says Minty did not know this will happen. Dolly fills his ears and says the poor girls did not had mum, and can lose father now, Minty wanted the girls to leave from here, she will be glad, but you will regret as he is your friend. Sareen gets angry. Devyaani asks Anu to go. Alka says Rohan and I will stay here, you all go. Anu says no, it won’t be good to stay here, you can go. Rohan says yes, dad called Anu to call her, and she should be here. Alka says fine, but Anu go home tomorrow.

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Sareen comes inside the house. Minty asks him about Shastri ji. He says he is like dying state, you wanted this, maybe the floor will get vacant now. She says I did not wish this. Sareen scolds her. She says I did not know he will get heart attack, I got angry and the matter went ahead. Sareen says don’t lie, the people are pointing on us again, my friend is fighting with death, and the girls can lose their dad. She holds her head and cries. She says I did not think this would happen. Sareen says I swear on you, I did not wish to think wrong about you, but you make me do this. He says you made Rajat get engaged to Devyaani just for your ego. Minty says Devyaani made Neil commit suicide.

She says it was not her mistake that she did not do it intentionally, then how did I become culprit, I did not wish Shastri ji to get heart attack. She cries and defends herself. Sareen scolds her and says all wrong things are in you. She says what, am I wrong always. He says yes, I m fed up covering your mistakes, spare me now. She says fine, you don’t need me, just tell me once, I will leave you. He says yes, you use my weakness, my love. He asks her to get out, leave him, go and die. She is shocked and Neil looks on. She says fine, I will go away from his life

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She goes to her room and locks the door. Rajat holds Anu and pacifies her tears. He asks whats the matter, you look tensed after meeting uncle, is he fine. Anu wipes her tears and says yes. He asks whats the matter. Minty says no one needs me and messages Sareen. Neil and Sareen ask her to open the door. Rajat asks Anu did Lord did something again to test our love. He gets Minty’s message, that she loves him, don’t hate me, I did not have any way, Anu is not fine for you. Rajat thinks why is she messaging like this. Sareen says Minty is not so weak. They ask her to open the door.

She tries hanging herself to the fan. They try breaking the door. They stop her, and she asks them to leave her. Sareen says I told it in anger, and hugs her. Neil makes her drink water. Rajat calls Minty and gets worried. He says why is mum not taking the call. He says no one is taking call at home, this did not happen before, I have to go an check. Anu asks him to go. He says call me if you need my help, I will come back and we will do everything together. Anu cries. Anu recalls her dream and says my dream turned true. Saajna……………plays……….. She says we came together and Rajat has again gone far. She cries. Sareen and Neil take care of Minty. Sareen asks how can she do this. Minty say you told me to go. Sareen says how can you end your life, and cries.

Minty says I don’t know you care for me or not. Sareen says I care a lot, promise me you will never try to give your life. Rajat comes and hears this. He asks did mum tried to commit suicide, why. Neil asks Rajat to come with him, and takes him outside. Neil tells him everything. Rajat is shocked. Rajat comes to Minty. Rajat holds her hand and asks what does she want. She says you all know it, then why are you asking. Rajat says tell me once. Minty says I want my family back, I want Sareen and my sons to love only me, and not go after Shastri family. Rajat says why do you feel I don’t love you. Minty says if I refused you to marry Anu, you would still marry her right.

Rajat stays silent. She says your silence tells me that you will marry Anu, and you don’t love me. She says so I decided to end my life. Rajat says if I knew this, that you are hurt so much by this, then I would have not done this. Minty says then refuse to Anu now.

Anu tells Rajat that she will love him forever and she will never marry him. Saajna…………plays………. She says its time to separate and removes the mangalsutra. She gives it to him and leaves.

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