Sasural Simar Ka 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli says why are you doing this? simar says I should ask you why are you doing this? what have we done? roli says you taken something from me. I came here to take it back, but I have started loving you all and that wont break. simar what about my sister? She says I am your roli. simar says you are not my roli. you got mausi ji stuck in all this. she says you saw what happens to the one who gets to know my reality, mausi ji was intelligent she kept quite. If aman didn’t hypnotize you and you told about green eyed woman I wont have asked mausi ji to do all this. I would never have harmed her if she has stayed quite. aman is recording all of it. aman says roli is behind all this. she cant do this as much as I know about her. this means she isn’t roli. simar says please tell me where is roli? Fake roli says I am your roli. simar touches her feet and says please tell me about my sister. take me to her once. I will do all you say. fake roli says didi please clam down. siamr says stop calling me didi I am not your sister. she says I considered you my sister. I proved it all.

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Forget all you saw and let me stay here as roli forever. simar says you can never take place of my roli. fake roli says I came here and made place in everyone’s heart. no one can kick me out of this house. they all consider me roli. don’t tell anyone and let me stay here. If you try to tell anyone I will kill and your roli. Simar says please don’t harm her. dake roli says okay then let me stay here. fake roli says shurti, she is your sister roli.

shurti is outside the house. she is confused and walks back to her home. she recalls aman asking her questions. she says how am I connected to that house? what is going on? why amar said only I can solve this problem.

Fake roli says will you own me? I want to know your decision. Alarm rings she says its about morning. they will all wake up please don’t tell anyone. I want to know your decision. Amar claps. simar and fake roli are shocked. amar says what game you played? your the end is near. Now get ready to tell everything clear to everyone. amar says I am here I will handle it all. Simar says please go from here. amar says she cant do anything. its our turn to expose her. simar says you don’t know her entire reality.amar says I heard your conversation. simar says don’t do this please. he says prem sid come out. simar says no one is going o get up. she fainted them all. go from here she is a lot more dangerous than what you think. fake roli says didi time is slipping tell me what is your decision, simar says in heart I can’t risk roli’s life. fake roli says tell me will you accept me. Amr says what you think of yourself. She throttles him and picks him up. she says don’t interfere between us. I have to eradicate you fro my way, then simar and then roli. Tell me didi whats your decision. simar says leave him please. I will do what you say. don’t harm roli I wont tell anyone. she leaves amar. Fake roli says they both agreed to me or I would have to kill them.

Mata ji wakes up her heard hurts, so does everyone’s. Sid and prem look for roli and prem. fake roli says tell me simar will you break my trust? can I trust you? simar says but roli. she says that girl is shurt I am your roli she is happy in her life. until I want she wont ever recall that she is roli not shurti. amar says I will tell your truth to everyone. your entire words are recorded here in my phone. no one can save you. they will all know who that green eyed woman is.

Precap-roli says to sid that man came here to take revenge from didi and when I went to save her he tried to rape me. sid says who was he? she says amar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Seeing such a humble villain in ssk for the first time….. Any idea why she wants to stay there forever as roli… very eager to see her ichadharinaagin revelation

  2. My doubt is Simer loked all dores then how they came out. Why simar not asked as who are U with fake Roli

    1. In the next episode sara hypnotised simar and arman…they’re out of sense. She must hav opened the doors herself to execute the drama to show that amar has tried to abuse her..

  3. S u r right… Sara should have hypnotised simar and amar and now no one will believe amar in bharatwaj family

  4. when is it going to revel…………. can’t wait any more
    eager to see roli and sid together again

  5. Haha ur right , she really is the calmest villain I’ve ever seen… Its actually quite sickening, to be honest >.<
    I feel like slapping this stupid sid tho… Seriously couldn't he recognize his own roli when she came in front of him??

    1. Yes dude… roli n sid is the cutest couple bt d most dramatic..
      The worst thing is sid is totally oblivious abt his own roli’s reality

  6. i knew it roli has lost his memory

  7. You may be right but Hypnotisam not work on Hyponitisam known people Like earlier fake roli drunk some medicine after aman hypnotised and earler also but fake roli not revelaed her originality.

  8. Ha she is supper calm for a i miss my favourate villain in ssk (khushi)

  9. amar has been good to that family hope no one believes fake roli

  10. plz save shruti as real roli and throw out this fake roli out of the house

  11. All well at last wait for that.

  12. It was really annoying seeing Sara Khan behaving so needy like Didi plzz batao na plzz lol

    They are not showing us how daksha baa leela and mausi ji found out her reality and how she killed two of them and sent one to jail no proper flashbacks

  13. bledy hell y does all pbms come at a time,,,?
    y wont d writers let leave simar family live hapily?
    not even for few secs hapines stays wid them
    everytime some drama or the other
    huh vexed up wid all stupid drama chi

  14. abhi ssk pr nagin nd bhul bhulaiya movie ka drama ho raha h. Rmerbr that snake thing happens to sid.

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