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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Eoisode starts with Raman talking to the inspector. He says you need to file an FIR. Raman says fine, come home, my mum in law will give the statement. Bala comes to teach Adi. Shagun says I did now know you are Ishita’s relative last time when you came here. He says I know. He says lets be professional. She says but Ishita. He says Adi is waiting for me and leaves. The inspector comes to take Amma’s statement and asks her to say what she remembers and what happened with her. Ishita asks her to give all the details she remembers, as it will help them catch the culprit. Amma says I was going to Ishita’s clinic to talk her, I was not getting the auto, I was tired, I was crossing the road and I was having head ache, I fainted and I fell in the middle of the road.

The car was coming and to avoid me, it struck the tree. Everyone is shocked. Amma says it was my fault. Ishita asks are you ok, do you know what are you saying. The inspector says don’t disturb her. Amma says my sugar was low and I fell. It was my fault, not the car driver’s. Ishita says why are you lying Amma. The inspector says don’t force her. Ishita says she is hiding, take my statement. He says no, this statement is final, as she is fine now. Ishita asks Amma to tell the truth. The police leaves. Ishita and Appa ask why did Amma lie, why is she saving the culprit. Amma says bring my napkin and goes to rest.

Ishita comes in the balcony and says I don’t know why did Amma change her statement, what happened. She says if Raman knows this, he will be very much annoyed. She sees Mrs. Bhalla’s stole drying in her balcony. She says what is this doing here, did she come here. She comes to Mrs. Bhalla and asks did you go to meet Amma. Mrs. Bhalla keeps quiet. Ishita says you forgot this there, it got washed. I will keep it. She leaves.

Ishita comes to Amma and asks her did Mrs. Bhalla ask her to change the statement and why she agreed. Amma says sorry, I did not want to lie, but I was confused. Mrs. Bhalla came here and she told me that …. The flashback scene shows Mrs. Bhalla crying and telling her that Raman and Ishita doubt Parmeet behind this accident, you are a mum, you have daughters, you can understand my pain, if Parmeet is guilty, how will Simmi live with this stain, her life will be ruined, I request you to change your statement, save my daughter’s life.

Amma says even I m a mum, I can understand, she was much worried, how can I do this with them. She says I can’t punish her, I thought I m fine now, you all are with me, so why to ruin their lives. Ishita hugs her. Ishita tells this to Raman. Raman says mummy does not understand. She says I think we should end this matter here. He says no, I will talk to them. He comes to meet Amma. Appa asks what happened. Raman says I want to talk to my mummy and Amma together, so we came here. Raman comes with Ishita and his parents. He asks Amma and Mrs. Bhalla why are they doing this.

Appa asks what happened. Raman says Parmeet did Amma’s accident and don’t know why is mum saving her, why did she come to brainwash Amma, he does not deserve this, he should be punished. Mrs. Bhalla says its about Simmi’s life. He says he is a bad man and won’t let Simmi live with her. Raman asks her to think if he was at Amma’s place. Amma says we will explain Parmeet. Raman says he won’t understand, I will get him punished. I want you to support me, if you think you have to save Parmeet, then I m sorry.

Mrs. Bhalla says I promise Amma will tell the truth, you are right. Simmi’s life will be ruined with him too. She asks Amma to tell the truth as she was wrong, and blind in love of Simmi. She says I was giving my daughter in wrong hands. Her life will be saved if Parmeet gets punished, you tell the truth. Amma says Raman, call the inspector, I will tell truth this time promise. Raman says I want him to be punished.

Its morning, Ashok gets a call and says yes we will come in party. Shagun gets a letter. She reads it and is stunned. She says Raman’s form comes first every year, how did he forget this year, he has become careless. Ashok tells her that they have to go in party. Ashok says people have so much time to romance, shall we go. She says even they will be there. Ashok says then we have to go to confront Raman and Ishita. She says I have a head ache and will take medicines. She says I don’t believe this, Raman did not call till now, what is keeping Raman busy that he forgot Adi’s important date. Raman comes to her. She is glad seeing him and smiles.

Ishita says shall I ask Raman is everything fine there, my BP raises if he goes to meet Ashok and Shagun, if I call him, he will be angry. She gets Priyanka’s call. She says we did not meet, but our husbands are good friends, its our marriage anniversary. Ritesh is trying to call Raman, but could not talk to him, so I m inviting you, come in the party. Ishita says sure, we will come. Ishita says this will depend on Raman’s mood and his mood will depend on Ashok and Shagun. Shagun says so you remember, I thought you forgot. Raman brings police with him. Shagun asks whats going on, whats police doing him. Raman asks them to arrest Parmeet. Ashok asks what happened.

The inspector says I have a Fir against Parmeet, Mrs. Iyer charged him of hit and run, we have proof and witness, this happened four days ago. Raman says Parmeet took Ashok’s car for the accident. The inspector says the witness said the ending numbers, the mechanic also gave Parmeet’s number, so he is guilty. Parmeet says what, its true we are enemies, but it does not mean I did this accident. Raman says stop this drama, I know you very well, I know you did this accident. Ashok says he is my business partner, but it can’t prove Parmeet did this, did anyone see him doing the accident. He says if I say I have proof that he is innocent then……….. He says Parmeet does not have the car, as I sold it four days before. He shows some papers of selling the car.

Raman looks shocked. Parmeet smiles. Raman says inspector, I know them very well. He might have known about his, so he made fake papers. The inspector says we can’t arrest him now, and takes the papers to verify. He asks them not to go out of city. Parmeet asks Raman not to defame them. Raman says the day my hands reach your neck, I will catch you. He leaves. Ashok and Parmeet smile. Shagun thinks Raman forgot this important date to catch his mum in law’s culprit. Ishita did magic on him.

Raman talks to the inspector and says don’t know think it’s a big coincidence that Ashok sold the car on the accident date. The Inspector asks him not to worry as he will find out. Raman calls Mihir and asks him to find out who bought Ashok’s car.

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  2. May be its shagun who has done d accident

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