Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 18th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 18th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj asks Avni why she is eating from used plates. She says she was feeling very hungry, he says this is my plate, why were you eating from my plate. She says it’s not a big deal, she came to kitchen and found this plate and ate from this plate. She goes away saying she is very busy and has lot to do. Raj smiles and says he knows all the truth and will make her confess.
Shastri ji appreciates Avni working all the work of Pooja. He says Avni will take the pooja treat. He sees Akshit and Arpita and asks them to join. Suket gives a list of the people who must be a part of the pooja. Shastri ji asks why Akshit’s name isn’t here. Avni and Pratab opposes Suket, he says anyone disagreeing can leave. Bauji says he has a disagreement; he says he doesn’t need to remind him every time that he is the eldest. He says Akshit and Arpita are the children of this home; they tried all their best to make your anger. You should not turn your anger into hatred as this relationship can’t be broken by you.
Suket says you know I respect you and abide by your order. He tells Shastri ji that Akshit and Arpita will also sit in the pooja. They all happily join.
Suket was talking to someone on phone, Bauji, Bhawna and Avni comes with the gifts. Akshit and Arpita come with the gifts, she explains while Bauji urges them to take the gifts.
Avni says to Raj that everything happened today was wrong. She says that they must not have told a lie. Raj says they knew the answer would be negative. Raj wonders why people even tell a lie when they know the response will be positive, it’s you who told me you ate from my plate by mistake.
Suket throws the gift shouting he doesn’t want to take the gift; he says he doesn’t want them to think that it isn’t a big issue that they lied. He will never let it happen. Bhawna says that you are seeing how people are getting against his decision. Suket says it is possible that one day Abhaas and Avni would want to do love marriage, but he won’t let this happen at any cost.
Raj says to Avni that when her dad will forgive Akshit and Arpita one day, he will feel and accept love one day. She hopes it happens that way. He holds her hand and says that in the end everything happens well.
Suket says that it is weak and makes one lie, and hypocrite. He says he will not let Avni get into it anyway.
Arpita is excited about Akshit’s award ceremony. She gets her friends call and asks did your article published on the 2nd page. He says he put his phone on silent, because everyone is calling to congratulate him. She says I will just make your mood well, and takes him to window. Downstairs Bauji told Avni that Suket will have to go to the function because the business association decided he will be the one to present the award to Akshit. Sanvri comes and takes a leave to go to orphanage, they all greet her. Bauji gives the letter to Bhawna. Suket reads it and gives it to Bhawna. She smiles, looks at him. He says he will have to go.
Raj is excited about the baby jiji and jija are going to adopt. Jiji is nervous that the procedure to adoption is difficult. He thinks he must talk to Bauji to help her.
Avni and Devika find her mom’s gold earrings. Devika asks did she tell him about his love. Avni says are you mad Devika? Our family problems will get worsen if someone know this. She says he is a wonderful guy and she misses him when he isn’t around. Raj listens to this and thinks Avni must say I love Raj.
Devika tells Avni that you truly love Raj. She turns around and sees Raj who hides immediately. Avni says aloud that have you seen Raj his teeth are so big, and he is so much afraid of her dad and he speaks so soft one has to struggle listening to him. She points Devika about Raj’s presence. Raj comes there and says hi, Avni laughs.

PRECAP: Bauji says to everyone that we are getting late for award function. Suket comes downstairs in casual clothes and tells them to go as he isn’t going with them.

Update Credit to: Sona

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