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Meethi only says hmmm and a tear escapes his eyes. She tells him that she is disconnecting the call. Maiyya was standing outside the door listening. Akash looks worried so she goes inside to talk to him. What was Meethi saying? He tells her that Meethi is acting stubborn. She wont come home tonight. She will stay with her Anni. But its good for both of us if we aren’t together for one night. There must be someone mature in that house who can make her realise that she is wrong. Some distance is also necessary at times to come closer. He assures her that he is fine. She is sure this distance is good….for him and her whole family. there will be some pain initially but eventually you will be happy as you are my son after all.

Akash is not happy. Meethi too is in tears. Mora Piya Mose Bole Nahi plays as they both think about each other. Meethi and Damini board a bus for Jammu. The bus drives off from there. Damini recalls the time when she had left with Iccha. Akash cannot understand why Meethi behaves this way. I feel worse when I see you sad. What have I asked for after all? Piya plays. I only wanted my own first baby. Anyone in the world would want it. Why cant you understand it? Why do I have to explain it to you time and again? When will you understand Meethi?

Meethi’s bus stops at a red light. Mukta is nearby only. She notices Meethi and Damini in the bus and is shocked to see them there. The bus drives off even though she calls out for Meethi. She luckily avoids bumping in a car. Next she stops an auto and tells the driver to follow the bus. She calls Akash but he is not picking up. The auto breaks down. Kajri gives the phone to Akash. She asks him if he had a fight with Meethi. He in turn tells her to ask Meethi only. She shocks him by sharing that she has seen Meethi and Ammo Nani leaving in a bus. He is confused as the bus goes out of town. He gets alert and sets down to find what the matter is. Mukku too is thinking.

Akash turns to Kajri and shares it with her. She too gets worried. He leaves to find out the truth after telling her to keep him posted in case she gets to know anything. She nods and recalls Meethi telling her not to leave this house ever. Maiyya stops Akash from going out. He is in a panicky state. He knows that Meethi wont come back on her own now. I will have to bring her back. He leaves from there even though she tries her best to stop him. she is angry as this was what she had dreaded. Kajri tells her that Akash loves Meethi a lot and cant live without her. He has gone to bring her and will return with her only. I only had given him Mukta’s phone. Maiyya looks angrily at her.

Damini tells Meethi not to stop her tears today. But Meethi wont cry as she is not at fault here. I took vows with someone to be with them in life and death. If someone is backing out from fulfilling it then what’s my fault in that? Damini comforts her.

Akash is driving and tries Meethi’s number. She disconnects the call and then switches off the phone. He remembers that Ammo Nani is also with Meethi. He tries her number but Meethi tells Anni not to receive it. Damini is about to pick but Meethi disconnects it. Both the phones have been switched off now. He cannot understand where they both are going. I made a very big mistake. I should have spoken to Meethi once. If I would have spoken to her once then I would have brought her home somehow but I couldn’t control my anger.

Sankrant helps Kajri in standing up and tells her to go to her room. She obliges. He next questions his mother about her act. Why do you have to be so angry on Kajri if she told Akash about bhabhi? You very well know I hate such antics of yours. Something wrong was surely going on so tell me honestly what was going on here. Are you behind bhabhi’s exit from this house? She tells him not to blame her. I have accepted Meethi with a pure heart. I apologized for my every mistake and consider her my own daughter. What’s my fault if something happens between a husband and wife? She left on her own without telling me anything. Akash has gone to bring her back. Did I stop him? You (my son) doubt me? He agrees that being her son he knows her too well which is why he doesn’t trust her, not even a bit. If you even try to separate Akash-Meethi then Akash’s life will be ruined. Maiyya is not interested.

Akash only wants to find Meethi as he is sure he can set everything then. He spots a bus and recalls Mukta’s words about seeing Meethi in a bus which goes out of this town. He wonders if Meethi is in this bus and starts following it. He takes over the bus and asks the driver to stop the bus. He checks the bus while the passengers protest but Meethi is nowhere to be seen. The bus driver drops him off the bus and drives off. Akash is all heartbroken. Meethi has always forgiven me for my mistakes. She cannot leave me like this. He replays the whole scene where he imagines an altogether different convo with her and tells her to wait for him at the bus stop. He is coming to pick her and they both professing their love for each other. I wish I could understand her silence, her pain and all this wouldn’t have happened. why couldn’t I understand it? if I could have controlled my anger for once and had thought about Meethi then this wouldn’t have happened. My Meethi isn’t like this. She has forgiven me for all my mistakes till date. She can never leave me like this. Why couldn’t I control my anger? Why dint I talk to her once? Why did I do it? He gets Kajri’s call. She encourages him for finding Meethi. She loves and cares for you a lot. Do anything but bring her back.

Meethi prays for Akash. Take care of him always. He should never be in pain or miss me. Akash has made up his mind to look for Meethi. you cannot leave me like this. I will find you!

Precap: Akash and rathore are at the bus stand. Akash shows Meethi’s photo at the ticket counter. He is shocked to know that Meethi bought two tickets. He asks for the driver’s number of that specific bus. Rathore calls the driver while Akash drives. The bus is at a dhaba. Akash knows about it.

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