Devon ke Dev Mahadev 18th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 18th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Bheelni thinking about what Mahadev said to her about kheer. Then Mahadev says to her that he has loved the kheer so much that whenever he eats a mouthful he wants to eat more, his hunger is not satisfied. Parvati is reminded of the leela which Mahadev did at the time of their marriage.

There Manasa kills the head of the asura and says to the folk that they need to fight for themselves as no gods or goddesses are going to come for their help. They themselves have to be their own gods. Manansa thinks that this is just the start and that now she has to do something big and leaves for it.

At Bheelni’s place Bheelni is shocked to hear all this and takes leave from Mahadev to prepare for his rest and vows to come back. After sometime Bheelni asks Mahadev to come with her as she has prepared his resting place. The resting place is same as Kailash which makes Mahadev happy. Mahadev says to her that he loved this place so much that is she asks him to leave he will not. Bheelni leaves from there.

There Manasa gathers people around her and says to them that they should stop worshipping their gods. People are shocked to hear and says that if they do not worship their gods they will attain salvation and neither their folks.

There at Bheelni place, Bheelni comes there, and Mahadev asks what he should do for her. She says nothing and Mahadev starts to play his Damaru. Bheelni is all mesmerized hearing the tune that she comes near Mahadev but she comes to her senses and moves away. Mahadev says to her that has he done something wrong, but Bheelni says that how the god can be wrong?
Seeing Mahadev’s behaviour towards Bheelni, Parvati at Kailash is deeply saddened. Laxmi tries to tell Parvati that she should open her feelings in front of Mahadev and Mahadev will come with a solution. But Parvati denies it. Parvati says that she will put Mahadev to a final test. Saraswati worriedly asks which one

Hearing all the people’s reactions, Manasa says to the folks, that when their give aahuti in yagna who is benefited, the gods become stronger than you. She also states the example of her and her father Rishi Halahal and how Devon Ke Dev Mahadev did not gave darshan to her father who was a devotee of Mahadev and at the time of his dying Mahadev did not come. Manasa accuses Mahadev of being partial and says to people not to believe in gods. All the people agree to Manasa’s thoughts.

There Bheelni asks Mahadev for marrying her. This shocks Mahadev, but before he could say anything Bheelni says that all the gods have more than one wife and then why not me. I want a promise from you. Mahadev says that he has not uttered a single word, let me think. Bheelni is shocked to how her swami is not thinking about is family at Kailash.

Precap: – Manasa asks everyone to march towards Kailash; Diti is watching all this; Mahadev asks Mansa to stop from what she’s doing..

Update Credit to: Kalyani_shiva

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