Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Raman how is he feeling good to others. Mihika plans to fool Raman and takes Vibhu’s help. Ishita asks Raman will he eat sitting on ground, she can arrange a chair. He says he is fine. She says I wish to believe your acting. He says its not acting, but truth. Mihika and Vibhu fool Raman asking him to eat the prasadam making Ishita sit in his lap. Mihika says this ritual increases love. Raman says fine, sit, Ishita it’s a ritual. Ishita sits is Raman’s lap. Dil kahin rukta nahi………….plays……… Everyone claps. Raman makes a painful expression. He does the rituals and makes Ishita have water. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein…………plays………….

Appa asks Amma what is Raman doing. Amma says see them, he is making Ishita have the prasadam with love. Ishita asks Raman is he oh. He says yes and asks about this ritual. She says its an important one and laughs. He says just few hours left now, eat less or you will be more heavy. Mrs. Bhalla has a headache and asks Simmi did Raman and Ishita come. Simmi says no, I have some work with you. Mrs. Bhalla asks what. Simmi says I have to go to bank, Parmeet used to manage everything, but I have to do it now, I can’t take baby with me. Mrs. Bhalla says I will see her, Ishita will come soon. Simmi thinks sorry mum, I m lying as you all are against Parmeet.

Bua ji asks everyone to come again, and special thanks to Raman, he won everyone’s heart in so less time, Ishita very good choice. Raman says son in law is also like son, and Amma is like my mum. Amma smiles. Mihika tells Ishita that 10 on 10 for him today, he did not taunt today, is he Raman or someone else. Ishita says don’t know, he has shocked me, he did a lot today, he did what he hates, he bear all this silently, just for Adi’s education. She says I extended this a lot. They smile. Ishita says he is so sweet.

Ishita says sorry to Raman. He asks why. She says as I did not do this right, I knew about tuiton and I said yes for it, I convinced Bala, I thought to pull your leg, but I did wrong, you did a lot in 2 hours going against your nature. Raman makes an angry face. She says it was too much, but you did it for Adi, I extended the joke which was not good. He says enough, I did this for you, not for Adi. She says for me? He says I knew you said yes to Bala. He says he told me yesterday night. She asks then why did you accept the challenge, He says yes, as you say do anything to keep others happy, if you touch chicken for me, then I can do this. She says you look good like this, I like Ravan Kumar more.

She smiles. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein…………..plays……. They leave. Simmi meets Parmeet at a cafe. He gives her earrings and she smiles. She says its very beautiful. He says one for you and one for baby. She says I have to go, else everyone will ask at home, dad does not want me to meet you. He says I not so bad. She says you are very good. He says help me if you trust me. He says Raman can be hurt in this. She asks why. He says Ashok is trying to trap Raman big time, if I tell Raman, he won’t listen to me, but we have to tell this to Raman. She asks what can we do.

He asks her to get Raman’s file for him, so that he can help Raman. He says I m working for Ashok to help Raman. She says shall I ask him the file. He says no, he thinks I m his enemy. She says can’t they see you like this. He says don’t cry, they won’t believe me till Ishita is there, just give me that file, I will save Raman, he is your brother, and thats my house, take care. He says I love you. She says I love you too and leaves. Parmeet says even the most cunning man fails by his family, no one can save Raman from ruining. Lets see how Raman stops us from getting the project.

Raman comes to the mobile customer care and comes to know that the number got activated 3 months before. He says we got your signs too. Raman says I think someone forged it. Raman thinks who can do this. He gets a doubt. Simmi looks for the file in Raman’s room. Raman comes home and asks Mrs. Bhalla where is Ishita and Simmi. Simmi says I m doing this for you Parmeet. Ishita comes and Raman says I need to talk to you, come with me. Simmi gets the file and says we will be saved of our loss, thanks Parmeet. Raman and Ishita comes to their room and Simmi hides the file.

Raman says you here. Simmi says no. Mrs. Bhalla says I have send her to take balm for my headache. Simmi says I did not get it here and leaves. Ishita asks Raman what is the matter. He says close the door. He says someone forged my signs and took the sim car, by giving my documents, only Simmi can do this. Ishita says what?

Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi why did he go in Raman’s room. Simmi says I want to save Raman, from Ashok, I needed something. She leaves. Mrs. Bhalla says whats this now. Raman says I know Simmi, she always copied my handwriting, only she can do my sign. Ishita says why will she do this, its serious matter, why will she take big risk. He says only she can answer us. Ishita says its easy to guess. He says will you tell me on mahurat. Ishita says Simmi was meeting Parmeet hiding three months before, so she took this for him, but he is using it for special work.

Raman says he is smart and thinks well, but he did not think we will know this. He calls her Jagga Jasoos. Ishita says get serious sometimes. She says Simmi took it for Parmeet. Raman says yes, he is using this to trap me, Parmeet says thanks Simmi, Raman’s business will be ruined and no one can stop this, I m sorry Raman, I wanted to become hero, but you made me become a villain, I can’t bear insult.

Raman says Parmeet thinks he will trap me using my name sim card. Ishita says I think he did the accident, he has all the reasons. Raman says if Parmeet did this, he will hide this. She says whose car is it, its costly, its exactly like yours. Raman says Parmeet is under Ashok’s care and thinks of Ashok gifting Adi a car like him, so it means Parmeet used Adi’s car. Ishita says don’t tell this to Simmi, she will break. Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla not to tell this to Simmi. Mrs. Bhalla says I m thinking is there any other way. This way Simmi will break. Mr. Bhalla says we have to take care of her. Raman says I will see if inspector can help us, Parmeet save yourself, the one who did Amma’s accident won’t be saved.

Raman and Ishita have a talk. Ishita asks him to drop this matter. Raman refuses.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Thanks Amena

  2. Sme1 beat tht idiot Simmi.if she cme infrnt of me thn i wil beat her so tht she wil frgt tht idiot Pram lyk kokila.

  3. raman ishita rocks simmi flops

  4. Simmi is a dumb under influence of love for that womeniser parmeet,hate them

  5. this show rocks!!

  6. superb episode.everday i dont have the time to see the episode but this written updates help me a lot.
    thanks Amena .thank u very much .ican imagine the episode with this.once again i thank u………

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