Rang Rasiya 17th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
paro says to Rudra she has not left you. She left because chichi talked about leaving the house yesterday. He says I don’t care. She says she is alone, we don’t know in what condition she might be in. after such struggle she has got out of Thakur’s detention what if he finds her again. He says I said I don’t care. Paro says don’t you really care ? Look in to my eyes and tell me that you don’t care? Her life is endangered. Rudra says I cared 15 years ago. What happened. She took care of herself.She will do it again. She is used to of it. Paro says okay do whatever you want. Don’t find her but I will look for her. I have got my mom after so long I don’t wanna lose her again. I won’t come here until I don’t find her. What did you say to me ? that you are tired of running and wanna stop. He leaves.Paro says you are running once again.

Scene 2
Rudra is in his office. He recalls paro’s words that you are running again. He recalls when his mom was looking for her years ago. He called her and was in pain because of the bruise on his foot. His mom came o him asking what happened rudra. She looked at the blood and asked where were you running in dark ? SHe cleaned her blood. She asks why you didn’t call me. He said I was calling you didn’t listen. I thought you’d be bugged with me. She said why would I be mad at you. You are my adorable son. CAll me once whenever you feel pain. I will come running to you.

His man comes in office and tells him that according to his orders they have located him. Rudra asks where are they ?

Scene 3
On the other side, paro is looking for massa . Its a sunny day. SHe asks different people.Rudra comes to the same place in his jeep and spots her. He screeches to a halt as he comes face to face with paro. The theme song plays in the background. He asks her to sit in the car. He says why sould I? So you can take me home ? I won’t come until I don’t find her. He says aman has found her. SHe says what? That emans you were looking for her ?

Rudra and paro reach a strange place. Rudra comes to her and says I can’t do it alone. Come with me. Paro comes out of the car. She says what kind of place is this. Is aman sure massa is here ? He says we will figure out. He knocks the door Layla opens it and behind her massa is standing. He says this is your thakurain masa. Paro says you were looking for her ? He says tejwaat is looking for her and that is the only reason i was looking for her. But he was sure that if he took her home she would run away again its in her traits. He says she would do it again again its her habit. He goes back and sits in his jeep ordering paro to follow suit but paro thinks otherwise. She goes to massa and says I wanna talk to you, all alone. Layla takes a side and paro and massa go in.
In the room Paro says he is not wrong. How could you leave your own house ? She asks why did she leave him 15 yrs back ?. She says I left my son and husband. Paro says I am talking about 15 years back. If you lovbe your husband and son so much then why you left them ? Mala replies that marriage is between two persons and success of marriage depends on both. 15 yearrs back she committed mistakes. Or maShe was not blaming any one. i am not accusing anyone I just wanna say that I have always loved rudra. Paro interrupts that she should think about rudra. How hurt he might have been when he learnt his mother had left the house once again. She says you have to decide do you wanna come back to your house ? To your family and son ? You know what? He was calling you in slumber last night. SHe says I know I have heard. Paro says how could you still ignore him? I am not forcing you. I just want you to know that he still cares about you. No matter what he says he has found you. If you decide to return to the house you will have to stand by with it, forever.

Outside the house rudra is getting impatient for paro. Laila does not lose single chance and says rudra he ahs treated her so bad. It was so hard to get her there. he says your medal will reach your house for this feat. Paro comes out. He asks what happened ? Are you hapopy now ? She did not come. I told you its her trait to deceive people. Massa comes out of the house. Rudra and paro look at her. is line maaroing on Rudra. Rudra is shocked. Mala says thanks Laila for saving my life. For giving me second chance to live. For reuniting me with my son. Laila says I will always be at your service.
PAro asks rudra to open the back seat of the jeep. Mala says paro why are you sitting here ? She says massa sit at the front seat two people can’t sit here. Rudra is angry at this. He goes to the driving seat and mala sits with her. All three drive off. Paro says you know massa major sahib got a medal for his bravery. It was as big as a cup and few time back we went to Mumbai. It was beautiful, tall buildings amazing cars and the amazing beach there. Mala says I didn’t want to leave you rudra. I came there to ask you to come with me. I used to call everyday just to know how you are ? I didn’t want to leave you. Rudra starts driving fast. She says how could I leave. You were my life I tolerated everything because of you. I used to wait every morning when will I wake you up, make you eat and scold at you. When you use to go to school, I used to wait for you to return. Do you remember when once you returned from school and my eyes were red. Rudra stops the car and grunts stop it.

Precap-Paro says to rudra thank you. He says its not needed. Paro puts a hand on his lips he says what are you doing. Paro says thanks major sahib and kisses him on cheek.

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