Bani Ishq Da Kalma 17th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 17th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Rajji’s residence, Anu’s office and the bus stop
Buaji asks the priest to hurry up with the wedding, and complete the pheras, before the muhurat ends. Rajji and kuki are tensed, while vicky and his mother watch happily. Simran and angad are tensed too. Kuki asks buaji to come inside for a minute before all this. Buaji agrees. They both go inside. rajji wonders what to do now, as soham isnt at home, and she cant let this happen.

Inside, buaji asks what she wants to say. Kuki asks whats she saying, and why this sudden marriage, and that she doesnt know whats going on in her mind. Buaji says that when she is to get married to vicky, then what differnce the date makes. Kuki says that she isnt a doll to be played with as she isnt ready yet. Buaji says that she would give an answer, and tells that she knows about her plan with guggi and narrtes everything. Kuki is shocked. Buaji tells her that she cant do this, and that she being her mother, shall look after her well being, and that noone can come between her desciison today, and she would get her married to vicky. Rajji frnatically tries soham’s number, but when it doesnt get through, she leaves a message instead. rajji then calls anu, and dishevelled talks to anu about whats happening. anu wonders whats buaji is upto. rajji says that she isnt able to get through to soham, and she doesnt know what to do. Anu asks her to calm down and asks her to delay it for sometime and in the meanwhile she would do something. Anu asks her to compose herself and kuki too. rajji is tensed. Kuki tells buaji that she wont listen to her this one time and professes her love for gagan, shocking Buaji. she says that she wont listen to her today. Buaji says that today she is standing upto her, and that she knows that she is influenced by these people. kuki says that she has always done what she was told, and that she cant stay away from her love too, and that she begs buaji to get her married to Guggi. buaji shuts her up saying that she would only get married to vicky. Kuki starts crying, and buaji tries to advise her that she is naive and doesnt understand life, and would later know that she is doing it for her own benefit. Kuki is distraught. Guggi stands at the bus stop worried. Guggi wonders if kuki changed her descision on being forced by buaji. He thinks that she must have been in some problem. Kuki is apalled while rajji tries to comfort her, that anu would do something. kuki leaves up hope, while rajji is tensed too. Kuki’s dreams are shattered and she is inconsolable. She says that guggi must be waiting for her at the bus stop, in this scorching heat.

Anu calls up Mr. Bakshi to find out about the genuity of the passport and visa immediately. then she calls the Same lady who had helped vicky escape anu’s eyes. When she comes, she is shocked when anu asks her to get the case files again, remembering how she had helped vicky escape, and anu gives her a long lecture as to how as a woman, they have to help a woman in distress today. The lady leaves. anu is tensed.

When guggi finally calls on kuki’s cell, buaji picks up instead of kuki. When kuki frantically asks where is she, Buaji tells guggi about kuki’s impending marriage with vicky, and lies about kuki having agreed. rajji and kuki are apalled while guggi is shocked to the core. Buaji asks him to come too, or he would forever regret that he didnt see kuki is bridal wear. she cancels the call. guggi is shocked as he remembers what he heard. He starts running.

Scene 2:
Location: NGO Site
Parmeet stoically faces baldev and his men, as they come up to confront him on the site. baldev asks parmeet how is the NGo work going. parmeet asks what has he come here for. Baldev tells parmeet that he has come to say that he wont pose a problem anymore to his work of thre NGO. he says that women have explaiend him clearly the status of the modern woman and can also punish those who treat the women bad and hence he isnt against any organisation that benefits women. parmeet is surprised.

Later, he tells bani and she is overjoyed too. She tells everyone excitedly about the same and the rest of the family is excited and happy too. Surjeet thanks bani for tbhis and gagan compliments parmeet for his diligence in this mission. Bani too acknowledges it. She says that she now just waits for it to open, and when it does, they can help women. They pray to the lord for his blessings. bani thinks that everything is going good, and hopes that rajji is successful in her mission and gets kuki married to guggi, and not vicky.

Scene 3:
Location: Anu’s office
Anu starts inspecting the files, while shruti stands tensed, as another of the ladies too starts checking along with anu. Shruti finds the page that she had torn and is shocked. Anu asks if she saw anything. Shruti says that she didnt as these are empty files and she has gone through them already. Anu asks the other lady to go and keep the files in place. But the other lady drops it accidentally. as anu too gets down to helping her pick the files up, her eyes go across the torn page. She asks both the ladies where is the page, as it risks a woman’s life today. shruti is scared and starts crying. Anu is shocked.

Scene 4:
Location: Rajji’s residence
Vicky, outside impatiently waits hoping that nothing went wrong. He and his mother are relieved when they find kuki coming out with buaji and rajji. Simran, angad and rajji are tensed. Vicky and kuki finally starts walking to take their place on the marriage Vedi. rajji tells vicky to stop as he cant marry kuki. buaji is shocked, while all others are tensed. the screen freezes on rajji’s face.

Precap: Buaji asks after all this time, she still insists on this. rajji tells buaji that there’s one final lie that needs to be unravelled. Buaji says that there’s no need for her to turn another lie into the truth. rajji says that she needs to tell vicky that he had been deceived. Rajji tells him that he has to know that kuki is in love and was bound to run away with her lover this very afternoon. vicky says that he knows everything. Rajji is shocked to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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