Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 17th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 17th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suket tells the man that Arpita made the food, she is the daughter in law of his family. Sanvri gets worried, while Arpita happily accepts the gift. While people begin to leave, Suket tells him to give all the blessings to its rightful that is Arpita. They go outside.
Avni hugs Arpita, who thanks her. Bauji also appreciates. Akshit was quiet, he says dad wasn’t angry but he didn’t say anything too. Avni says he will give you the gift too, so don’t worry. The servant comes to inform them that Suket is calling them outside.
Suket takes the wallet out of his pocket; Arpita says she needs only his blessings. Suket asks Raj what he would have charged had he made this food. Raj says 4000. Suket asks Bhawna what the cook would charge. She was reluctant, Sanvri announces 5000. Suket gives 9000 to Arpita and says had they got it cooked from outside this is what it must have cost. He shouts telling Arpita to take the money and keep in mind this money is for her work and don’t consider them as a blessing from me. They all go inside. Arpita runs inside crying. Avni says Arpita must have felt so bad, but it was my plan. Pratab says no one can win Suket. Raj says not everything went wrong, firstly Suket at least talked to Arpita and secondly Arpita must take this money as a blessing not a wage.
Suket asks Bhawna why she didn’t tell him. She says when she went to kitchen the food was ready and people had arrived. Sanvri says this was also a lie by Arpita so she wont eat the food she cooked. Suket says there is no need to lengthen this thing because he has already paid her.
Shastri ji comes home, Sanvri and jiji asks him for Mohli together as they both have to keep a mannat. After Shastri ji has gone inside, jiji tells Sanvri that she and jija are thinking to adopt a child. Sanvri says she also wishes the same and tells Jiji to adopt the child from the orphanage after her mother’s name.
Avni apologizes Arpita in the kitchen. Arpita says today she got what she wanted, she will save the money Suket gave him as blessings. Arpita tells Akshit to eat food, it is the tradition. Akshit says it is the custom that all the men of the home eat together today. Akshit says we tried everything but what we always get is humiliation. He says we know dad is such a determined person, he will never give up. He says what she is thinking will never happen; she says it is her hope. She tells him that those who loves us gets angry at us too. He says it is time that we must do what we decided. Arpita says she is ready to do anything for the family.
Raj comes to Avni and asks him to take food for him as well. He says I don’t like karela. She says it is the custom that you must not leave anything from this food. He says the custom is that husbands leave some food for their wives, and they have to eat it. She asks so you will leave this karela for your wife, and you aren’t married even. He comes closer to her and asks why didn’t she let him remove the colour from her hair. She runs to her room and sees the Ruli in her hair. The other Avni arrives and asks why she didn’t answer Raj. She doesn’t wasn’t to remove Roli, tell Raj and hide it from the family- you love Raj and you know it but you aren’t ready to accept it. You are running from everyone but not yourself; at least be honest to yourself and say that you love Raj. Avni shouts saying Yes I love Raj! I love him so much so that he cant even do. But she cant tell this truth to anyone, as she doesn’t want that another problem occurs in her family because of her. She will only confess her love if it guarantees happiness. Avni comes downstairs and sees the women eating food and recalls what Raj said to her. She stops Kaka and takes the plates from him asking which of these is Bauji’s and which is Raj’s. She brings them to kitchen, then recalls Raj didn’t like Karela so he must not have eaten it. She thinks she told Raj not to leave food in the plate, so the other plate must be his. Raj comes behind her and sees her with a smile. She gets spice, pours water then thinks she must drink water from Raj’s glass too. She looks for the glass; Raj comes to her, takes a sip and gives water to her. She drinks from it.

PRECAP: Suket says he will never accept love, it makes a person revengeful and in Avni’s case she must not even speak about Love.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Fatima Ussman

    Loved it

  2. What the hell is wrong with suket and avni and raj is really happening so I am happy

  3. I dont think suket has love in his heart…

  4. I will be most hated here for my comments but we need to think and in some way relate this to life in general as I believe that these serial are suppose to depict some aspect of life.
    This serial is suppose to be about love but is love about deception and lies? That is all that is found here. I am a great advocate for falling in love and marrying, if u are lucky, the love of your life but I would NEVER want a love that is based on such lies and deception is this supposed love between Raj and Avni. Is it okay to drug your parents so that you can lie and cheat and then laugh about it? I do not think so.
    In the 9 years that I have been watching Indian TV this is first time I am so utterly disgusted with the path of the serial as it sets out to deceive. No love can last when it is so self centred and based on lies. Life is not like that. I am sure this religion is not an advocate of a lie based love. It is supposed to be pure and without guile.
    Suket is absolutely correct not to want any “love marriages” in the family as all these are based on lies and self satisfaction.
    If I had a daughter like Avni I would disown her immediately as she could not be of me at all. She is easily influenced to lie and cheat and that is not a good thing.
    My first thought was to get this serial off the air but maybe it needs to stay so all well thinking person can look and know how not to behave in love.
    Hate me if you wish ardent fans but if you think about it….I am right

    1. I agree with you mendi……

  5. Plz improve suket’s character! Hurray avni confess she loves raj….nice epi!

  6. I loved it!
    thanks for the update

  7. suket is an ass in this show he and his barren sister savri just plain and simple

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