Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th April 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ishita hugging Ruhi. Raman sees them. Ruhi asks her not to cry, as bad people should cry, not her. She asks Bala’s mum to say sorry to Ishita as she is not a barren woman. She asks Ishita to say the same to them. Ishita cries. Teri bechaini ka……………….plays……………….. Raman gets to know everything. Ishita hugs Ruhi. Ishita says who told you this, people are wrong, I m not barren woman, I have my daughter with me, my Ruhi. Amma smiles. Ishita says I love my daughter. She kisses Ruhi and says thank you for making me a mother. Tere dil ka mere dil se rishta purana hai…………….plays…………….. Raman smiles seeing them. Ishita says lets go now, its late.

Pooja stops Ishita. Ishita says you lie down. Pooja says you are a Devi for me, you gave it birth, you have saved my baby’s life, people come easy in other’s words. Pammi apologizes to Ishita and says sometimes we forget to use our mind, forgive me. Everyone claps. Pammi taunts Bala’s mum. Ishita says its good what happened. I used to get hurt when people used to call me Baanch, but now I have my daughter, now I m a mother, Ruhi is with me, but I feel bad that some people taunt others, they scratch other wounds, what is the meaning of Baanch, not the one who is not a mum, but she is a baanch shows heart is empty, Ruhi understood it but elders did not understand. A lady says I will bring sweets from my home.

Pooja says you will keep my baby’s name. Ruhi sees the baby. Ishita names her Srishti meaning world. The lady brings sweets and gives it to everyone. Ruhi asks Bala’s mum not to eat sweets, as you did not say sorry to Ishita. Bala’s mum gets angry. Raman says I don’t understand why you are here, you should be a politician. You are after Ishita always, tough she left from your life, I don’t know how Bala is born by you. He says you can leave now, the curfew ended. He taunts her and she leaves angrily.

Trisha comes home happily. Mihir brings Mihika home and Mihika coughs. She says I m fine, just go. Trisha cares for Mihika. Mihir worries for her and says I hope she kept the syrup. Trisha gets worried about Mihir. Mihir says we were in the curfew riots, I want her syrup. He asks Mihika where is the syrup. Mihir gets angry on Trisha. Trisha gets angry. He says she has an allergy with ayurvedic medicines. She asks how do you know. He says I know her since three years and scolds Trisha. He looks at Trisha and goes to look for the syrup.

Ishita comes in her room. Raman comes after her. She says what is it, tell me that I have cut your call, and hurt your ego, start now, I m prepared. Raman says what to say, I don’t have any words, you did a great thing. He smiles and says congrats. He forwards his hand. She does not shake hand and he holds her hand himself. He says I have to ask something, answer truly, you do great works, I m very impressed by you, but its shocking you give long lectures. She says you started again. He says you start always. You have lectures for everyone in the family, but what you said there today, it touched my heart. He pulls her leg and says whats this name, Ravan Kumar? Its boring, you think, you are educated, think if a new name.

He says I like your one liners and I will print a book of it. She asks is this a joke. He says no, you joke that we have to bear. Raman laughs. Ishita leaves with a smile on her face. Trisha comes to meet Raman. She asks him about Mihir’s girlfriend. Raman says yes, but what happened. She says Mihir broke up with her as I don’t like that girl. She says how can Mihir agree. He says yes, he is my brother. She says then maybe she is not important in his life, else he would have fought with you. Ishita says you are right. Mihir stays silent.

Trisha says its not important that every relation works, the problem is you all have hidden this from me, did you think I will not understand or I will get hurt, thanks for caring for my feelings. Ishita asks are you ok with it. Trisha says yes, hats off, Mihir kept me in his ex girlfriend’s home, she lied to me and made me eat spicy food. Raman says thats why I kept him away from her. Ishita says how dare you. Mihir says its time to go to bed, come along. Raman says good night, I hope everything got sort out between you both. Raman shuts the door. Ishita is annoyed.

Its morning, Trisha wishes Amma and Appa happy new year. Bala comes with Vandu and Shravan. Bala says its good curfew ended else we would have not come in the puja. Amma asks Shravan to see face in the plate. Ruhi comes and fights with Shravan. Mihika wishes everyone happy new year. Mr. Bhalla and Mrs. Bhalla have a bug wishing each other happy Baisaki. Simmi and Parmeet also greet them. Mr. Bhalla talks to Appa. Appa says festivals are alike but with different names. Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla to cook non veg. Mrs. Bhalla says not today, tomorrow. Romi greets everyone. Mrs. Bhalla asks for Raman and Ishita.

Mrs. Bhalla says she might be tired, she did Pooja’s delivery yesterday. Raman comes and greets everyone. He says Ishita is not well, she is having vomitings, maybe she had something wrong. Mrs. Bhalla calls the doctor. The doctor asks did you do her pregnancy check, I think she can be pregnant. Everyone are shocked. Ishita says what?

Ishita tells Raman that she did not lie, she is not pregnant. Raman says I don’t have any relation with you. Without any relation between a man and a woman, a child can’t be conceived. She says what should I tell everyone that we sleep apart. Parmeet hears this.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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