Uttaran 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 17th April 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 17th April 2014 Written Update

Nani is shocked to see Vishnu pouring water in a glass on his own. He nods. Mukta wanted water. He is about to go when she mutters that he is acting like a servant. It is ok in your house but this is Jogi Thakur’s house. It doesn’t look good here. Don’t know what Mukta has thought that she married you. She has to continue going to office even though she is pregnant. Don’t know what kind of a beggar / loser has she married! Vishnu shouts at her calling her oldie much to Nani’s amazement. He warns her not to call him that again or she will have to bear the consequences of it.Enough of your nonsense but not anymore. Next time if you try saying anything to me then you wont be able to say anything after that. She reminds him of manners but he points out that respect given is respect earned. She talks of complaining to Jogi about his behavior but he does not care! I too will tell bade papa how you taunt / insult me all the time. I will walk out of this home with my luggage. He picks up the tray and heads for his room. Nani stands there shocked and confused as to what happened to him.

Meethi comes to Mukta’s room who is lost in thoughts. Meethi sweetly reprimands her for this. Mukta shares that mom is going to US in next 15 days. I had thought to get them married and make them stay together. what will we do now? Meethi gives her support. we can make anything happen and this marriage will definitely take place come what may. Mukku thanks her. We will have to do something very soon. Meethi assures her they will. But you smile or the baby too will get lost in thoughts. Mukku smiles. She offers to make tea but Meethi takes the chance. Mukku got bored as she did not even go to office today. Meethi agrees and Mukku goes to get tea for her.

Meethi stands by the window and is surprised to see Vishnu as she turns back. Vishnu compliments her and she thanks him though a little confused. She also thanks him for supporting / helping Akash or else she wouldn’t have been standing here alive in front of him. He tells her not to thank him for anything. You are so beautiful and indeed you are looking very pretty today. I am sure Akash would keep you very happy. Meethi is feeling awkward / confused. What has happened to him? He has never spoken like this. She says it out loud to him and he praises her again. This color suits you very much and has actually enhanced your beauty. Don’t you think we should go out and enjoy? Meethi agrees to talk to Akash about it. I will ask him and then let you know. I have seen you so happy after so many days. Maybe it is because of the good news of you becoming a father. He smiles back broadly. I am only waiting for the day when I will be holding my baby in my hands. You and Akash too should plan about a baby now. She diverts the topic on his head injury. He calls it a simple thing. But don’t tell it to Mukku as she gets upset on small small things. Meethi agrees not to do so. She excuses herself to go help Mukku in kitchen. He again praises her beauty after she leaves from there. He feels as if he is forgetting something. I had to say something don’t know what!

Nani is surprised to see Mukku in kitchen. She is all the more unhappy to know that Mukku is making tea for Meethi. She does not feel like saying anything as she too might say something rude to her just like Vishnu. She tells her about what happened earlier but Mukta is not ready to believe it that Vishnu can be rude with her. I know you don’t like Vishnu but it doesn’t mean that you can saying anything against me. Hope it doesn’t happen that I too say something rude to you. Nani calls it her lower class mentality (the side effects of staying in that township). Vishnu is anyways a loser and now you too have followed his trail. Baki to Ram hi Rakhey. She goes from there. Mukku wonders what happened to Nani. Vishnu cannot do it.

Kajri is still locked in that room. A guy comes and gives her some clothes. She tells him she wont wear them but he asks her to wear it on her own or else someone else might have to do that. He locks the door as he leaves from there. Kajri cries as she looks at the clothes.

Yuvi and Vishnu are in the same hospital to get their tests done. Yuvi is shocked to see Vishnu there. He recalls the incident of the restaurant when Vishnu had come to know of his real identity. He asks the nurse to turn the wheel chair asap but she keeps talking against it. Vishnu is taken aback to see him in this state. He is concerned for Yuvi. Did some accident happen or some fight? Yuvi recalls how Vishnu had beaten him badly. Vishnu mutters that even Vishnu doesn’t know about it. Yuvi deduces that Vishnu hasn’t told anything to Mukta yet. Vishnu answers that he himself has come to know about it just now. You get all your tests done as the injury might be internal. Yuvi nods and then asks about why he came here. Vishnu tells him that he has come here to get some tests done as well as the dressing change. Yuvi is being called for x-ray and his nurse takes him to get it done. Vishnu is sad at Yuvi’s state. It looks very bad. But how did it happen? Yuvi feels that Vishnu is doing drama of not knowing anything or is it for real. This is strange! Yuvi replays the whole convo in his mind. I cant believe it that Vishnu dint tell anything to Mukta. But it looked from his face that he wasn’t lying. But why?? If he would have told about it then everyone would have been here by now. even the police would have come here. Is Vishnu planning something dangerous? He is showing as if he doesn’t remember a thing. I will have to find out why!

Meethi and Akash come to Thakur House with loads of gifts for the baby. Meethi excitedly shows all the gifts (clothes, soft toys, etc.) to Mukku. Mukku smiles as the baby is not yet born but massi has brought gifts already. Nani sees them all happy and looks irked. She asks Mukku about what’s happening. Mukku tells her that Meethi has already readied baby room for the baby. Nani tells Damini to throw all this waste stuff outside. Nani is against it as it is inauspicious to get clothes for a baby before its birth. Even you know this Damini. Damini says Meethi did it unknowingly. Nani taunts her again. Meethi explains that she dint have any wrong intention. I was very happy for Mukku so bought it. Nani taunts her this time. Go and give all this to some beggar. If you have to get anything for Mukku again then ask me first. Mukku calls it superstition. Akash apologizes to Nani. We wont buy gifts ever if you will deduce such a meaning out of it. Nani does not doubt Akash. You are a very nice person but. Mukku tells her to stop it but Nani continues speaking ill. In our times, no outsider used to know about a woman’s pregnancy fearing some black magic thing. Plus the gifts bought by those who don’t have kids are inauspicious only. Everyone is shocked by Nani’s remarks. Meethi-Akash start putting the gifts back in the bags while Mukku tries to explain to them about Nani’s attitude. She asks Akash to make Meethi understand. They both walk out with the gifts and Nani continues making I don’t care faces. Damini looks on helplessly. Epi ends of Mukku’s tearful face.

Precap: Akash talks to Vishnu about his job. Some workers came to me from Yuvaan Enterprises. I got to know that you have lost your job. Is everything all right? Vishnu charges at him. How can everything be all right? You stole my identity to come in Meethi’s life. Everything that has gone wrong with Meethi has happened because of you. She was my wife before you. Akash gets infuriated but Vishnu doesn’t stop. You have ruined teacher didi’s daughter’s life. Akash pushes him angrily.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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