Ek Nayi Pehchan 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 17th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 17th April 2014 Written Update

Sakshi is all set to leave Modi House. She asks the taxi driver to wait for two minutes as she is sure Ma will be coming to talk to her. Just then Sharda comes out to talk to Sakshi. I can understand you are upset but Karan is also justified. You also made a mistake knowingly or unknowingly. Sakshi agrees with her but Karan shouldn’t have doubted on me like that. Sharda points that a doubt should be killed even before it can start bothering people or it can kill the relation in no time. If you would have told the complete truth to Karan earlier itself then things wouldn’t have gone this far. I agree wedding is a relation for next 7 births but one has to work very hard to make it happen in their every birth. Have you seen people doing acts in circus? People jump for their act but then catch hold of each other’s hand. Marriage is similar to that. You make one mistake and you are dead. This relation has to be nurtured with love, patience and most of all one has to be able to forgive the other. You have two options – either you go leaving this house and this relation or else stay back in Karan’s life and try to work it out with him. It is all up to you now. Taxi honks. Sharda says you very well know what would I do if I was at your place. Sakshi knows it. Sakshi picks up her bag and walks towards the taxi while Sharda looks on. Taxi driver takes Sakshi’s bag and keeps it inside much to Sharda’s dismay but she is surprised when Sakshi asks for her bag from the driver. Sharda is happy / relieved to see Sakshi walking back towards her with the luggage. Sakshi asks Sharda if she wont come inside with her. Would you leave me alone in such a situation? Sharda envelops her in a hug while the title song plays. Till I am alive you will never be alone. I am happy that you are not going anywhere. They both hold each other’s hand and walk back inside the house together.

Sakshi talks of handling her responsibility now, of making breakfast. Sharda offers to help her but Sakshi assures her she will do it on her own.

Suresh wishes some deal to crack as they will get a hold in the middle east market after this. He asks about Diya’s birthday party. Pratik came a little late. Did everything go smoothly? She nods. Everything went well. In fact Diya was very happy when he came. Mom is right. No happiness is greater than seeing your whole family together. Suresh too can see that happiness on her face. I was thinking to give this new client to Karan. Latika is taken aback. I have worked on this project for 3 months. Sharda happens to overhear their convo as she was about to come inside to talk to them. He had wanted to give this client to her only but her personal life has just came back to normal. You should give more time to your family. This client is very important for us so you will have to spend a lot of time working on it. You will have to travel. How will you manage both your work and home at once? Latika is desperate to take up this project as it can be the milestone in career. I will handle everything. Mom handles Diya and I have all the time to focus on the work. Sharda is worried. Suresh has full faith in latika that she wont disappoint him. She reassures him she will never do that. They both hug and decide to leave for office as they are getting late. Sharda asks him to have breakfast but he is running late. They both leave. Sharda is worried that Latika is again thinking of devoting more time to her work than her family. How will she be able to manage her home and family like this? I only will have to do something.

Sakshi calls out for Sharda who comes to the kitchen. The breakfast is ready. Sharda asks her to take Karan’s breakfast to their room. No point getting the table ready as Latika and her dad have already left. You will also get some time to talk to Karan. Sakshi leaves with the breakfast tray.

Karan is getting ready when Sakshi comes there. Sakshi keeps the tray on the bed for him. He looks at her and then walks towards her. I know I have hurt you a lot by not trusting you but now I understand it all. Please forgive me. Sakshi in turn seeks forgiveness. I was wrong that I hid it from you. I was scared to lose you. I thought I might lose you. I am sorry. They both share an emotional hug. Karan breaks her dream. You are standing on my socks. She realises she has been dreaming and moves away. He takes his stuff and starts getting ready. She tries to talk him into eating something but he is no mood for anything. He walks out of the room asap. Sakshi sits down on the bed dejected. Sharda comes there. Sakshi is talking to herself. Ma you said that she should try to talk but with whom, to these quiet walls? Sharda tells her to give him some time. Everything will be fine. Anyways get ready as I have to get some stuff from the market. She too goes to change.

Sakshi and Sharda are done shopping and are heading home now. Sakshi asks her to keep some receipt safely with her. Sharda remembers seeing some receipt at home too. I will go home and check what it is about. At home, Sharda has found that receipt she was talking about. I got it from Chirag’s room. As far as I can understand it it the receipt from some jeweller. Few days ago Chirag wanted some money for which I said no. I don’t know why but I feel that Chirag stole your ring and has sold it. Sakshi doesn’t believe it. She dials the jeweller’s number from Sharda’s phone. She asks about the sale items. Sakshi is shocked to know that Chirag sold a ring to their jeweller. Sharda’s doubt gets confirmed. She gets upset. First he drank alcohol then got into that accident and now he has started stealing stuff from his own house. I don’t know what to do about him. He is getting out of hand. Think about how will Karan feel if he gets to know about it. She apologizes to Sakshi for Chirag’s mistake. It was your wedding ring after all. Sakshi asks her not to do so. Nothing is important than people. You talk to Chirag I am sure he will understand. Sharda knows that Sakshi is mature enough. I will get your ring back from the jeweller. Sakshi nods. Don’t worry about anything at all. Sharda is in deep thoughts.

Chirag comes to his room and is not happy to see his mom waiting for him there. She shows him the receipt and he feigns ignorance. She lists down all his bad habits but he stays put. She tells him to stop lying as she has confirmed his name with the jeweller. He continues lying but she scolds him and scares him by taking his dad’s name. He indeed gets scared. I made a mistake. She asks him to rectify his mistake by getting the ring back. Apologise to your bhabhi as well or else I will have to tell it to your dad. He promises to do so. Give me one last chance I wont do it again but please don’t tell dad. She agrees and leaves after telling him to get the ring back from the jeweller’s shop. He starts laughing as soon as she is gone. It is so easy to fool you my innocent mom.

Latika is doing her work. Sharda is there in her room only and goes to talk to her. On one side you want your family to come back together and here you have taken up such a big responsibility. Latika cannot let go of this opportunity. Sharda tries to explain the gravity of the situation to her but Latika is more focused about the project. I wont back down from my promise but I promise I wont let my family break for mine and my daughter’s sake. I will do the max I can. Trust me I can neither ignore my work nor my daughter. She excuses herself as she has to make an important call. Sharda thinks that she might not know how to do business but she surely knows that the relation of marriage isn’t continued this way. I will have to do something.

Precap: Sharda tries to explain things to Karan. I know you are angry but don’t make such a mistake while you are angry that you are not able to make up for it later. A husband and wife’s love can surely come out of their room but the bitterness in their relation should stay in their room only or else it doesn’t take time for things to go out of hand. He is ready to go his room just for her sake. But I will never forgive Sakshi.

Update Credit to: pooja

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