Bani Ishq Da Kalma 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 17th April 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 17th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Soham’s residence
rajji is gloating about her newly found love, when she finds bani emotional and asks her about her family. bani tries to divert the topic, while rajji insists her to talk. bani tells her that she has finally divorced parmeet. rajji is shocked, while bani is in pain. She asks bani how could she not think ofb telling her, this big descision. bani says that she never thought that this day would come, but when her parents told her about this, she would finally take this descision. bani says that she too decided that its best fr her, and that she can finally move on. rajji says that the incident that had weakened her has strengthened her too. bani is stopped by rajji asking her not to bring painful memories but only think of the bright

future that she and soham have together, after remarrying. rajji smiles.

balbir and reyman are frustrated in their room, that they cant see a dime of the money. balbir says that he doesnt want to go, while reyman too agrees. balbir thinks that just some more days and then they would go to canada, but wont stay here anymore, as they have had enough of life with insult.

The next morning, guggi teases kuki, when she asks him how does she look. she gets angry but he pleases her saying that she looks very beautiful. they have a playful banter. Reyman comes and guggi is surprised to find that she isnt ready. Guggi is super pleased to know that they arent coming, but asks what happened. Reyman says that balbir is sick and she has to stay back to take care of him. guggi says that he would take care of everything. guggi and kuki leave, while reyman frustratedly watches them.

Scene 2:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
parmeet thinks that he has finally lost bani, but then remembers gagan’s words of advise and decides to act on it. Parmeet thinks that this isnt his love but his penance’s exam, as he wants to be able to make himself deserving for her. parmeet says that he, the spoilt NRI brat, is finally changed, and realises the importance of relationships.

The next morning, everyone is dressed and ready to go, when they find parmeet, asking them if he can come along. they readily agree, and ask him to come along, after having dressed up. Parmeet finds an awkwardness between gagan and randip. after gagan leaves, randip is told by parmeet about gagan’s advise, and tells him that he should also apologise to gagan, and she may forgive him. Randip complies and asks parmeet to leave to get dressed. When he does, randip is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: In the gurudwara
In her room, rajji is told by bani, that she is actually getting married today, and that day has finally come for which she was waiting for so long. Rajji is tensed thinking about the omen yesterday, but bani asks her to think nice, and where there’s love, nothing can go wrong. rajji smiles. Just then, lighetning strikes and strong winds begin to blow. soham and everyone else are tensed downstairs, while rajji is tensed in her room. bani asks her not to bother, while she goes downstairs just to check. Simran too comments on the changing weather all of a sudden. angad asks guggi to check on the generator, and asks simran to get rajji, as she must be ready by now. Simran leaves with guggi to get rajji. Bani enters and finds soham, and congratulates him and asks him to see for himself, when he asks about how rajji is looking. Bani asks him to be patient, as rajji would soon arrive. when bani asks about the lights, guggi tells her that he has checked already and there wont be anymore problem. Guggi asks if anyone’s coming from the Bhullar mansion. bani gets tensed. Just then, Bani’s in laws arrive and greet them all. Bani gets them all inside and seats them. Soham and guggi too take their place, while bani turns around saying that she would get rajji. As bani turns around in the gurudwara all decked up, she is shocked and tensed to find parmeet, standing at the other end of the shamiana. He too hesitatingly approaches her, as she stares at him in emotional turmoil. They face each other. parmeet has memories of her stint as Maya, while she thinks about the time that she had sent him to jail, and signed the divorce agreement. she looks away and moves ahead, while he stands there, emotionally overwhelmed, with his new found love and respect for he. he looks at the gurudwara, and bows his head in front of the deity. As bani moves on, she hears parmeet’s voice calling her from behind and is tensed. He comes upto her, and says that he knwos that he shouldnt have come, but it was very important for him to meet her, and that he realises that he has given her nothing but pain and sadness, and he doesnt know how to even face her, leave alone standing in front of her. bani asks him not to weaken her by talking like this, as she wants to move ahead. parmeet says that he supports her descision, but he has come here today, in a new hope of a new beginning and even though he cant ask anything from her, but wants something from her. She is surprised. He says that he wont ever be able to face himself, but he wants to do something that would make her proud atleast and that her forgiveness is hius only mission, and that he wants to rectify everything, and asks to be forgiven. bani says that she knows that he is penancing but wishes that this time had come earlier. He says that he knows this, but the respect that she didnt get earlier, he wants to give her today, and asks for one last redeeming chance. bani stares at him. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: After their marriage, soham tells rajji, that they finally became one and truly a married couple today. rajji is super happy as she eyes her mangalsutra with childish excitement. just then, due to the bad weather, the chandelier starts moving around, with the heavy winds, and soham notices, much to his horror, that bani is standing, right undeneath it, as ity starts getting loose. he lets go of rajji’s hand and rushingly dives in to save bani. rajji is disturebd to see this, as she feels her married life is recapitulating itself, with soham again letting go of her, to tend to bani. she is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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