Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman coming home and seeing Ishita and Mani together. Mani says hey Raman. Raman says what? Ishita says she was seeing a gift for Mani, as he also wanted to give gift to him. Raman smiles controlling jealousy. He passes some regular taints, and asks Kakkad to meet him too, after they are done. Ishita laughs and says this one is final, don’t tell Raman that I got this for him. Kakkad gives his card to Mani. Ishita goes out with Mani and have a talk. She says its surprise for Raman, let him be jealous, then I will know he…………. Mani asks why did you stop, say. She says nothing. He says Ishu, why are you hiding, you love him a lot right. She says about Raman and her relationship, not being that one, but she cares for him, and he took takes care of her.

Mani says the more you hide, it will be out, you are great, you love him and both are miser. He says he will leave, as he left the meeting for the Ravan Kumar. She says don’t call him that, only I can call him. He teases her and leaves. Raman talks to Kakkad and says he has to buy a necklace for Ishita… no, for my mum. Kakkad shows some and Raman does not like it. He finalizes one for mum, and is angry as Ishita is buying present for Mani. Ishita comes smiling and says Raman, jealous? Really? I felt like this, but he is not that type. Raman is at his usual kudkud.

Mihika comes to meet Shagun. Shagun is excited and says she has to show a necklace Ashok has sent. Mihika thinks maybe Ashok sent the necklace. Shagun shows the earrings and Mihika is puzzled. She says he made me try a necklace, whom is he giving that. Ishita comes in room and smiles seeing Raman. She thinks he will be happy when he sees the surprise. She says congrats and gives the gift. He asks why, did it not fit Mani. She says where did Mani come in between, I planned surprise for you and you came, so I made that excuse. He says I m not a fool, don’t make stories.

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She says no, its for you. He gets angry and pushes her hand. She says you feel I m lying, I was buying for it. He says leave me please, go to Mani and gift him. She cries and calls him insensitive, when she bought this by heart, can’t he trust her. She says you return it. He throws it asking her to stop the drama. Ishita cries as he leaves. She says this is unfair, why am I hurt by this, I can bear anything, but not being called a liar, he does not value anyone’s care and feelings.

Mihika says Ashok is lying, where did the necklace go, I can’t understand Ashok. She applies cream and does not see her phone on silent. Mihir says why is she not taking my call. He messages her. She sees his 4 missed calls and messages him that she will talk tomorrow. She says she will talk to Shagun tomorrow. Raman talks to his clients and they say congrats to be chosen as the business head. They talk that Ashok is nowhere near Raman. Abhimanyu comes. The man says Abhimanyu has suggested Raman’s name. Raman gets annoyed and thanks Abhimanyu.

The man says you work hard and achieved this. Abhimanyu says I feel we should target Thailand market. Raman says about China market. They follow Raman. Abhimanyu says I disagree. Raman taunts Abhi. Abhi comes to him and asks what happened. Why did you not wear the bracelet? Raman says its for you, you wear it. Mani says you are mistaken. Raman does not listen to him. Mani calls Kakkad to clarify as Raman guessed it. Mani asks Kakkad for whom Ishita bought bracelet. Kakkad says its for Raman, did it not get fit, I told you the size is different, I will send someone to get it fit. Raman is shocked.

Mani says its sad Raman, you agreed to Kakkad, and not Ishita, I told you that you are not a good husband, are you jealous of me and Ishu, or did you stop trusting women, Ishu is not Shagun, she was excited to give you surprise and you showed her attitude, its so sad. Raman says what did I do, I did the mistake, how to make up to her. Mihika meets Shagun. Shagun says she is pregnant. Mihika says what. Shagun says she is excited, isn’t this great, don’t tell anyone. Mihika says congrats, wow, did you do test, are you sure. Shagun says she will go to doctor and get the test done properly, its after 6 years, I m so nervous.

She says life changes in one moment. Mihika thinks how to tell Shagun now. Shagun says I will surprise Ashok and smiles. She says I can’t express, but he has to know, he will be so happy. Raman calls Ishita and she does not take his calls. Mihir comes to Raman and asks is he busy. Raman stops him and says Ishita is annoyed. Mihir asks what did you do now. Ishita sees her phone and 15 missed calls from Raman. She says I won’t call him, he is always rude to me.

Mihir asks Raman to control his anger. Raman says give me some idea now. Mihir says what to tell her now. Raman says do something, that she comes to meet me alone. Mihir says she won’t come to restaurant, lets call her to garden. Raman asks why will she come to meet me. Mihir thinks and says lets lie, you know I m very honest and when I lie its very convincing. He reminds how he lied to call him to conference. He says he will act to make Ishita run and come. Raman asks him to call. Mihir warms up and says he is running to meet Raman on the road, method acting, as Raman met with an accident.

Raman says all mad people in my fate. Mihir calls Ishita and she says I did not take his call, so he made his ‘’Chela’’ Mihir call now. She takes the call. Mihir says Bhabhi, Raman Bhai met with an accident. She is shocked and says what. She says Raman’s accident, where are you, tell me fast. He says the address and says come fast, someone called me, please come. Raman beats on his leg and Mihir screams acting more real. Ishita prays for Raman and leaves. Raman says over, now what, will she come. Mihir says she will come running. Raman asks which file to sign. Mihir says that one. Raman signs. Mihir asks him to leave as Ishita will reach there first. Raman leaves hurriedly.

Ishita says there is no one here, the address of garden is this one. She calls Raman. She says its so lonely, why is he not talking my call. She asks few people about accident here. The man says no, we don’t know, we were busy in ourselves. She gets Mihir’s number busy and is worried.

Ishita is kidnapped by some men. Raman sees this and runs back to the car, to follow her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omggg so shagun is Pregnant. That’s a new drama n I think this is how Ashoka will break his relationship with shagun saying he does not want a kid n shagun will disagree something like that will happened I think.

  2. oh oh raman we love ur atitude man but today u hurt ishu is very bad raman.phir bhi waiting for trm scene where u fight for ur pyaar wife with goon and after that hug btw u too wow yaar wow raman ishu waiting for that moment.

    1. Guess what Raman n ishitha going to have a romantic hug.

  3. Priyaroli love u love met an accident u r only now in my life..m not like ashok bhaia

    Accept my proposal from bottom of my heart

    Marry me

    U and me



  4. u stupid n square how dare u.just mind ur words.

  5. stupid serial . The worst serial i have ever seen

  6. raman is very possessive abt Ishita and Ishita is so dumb that she can’t understand raman’s feelings. any man will behave the same way as raman behaved today bcos raman already experienced once and he is afraid that he will lose Ishita as wel. don know wat’s wrong with Ishita in accepting teh fact that she loves Raman. She is behaving as if this is a huge crime that she is gonna commit. She cried a lot wen Raman lifted Shagun in his arms and she scolded raman so much wen she came to know abt raman’s relationship with sanjana. if there is no love, she can ignore raman and have a grt life alone or with ur understanding buddy mani.

  7. Raman n Ishita all fan’s are waiting for romantic hug and raman say I ❤ u ishita directly

  8. is n square mad

  9. Ishita u r over reacting n tears r very artificial

  10. OMG! Shagun is pregnant. Raman to have a tough time ahead.

  11. I love thiscserial

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