Sasural Simar Ka 13th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 13th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem says to mata ji we are going on honey moon. mata ji doesn’t look at them and says hope you have a good journey. Surbhi says pari please take care of Anjali. She doesn’t cover herself when she sleeps. Pari says I know I will take care of her. we will handle her and you just take care of prem. prem looks back and then leaves.
Sid goes to mata ji. he says I am leaving for something important. mata ji says the same sentence that she said to prem. Roli asks him to take care of himself. Mausi ji says why are you punishing yourself maata ji. Please end this anger. mata ji says it will only end when we will become one but that seems impossible now.
Mata ji says whenever I see simar a hope rises in my heart that everything will be like it used to. I don’t know how but I have faith in God.

Scene 2
Surbhi and Prem fly to Hong Kong. Surbhi says thank you to prem. He holds her. He says lets go. They on the airport and having a good time. Prem says let me call Mr. Kapadia. He has done our arrangements. He sees a man with a a placard of his name. he receives them both and says welcome to hong kong. Prem and Surbhi enjoy different mesmerizing views on their way to hotel. She says its such a beautiful city. There are many great buildings and towers. Prem says we are at the hotel. Lets go surbhi. Surbhi says I always wanted to come on a trip with you. Prem says I know.

pari says to archana this trip will bring a new life to surbhi’s life. They will have a good time. this hurts mata ji and roli. Roli says I at least have Anjali here with me but you are all alone. I hope you always stay happy. Anjali slips and cries mama. Roli rushes to her. Roli says you are brave you don’t cry. Pari holds Anjali’s hand and says prem and surbhi have given Anjali to me. Roli says the responsibility won’t take her care from my heart. I will always care for her. pari says simar has no relation with this house. I am her aunt not you. pari says call me aunt Anjali. Anjali cries. roli says stop torturing her. pari says we are all going through all of this because of you two sisters. roli syas don’t drag simar in all this. uma says yeah there is no one better than simar. khushi says roli we are living together and its like we don’t belong to each other. its because of you and your sister. roli says I am sure you will see the truth and you heads will be down by then. Khushi says yeah keep making assumptions it requires nothing. pari says listen roli stay away from Anjali. Sujata says pari Anjali belongs o all of us and everyone has right to take care of her.

Roli prays please God give us the happiness out this house back. I can’t take It anymore.

prem and surbhi enter the hotel. a lady comes to them in a sari. She says Mr prem bharadwaja and surbhi welcome to hong kong. They are shocked its simar. She says I am the relationship manager of this hotel here and I will handling your trip. Your luggage has been sent to room 121. Here is the key have a nice day. a man comes there. Simar says he is Mr. Prem bharadwaj. He says siamr takes care of him. simar says you have been arranged a sight seeing trip of hong kong. Surbhi leaves. Vikrant comes there. simar says in heart I didn’t show but I am really glad to see you prem ji.

Precap-surbhi says we write a wish on this heart and it fulfills and the one that doesn’t fly from here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. wow pari ur impossible how dare u say like that to roli.the whole family is just selfiss.atleast mataji is aware of it.only sid and roli aur mataji cares of simar.and perm ur going to honey moon wow ur good for nothing and disgusting too.

  2. Hope prem and simar we be together
    Vikranth and surbhi gets married

  3. No surbhi does not deserve vikrant. She deserve that shameless prem. hope Vikrant and simar gets married.

  4. Surbi and Pari are a disgrace to the Bhardawaj family, along with Prem

  5. Hi guys.. did you read the article in which is written that Simar will go to Bharadwaj family and will say that Surbhi is pregnant of Prem’s child?

    This is really disgusting…
    How can Prem do this????
    Simar.. please marry Vikrant,atleast he understands and trusts you..

  6. which article yar? i think prem marrie simar & vikarnt marri surabi

  7. can u plz post the article here.

  8. plz include sid&roli happy marriage life.after simar problembecause i like this pair.

  9. There is a page on facebook named ‘trp of indian serials’ and the admin posted this news on Monday

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