Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 13th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 13th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik is driving his car and thinking about what happened earlier. He then calls decides to call Dhruv but then ends the call. Later he texts one of them and calls Nandini while she is practicing. He says that he is coming to her house and she disagrees with him and cancels the call. Nandini’s aunt calls her as the dinner is ready and Nandini says that she should stay away from Manik as he is will create trouble. Aliya and Harshad are swimming and she wants hot chocolate. Harshad says that you don’t eat hot chocolate due to your diet there must be something going on. Aliya says that everything I tell you will be used as leverage against me by you. Harshad suggests that lets talk in puzzles to avoid such acts.
Aliya says that her life is like a puzzle and nothing is going right. harshad says that he knows and the reason is him. Aliya replies saying that she knows and is the exact reason she doesn’t wants to talk to him. Harshasd says that he knows that there is something with her life and gives her some advice on how to solve it. Aliya says that it sounds good and she will try it when she asks Harshad of his secret he replies saying that he got the solution.
Nandini comes and sits at the dining table and her aunt shows of what she has made today. Nandini says that what kind of combination is this as no one eats roti and pasta. She then says that everyone eats this and if it were in a restaurant you would not leave it. She then gets into a fight with her husband and he says that they are great and will eat them. She asks Nandini of how Manik is while Nandini says that why is she asking. She says that she was just saying and then reminds her husband of how Manik helped them.
Nandini goes in her room and sees her phone and realizes that Manik is here. She looks through the window and he is still standing there waiting for her. Nandini tells her to go but he sits next to the car so so she decides to call him but he doesn’t pick it up. Nandin goes to sleep while Manik continues to call her. Cabir is having a date with Raghav and they talk about what happened earlier and Cabir tells that Manik saw them; Raghav says that what happened then as he is shocked. Cabir tries to calm him do saying that Manik only saw him with someone. He tells Raghav that he has told Manik everything and he didn’t react the way he thought he would.
Cabir says that after talking to Manik he thinks that the world will also understand them. Raghav says that if only one of your friends accepts you doesn’t mean all will. He says that he has seen the world and how the perception of society changes when they know. He tells Cabir to give up to reality and to chuck his glasses out. Cabir says that he will do as you say and then starts to sing him the birthday song as it is his birthday. He asks Raghav of what he wants as a birthday wish and he says that he wants to be alone and so Cabir leaves.
Nandini comes out and says that what your problem is while he replies saying that you really test my patience. She then decides to leave when Manik holds her hand and starts to talk about that his mind is about to explode but then hugs her tightly. Nandini hesitates to put her hand around him but then finally does. Dhruv on the other hand is thinking about what Aliya said to her and looks through Nandini’s photo and remembers the moments. He then gets a call from Aliya saying that he should tell her right now, Dhruv cancels the call saying that he knows nothing she is talking about. Aliya says that if this is the solution to bring Manik back then she’ll do it.
Manik lets go and Nandini just looks at him. He is a little dazzled and unable to talk and so leaves without saying anything. Cabir comes home and her mom asks on how the party was. Cabir says that he is too tired and will discuss things tomorrow. Her mother says that you weren’t tired to go to the party but are not able to talk to me for 2 minutes. Her mother says that she wants to know everything about him and says that she wants to know as she doesn’t understand of what is going on. Cabir sits down and says that whatever and however he is will she love him like this. She replies saying that she always will.
She says that she is not of the four friends he has and neither is she his girlfriend who would break up with him. She says that to love him is his lifetime job and says that she loves her job. While Cabir thinks of what happened earlier today. Nandini comes early to college and says that she is such a fool as Monster Manik is not going to come early and what will she do for 2 hours. Suddenly one of the sweepers asks her if the class is going to start early today then he would have done cleaning early as another person has also come. Manik is lying on the stairs sleeping.

Precap: Aliya says to Dhurv that if you are happy with Nandini then you should go for it and tell her. Manik comes and Nandini spills water on herself while Manik wipes it off her. Dhruv asks Nandini if friendship could change while Nandini says that everything could change except friendship.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Manik finds peace wid only nandini…how cute…they fght bt stil care 4 echothrr…dats called secret love….;-)

  2. N thnks sona for not testng our patienc…u really updated ech episod on tym…tonns of thnku for dat…

  3. It was such an awesome episode…nanmanik is cute today…

  4. thanx sona… for such a lvly epihsode.. i really lv manik n nadu as a pair bt feel bad 4 dhruv..:(

  5. Thanks sona. I agree with u anjum feeling bad for dhruv

  6. thanksssss sona for the update… alll day i m waiting for this update only…
    love u manikkkkkkkk

  7. Thnks yrr sona… Thnks 4 updatng u r such a angle….this epi.. Was really awsme… Luv u dearest manik…..

  8. super episod yar

  9. Today’s episode was friggin cute….btw can u plz temme wats de name of de song which was played durin de huggin scene??

  10. Thank you so much for the update…. completely dependent on your updates…. started watching it recently… Nandini so far better dan d korean one… not even comparable ……. i hope they continue to keep it good just like this…..

  11. yeah…..it feels good to see that manik and nandini are sorta comfortable with each other now since nandini is so keen to break the walls that manik has built around him….i just hope they realize their “secret love” soon………..its too cute to be true yet it is :D….i soo ship MaNan <3

  12. Tnks shona …..fo updtng epi….its such a nice episode I luved it

  13. Can anyone plz tell the name of that song name n film which starting at the time of manik n nandu meets

    1. Ranjhanna movie song nazar laye

  14. love ur updates………….the show’s timings don’t allow me to watch this show regularly, n i love this shpw
    thanks 2 u

  15. Maine haara, main tera saara main
    Meetha meetha tu, haan khaara khaara main
    Tera saara main, saara main

    Sindoori rang suhagan saccha
    Saccha re sarmaya jo paaya hai woh
    Tu dil mein maahi aaya hai
    Maine maahi paaya hai
    Nazar laaye naa, koi nazar laaye naa..
    🙂 :-* <3<3<3

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  17. Kaushiki Mallick

    i love this show ……………………..and boys over flowers too ……………….on which this serial is based………………i think manik is gu jun pyo and nandini geum jan di……………

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  20. In love wid MaNan……. Dey r so cute together… I love it when they hug……
    Soooo sweeettttttt…

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