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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita getting wrapped in the curtain. He says my hand stuck. She says mine too, Amma…………..He looks at her and says how to get out now, Sadhuram…….She asks who Sadhuram. He says the thief. He says now we can get out when everyone comes. She says it will look so bad. He says we have any option, be quiet. Everyone come home. Raman says they came. They are shocked to see Raman and Ishita in such odd state.

They ask whats this. Romi says which Hollywood movie is going on. Raman says I will slap you. Raman says take us out, we are stuck. Mr. Bhalla asks how did you come, it was lock outside. They see the rod fallen. Ishita says Raman your hand. Romi says but I saw you leaving and your car was not outside. Raman says car went to get petrol, I came back and I was inside talking to Tandon, and she was in bathroom. Romi says sorry, you got punished because of us. Raman says its fine, how was the dinner, is Simmi fine.

Mr. Bhalla says yes, she is talking to Pammi and will come with Ruhi and baby. He says go and sleep. Raman and Ishita leaves. Mr. Bhalla tells Mrs. Bhalla that I feel they wanted to stay alone, so they did not call us. He says they are coming closer, its good. Mrs. Bhalla says I want my son Raman to be happy. He says don’t worry, everyone will be happy. Parmeet talks to himself in jail. He says what does Raman and Ishita think keeping me in jail. He says once I get out from here, then….. Ashok comes to meet the inspector about the land fraud. Ashok argues with him. He scolds his lawyer. The inspector gives the documents to the lawyer. Ashok says this happened because of Raman.

Ashok asks the lawyer to excuse him as he has to make a call. He walks inside the cell and sees Parmeet. He says I saw him somewhere and thinks about holi party. He says he is Raman’s brother in law, but what is he doing here. He asks the inspector about Parmeet. The inspector says Parmeet tried to molest Raman’s wife Ishita. Ashok comes to meet Parmeet. Parmeet says Ashok Khanna, Raman’s biggest enemy. Ashok says if you want, I can become your friend. Ashok says we have common enemy, think my friendship can benefit you or not.

Raman and Ishita come in the room. Raman’s hand is hurt. She says sit and show me the wound. His hand bleeds. She says sorry, two mins. She does the first aid. Hasne laga sehra…………….. khilne lage kaliyaan……………….. Raman looks at her. She sees him staring and they have an eyelock. She thinks about him doing the first aid to her hand once at her clinic. Yeh hai Mohabbatein…………………plays…………………. Raman shouts in pain. She asks what happened, Mrs. Bhalla comes and asks what happened.

Raman blames Ishita and says see so much blood mum. Mrs. Bhalla also scolds her. Raman says but she is a doctor and does first aid too. Raman says mum ask her to treat my wound. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to do the first aid. Raman says ask her to do it well, it should not hurt. Mrs. Bhalla leaves.Ishita shuts the door. Ishita says you were blaming me infront of her, she is already annoyed. Raman says relax, I was joking, don’t you joke. She says I joke, but infront of everyone. She feels back pain. Raman asks what happened to you, show me. She says nothing. He makes her sit. She says it’s a sprain. He says you are the doctor, tell me what to apply in sprain. He asks her to move her hair. She moves. He applies the balm and Simmi walks in. She is shocked to see them so close.

Simmi says I will come later and leaves. Raman says stop Simmi. Simmi thinks about Raman’s words and thinks what do you think, you will break my marriage and get Raman’s love, I won’t let this happen. Tandon gives a surprise to Trisha by coming India. He thanks Amma for taking care of Trisha. He brings gifts for them and thanks Appa.

He says I want you come from our house in Trisha’s engagement, I m Raman’s guest but Trisha is your daughter, don’t say no. Mihir looks at Mihika getting upset. Raman and Ishita come to greet Tandon. Ishita sees Mihir upset. Tandon praises Mihir and says Iyers will do Trisha’s wedding arrangements and bidaai. He says Trisha, now Ishita came and she will take care of everything. Raman says Papa saw the venue, we will go and see the decorations. Raman and Tandon leave for office. Mihir goes with them.

Ishita meets Mihir at a restaurant and asks why are you doing this engagement. Mihir says you know it. She says for Raman, as he has done many favors on you, I know you love Mihika, then why are you doing this. Mihir says Raman always took right decisions about my life. Ishita says you have to live your life. Mihir says my life is also Raman’s. He says there was a time, I was careless in life, but Raman showed me the right way, this life is because of him, he won’t take wrong decision for me, he asked me to marry Trisha,so I m doing this. He says I know you worry about me, but I hope you understand.

Romi comes to meet Bala in his cabin. Bala says what are you doing here. Romi says I came to invite now for Mihir and Trisha’s engagement. He says you have to come on all rituals. Raman is managing everything. Bala says Vandu and I will come, bye. Romi says you were going to out the paper, will you pass me. Bala says come home, and take your money, study and pass. Romi says what. Bala says I did not set the paper, I will give you once I set it, relax. Romi comes out and goes back to Bala’s cabin.

He hears Bala talking to Vandu saying I have set the papers and we will decide which set to use one day before the exams. Romi says is he playing a game with me. Bala says I will show Romi and his friends, what did he think he bought me, I will expose his gang. Romi hears this and says he is very smart, cheating family, I will not leave him, you are gone. Ishita comes to talk to Raman. She asks why are you doing this, I m talking about Mihir, I know you will do the best for him, but can’t you see whats in his heart, why are you forcing him. Raman says his heart or yours, Mihir told you he will do what I say, don’t take Mihika’s side, you are my wife, so support me. He gets annoyed.

He says I have decided, and no one can change it, Mihir will do what I ask him to do, we are going to see venue tomorrow, you will come with me and will not tell anything. Raman leaves. Ishita comes to talk to Mihika. Mihika says yes, I m hurt but I won’t die for a guy, if Mihir wants to get engaged, let him move on, don’t worry about me. Ishita says I know Mihir loves you, he has feelings, his heart says something and tongue something else. Mihika says he will forget me, and I will also forget him. Ishita says Raman played with your life, I will stop Raman. Mihika says we can’t do anything. Ishita says I will play Raman’s game, better than him, wait and watch what I do.

Simmi blames the Iyers and fills Mrs. Bhalla’s ears about Iyers saving money to insult the Bhallas.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. Fast fast!! Please

  4. Again the episode goes Off track!
    Omg! Save it man!!
    Wanna see more of raman-ishu not the crab of the family game!!

  5. hey, what is this?? In last episode Bala said I can’t tell Vandu what I am upto with Romi that is he is trying to expose him and friends… now he is shown talking to Vandu about it…. Kya direction hai yaar.. Audience ko uloo samjha hai kya…. also Why Romi is inviting Bala in college for Mihir’s Engagement… I guess there houses are quite next to each other… I mean apartments…..

  6. I hate simmi,ashok nd tht idiot parmeet.

  7. try to finish the story fastly by ending up adi coming to raman and accepting ishitha. leave shagun on street to show that that will be the end of a woman who runs behind another man for money.

  8. let simmi find out the true identity of her hub.

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