Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 13th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 13th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Priya saying Suhani that she cannot believe her kids are fighting for money when Ram is in jail. She says Khush and Pihu used to be fond of each other, but now they are fighting. Suhani says it is happening because of her. Priya asks her not to blame herself. Suhani says Khush has changed and is behaving wierd. She asks Priya to talk to Khush once. Priya says she will talk to both Khush and Pihu.

Sid asks mamaji shut up and not to show his true colours. Mamaji says there is problem ahead for them and shows Sid party video. Pihu comes there and asks what video they are talking about. Juhi says they are talking about funny video. Pihu says she wants photo album, so she came there. Pihu’s sister comes there and says mom is calling her. Pihu says she cannot come now, but her sister insists. Pihu asks her how dare she to talk like this. She says she learnt this from her and says she did not care about Priya when she was in coma, etc. and asks her to go down and meet Priya.

Rajath thinks Khush is a changed man now. He sees Kady standing behind her and asks if he needs something. He says nothing.

Priya scolds Khush and Pihu fighting for money and power of attorney. She says she cannot believe they are same Pihu and Khush who used to fight for each other’s rights, but now she feels her upbringing has gone wrong. They should understand that their dad is in jail and she is working hard to get him back. She asks Pihu who is telling her to break the relationships for money and goes from there. Pihu’s sister says she is glad mom said this, mom is right and both Pihu and Khush have changed. Juhi hears their conversation and thinks Priya failed her plan.

Pihu gets someone’s call who asks her to meet him at 12 midnight if she wants to know who killed Sammy.

Juhi sees Sid watching the video clip and says why is he watching it repeatedly. Sid says it must be from party’s video and hope Priya has not seen that. Juhi says that CD is with Priya, but she must have not seen it as she did give it as evidence to free Ram.

Rajath calls Priya and says he just wants to see the murderer’s face. Priya hears somone coming to her room and says she will talk to him later. She sees someone entering her room, picking something and running from there. She starts following him. Rajath catches that man and sees it is Khush. Priya is shocked to see it is Khush. She asks Khush if it is his true colour. Ram thinks him as his son and he betrayed Ram. Khush asks what did he do. Priya says he is responsible for Sammy’s murder and Ram is in jail because of him. Khush says he did not do it. Rajath says they have proof against Khush. Khush asks what proof he has. Priya says she has video CD, gloves, etc. She says she is ashamed of calling him her son and how can he stoop to such a low level for money, Ram would have given him money if he had asked. She says he will be punished. Khush says he lied her, but he did not murder Sammy. He says he was running behind a murderer, but Rajath caught him before that. He says he heard Priya and Rajath talking about CD and murderer and wanted to find the murderer. He says how he started searching evidence, etc. He says he wanted to see who will react when he will investigate. Priya asks then asks about power of attorney. Khush says power of attorney is fake.

Khush says he met dad in jail and they both planned about power of attorney. He says he believes Ram and Priya as his parents and could not see them separated, so he was trying hard to find the murderer. Priya says her mind didn’t believe it, but evidences were against him. She says she knows Khush would not be running behind money, but circumstances made her believe. She asks him sorry. Khush asks her not to say sorry and they both will find the culprit. Rajath apologizes Khush for doubting him. Priya says her son is with her now, so she will find murderer soon.

Precap: Murderer tries to kill Pihu, but Priya saves her on time.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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