Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 13th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 13th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj brings gift for Jiji. She appreciates it and gets sentimental that her brother has got so big. Jija says he will give them treat today. Raj says he needs their blessings to get Avni back. Jiji tells him not to hurt Avni and family’s sentiments anyway.
In the party Suket sees Bhawna coming, Avni touches him to get her attention. Bhawna comes to him and asks him how she is looking. He says its alright and asks Avni is his speech ready and goes forward. Bhawna thinks what is so special in that Mansi. Sanvri announces that Mansi is here. she greets her. Suket hugs her and introduces her to Bhawna as his wife. She says Hi to Bhawna and says to Suket how handsome he still is. Suket remarks she still seem to be 25. Mansi asks its a big party, is there any special occasion? Bhawna says that her husband and kids have thrown party for her for mother’s day. Suket introduces his family and takes mansi. Samarth comes to Avni and appreciates that Avni got Bhawna trapped. Avni thinks Raj did a great job, Bhawna will need her help to tackle Mansi, and she will start talking to her.
A lady comes to Khandelwal house and thinks she must meet Bhawna. The guard stops her and says Bhawna doesnt meet people like her. She thinks should she tell him who is she to Bhawna.
Sanvri and Suket gives all the priveledge to Mansi. Suket tells Mansi that this party is more for you than Bhawna, he has invited all her candidates here and Bhawna already know that kids love them. Bhawna hears this and goes upstairs. Avni calls Raj who tells her to bring her down. Raj tells her to do what he says, and gives idea of bluetooth. Avni comes to Bhawna and asks why she left party. Bhawna was annoyed at Mansi. Raj tells her to insist. Avni asks did she leave party for Mansi. She says Bhawna is better than Mansi. Bhawna says she is successful and beautiful. Raj says No maa, you are the best. Avni tells her that you look after all of us, You are the best, She takes her downstairs.
The lady stands outside and sees the cars going inside. She hides besides them and gets inside. She thinks no one from her family must see her.
Sanvri makes lines of candidates for the interviews, Bhawna gets annoyed. Mansi tells the workers they will have to work 365 days a year, and will have to work without any pay. The candidates say who will do it. Mansi says there is a lady who does this job. Avni says This is she, A mother, who works day and night without any salary. Its the toughest job in the world that our mother does. Mansi comes to Bhawna and tells no one can compensate what we mothers do. Suket asks a permission to take two lines and says his children are all because of him today. You are the best mother in the world. Mansi tells ther that her children did this drama and she had no crush on her Suket. Suket gives her the gift. Avni says sorry to her and they all hug Bhawna and shouts Happy Mother’s Day. Avni thinks she should call Raj and says thanks. THe guards catch the lady, she says she has to talk to Bhawna. Avni comes there and scolds the guards for misehaving. The lady asks you are Avni. Bhawna comes outside and sees them talking to each other. She calls Avni’s name, Bhawna tells Avni her dad is calling. She brings the lady in the garden and asks why you came here. She asks dis she tell Avni who she is. She says she didnt tell anyone. Bhawna goes inside and brings some money and gift. She says she want to give her mother a gift, and not to tell her that she sent it else she wont take it. The lady says she will handle it. Bhawna says no one should know about her being here. She leaves Bhawna crying as she thinks about her past. She was cast out of home, she held the file along her.

PRECAP: Samarth is talking to a girl on phone who seems to deter him for coming there. A girl comes to Avni and says she is here to meet his boyfriend. She points at Samarth.

Update Credit to: Sona

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