Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th December 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Amma talking to Soumya and saying I m in Raman’s office. She says I asked for his pay slip. Soumya asks her to get out of the office soon as it may spoil everything. Amma says fine and leaves. Raman comes to see her but till then she leaves. Ishita meets Mihika at her clinic. Mihika asks about the new bracelet. Is he someone special. Ishita says he is not special. She asks Mihika about her bracelet, and who gave her. She says our bracelets are same, see. Ishita asks who gave you. Mihik says my friend. Ishita says friend or boyfriend. Mihika says boyfriend, but it sounds odd.

Amma tells Soumya that Raman;s office is very big. Mrs. Bhalla sees Amma in the complex blocking her way and gets down the car to argue with her. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla

have an argument again. Amma says Ishita will be having much bigger car than this. Mihika says I know everyone does not like punjabi’s. but I can’t live without Mihir, he wants to marry me, I know only you can make everyone agree to my marriage.

Ishita gets a call from adoption centre and she is informed that some people will be coming to verify about her and she is near to get the child. Ishita says I have to talk to Amma and Appa about this. The childcare people from adoption centre come to enquire about Ishita Iyer and to take review about her fro her neighbors. They come to Mrs. Bhalla and asks her review. Mrs. Bhalla says they are not good people. Raman speaks in Ishita’s favour and says she is good with kids.

Appa and Amma are shocked to know about adoption. Appa sends those people and asks them to talk to Ishita. Amna says let her come, I will ask Ishita about this. Raman is spending some time with Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla is happy as they all are leaving to watch a movie and asks Raman to take care of Ruhi. Raman says take Ruhi with you. Mrs. Bhalla tells her husband that its good time that Ruhi and Raman can be together. They leave.

Ishita tries to convince Amma about her adoption plan. Amma says if you adopt a child, no one will marry you. Ishita says I don’t want to marry as no one will marry me knowing my truth. Amma says trust me, you will be married. Raman gets a call from office and sees Ruhi’s report card. Mihir talks to Raman and asks are you at home, is everything alright. Raman says I m worried about Ruhi, seeing her remarks in the report card. Raman sees Ruhi. Ruhi takes her belongings and goes.

He thinks about his wife and about the mole on her face. Ishita gets a call from the childcare adoption centre. Ishita asks about the verification. They say that the neighbors have the positive reply. Ishita is amazed and asks who gave the review. They say its Raman Kumar. Raman takes care of Ruhi who is scratching her head because of lice. Ishita comes to her main door and sees Raman taking care of Ruhi. She smiles. She changes her opinion about Raman and thinks maybe he is at holiday today, so he is with Ruhi.

She thinks of helping him. She says I have an anti live shampoo, its good. She says this aloud. She keeps the shampoo at his door and goes. Raman sees it and Yeh Hai Mohabbatein…………. plays…………. Raman picks the shampoo. Ishita also puts a comb outside. Raman gets Ruhi’s hair washed by the shampoo. He says all the live are dead now, we will remove them now. Ruhi asks how. He says we have to comb them. He sees the comb outside at his door and takes it. Ishita smiles. Raman combs Ruhi. Ishita is happy to see the father daughter combo. Raman looks at her while she keeps the diyas outside her door.

Raman makes Ruhi sleep. He thinks of returning the shampoo and comb to Ishita and he hears Amma talking. He is shocked to know that Amma was the one who came to enquire about him at his office. He then hears that Amma is talking about him, he earns well in lakhs, he is rich and well settled and his name is Raman Kumar. Raman comes inside his house and says they are strange, I met Ishita for the first time and her mum came to know about my pay slip, it means they are after my money, they are gild diggers, their love for Ruhi is fake. He gets angry.

The Bhallas come back home from the movie. Mrs. Bhalla tells Raman that the movie was good. Rinki goes to sleep. Mrs. Bhalla asks about Ruhi. Raman asks her about the neighbors, Iyers. Mrs. Bhallas speaks against them. Mrs. Bhalla says they have made my life hell. She goes to see Ruhi.

Its morning, Raman comes out of his house and sees the newspaper. He says double newspapers. He says I think the newspapers are exchanged. He goes to keep them at Ishita’s door. He sees Ishita and she greets him good morning. He says the papers got exchanged. He leaves rude to her. Ishita thinks whats his problem. Mrs. Bhalla comes to know from Ruhi that Raman has washed her hair. Mrs. Bhalla shows her the bracelet and asks whose is it. Ruhi says its doctor aunty’s, the puppy’s mum. Mrs. Bhalla thinks the Iyers are after Raman and thinks of getting a punjabi girl for him.

She asks Raman to come home early tonight as some guests are coming. She says I called some people for your proposal. Raman thinks how he and Shagun (his wife) were introduced when her proposal came for him. Mrs. Bhalla says meet the girl once, the girl is very beautiful and punjabi girl. Raman looks on.

Raman tells Amma that he is not linked to Ishita. Amma is shocked. Raman calls them gold diggers. Ishita scolds him. Raman says your mum came to my office to check my pay clip, this was the limit. Ishita is shocked and looks at Amma.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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