Dil Dosti Dance 13th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 13th December 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 13th December 2013 Written Update

Kriya comes to the rehearsal hall early morning and thinks how calm and good it is.She remembers how early they fought for rehearsal hall and how her team would get angry at her foe calling them for early morning rehearsals.Everyone used to get angry. Yaaroo Dosti plays in the background while Kriya remembers the weeklings gang dance memories. She thinks even today they are angry but no issues they are my friends and I’ll convince them. She says on this positive note let me start warm up. Swayam comes in and asks you here early morning. Kriya says she missed rehearsal yesterday and hence is bucking up.Swayam says but doctor asked you not to exert yourself. Kriya says she is ok. Swayam says I was about to tell you something but forgot. He remembers it and says Sharon won’t

be here for two days.Kriya asks why and tells now one more day will be wasted.

Nilesh and Vicky are in canteen. when Nil asks Vicky to find more pics of the biker to impress the girl.Rey comes in thinking I have promised Sharon but how will I dance with Kriya. Vicky calls Rey and Rey gets to know about the issue of Nil. He thinks they are never going to move out of this.Rey is walking by the corridor when he gets a cal from some acquaintance saying there is a person named Raghuvanshi who wants to help newbies. He suggest Rey to pitch his business plan to Raghuvanshi kapoor as that would get publicity too. Rey needs to go to Chandigarh where the head office is pitch his business plan. If he likes he will surely help them. Rey thinks it is a good opportunity but for going to Chandigarh he needs VP sir’s permission and he won’t give soon.They have annual day,exams and attendance issues already.Rey decides to speak with Swayam first

Kriya tells Swayam the trio act Rey and Swayam can’t do it alone. Swayam says why not Sharon has made her replacement before she went. Kriya asks who is it and Swayam replies with its you. Kriya asks is he kidding when Swayam asks she is talking serious matters why would he kid.Kriya asks will Rey dance with me that means his anger towards me has reduced. Swayam says I do not know but Sharon spoke with him and he has agreed. Kriya says she can’t believe Rey agreed to dance with her and thanks universe ji. Swayam gets Rey’s call where he says think of the devil and devil calls. Rey says he needs to tell something important and informsSwayam about Raghuvanshi Kapoor. Swayam moves and tells Rey that more than attendance,exams dance academy is important and hence he must speak with VP sir once. Rey asks how will VP sir agree when Swayam says where there is a will there is a way. We must open the dance academy not only in Mumbai but all over India.Rey gets sad about people rejecting him when Swayam says the ones who are rejecting you today you must stand up to them.Rey says it feels like you have more trust on me than I have on myself.Swayam comes in when Kriya asks who was it.

Vicky asks the waiter to give him coffee when waiter says only after he pays his last months dues. Vicky takes out the bikers pics from net and goes to Nilesh and gives them. Vicky asks Nilesh for a treat where Nil says he is asking too much. Vicky says professionals will get more and make Nil give him treat and also pay his last month dues.Nil sees the pics and says it is beautiful.Simmi just comes in when Nil closes the laptop.Simmi warns the boys not to abuse internet. Swayam tells Kriya there is a good news as well as a bad news which does she want to here first. Kriya says from the day she has entered college she is surrounded by bad news and hence asks Swayam to tell the bad news first.Swayam says Rey will not be joining for the rehearsals. Kriya tells she knew the same was about to happen. Swayam says I also told there is a good news listen to it fully. One potential investor who stays in Chandigarh is interested and Rey is about to pitch his business plans to him. Kriya says its the first step towards his dream. She adds instead of trio act they must focus on group rehearsals. Swayam is lost when Kriya asks is he listening .Swayam says yes and no and tells he is thinking about Rey that this time he must get this done. If he gets rejection this time he won’t be able to handle it.. Kriya says people reject Rey’s business plan because they think Dance academy is not profitable.Kriya suggest what if we mix talent along with business plan. If team gives a performance the investors will get a better idea of their vision.Swayam says for that we all must go to Chandigarh and we have annual day,exams and attendance. Kriya says to fulfill our dreams we need a ambition. If dreams were to come true easily wont they be dreams. Swayam asks so mature is it cause of America or my company.Kriya answers both. Kriya says she will speak with VP sir. Swayam asks how when Kriya says she will manage.

The gang is in canteen asking Swayam why did he call them urgently when Swayam tells about the investor.the team is happy while Rey asks this is it. Swayam says this time getting the business plan approved is not your work but ours too.With the business plan we will give them a visual presentation too then proposal will be more impactfull.the gang gets excited for Live performance. Rey says will happen only when VP sir agrees. Kriya comes in saying she will speak with VP sir. Simmi asks what she going to tell. Kriya says that we are going to Delhi Dance fest for a program which is a part of the program. The gang asks lying to VP sir. When Kriya says something to get good things done one must lie. Rey says they do not need her help especially him. I know you are good at manipulating words bu I can handle it alone.Few things I cannot adjust. I’m going to tell VP sir that we got an investor and don’t need your workshops anymore.

Precap; Rey thinks ditching rehearsals is like ditching Sharon which he won’t do anytime. He thinks Why am I not able to control my emotions.I will have to dance again with Kriya. Kriyaansh dance

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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