The Buddy Project 13th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 13th December 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 13th December 2013 Written Update

Piddi is walking on road.Suddenly the Gunda Boys come and beats him up badly.Piddi returns back home with injuries and throws off things in his room.Piddi STTC he can talk a lot but can’t do anything.He says that he came running away easily and says even India would not have felt so shamed coz of losing the match like he is feeling now.His mom comes and asks whether he fought with anyone.He replies that he fell down and his mom asks whether he is blind and why can’t he walk carefully.Piddi replies that he is blind,so he can’t go carefully and leaves.
Kiya in her room is thinking of KD words that “he is not stopping her from leaving but from spoiling her career”.Kiya calls panchi and she complains about RV not listening to her and he is doing

what is correct for him without giving her space.Kiya welcomes Panchi to the club and tells that they are all same and do not wanna grow up or understand them.Panchi agrees to her and tells that these guys are selfish and dont have time for their emotions/feelings.Kiya also agrees to her and replies that she don’t have any hopes left and the boyfriends are not worth it.Aanya is listening to all this behind kiya.Aanya tells Kiya that she knew there is some problem going on between her and her boyfriend.Kiya tells Panchi that she will call her back and cuts the call.
Aanya tells that it wont work out and she feels happy that kiya escaped as she never liked her boyfriend.Kiya replies that she does not need her fake understanding or care and asks her to mind her own business.Aanya replies that she is her business and asks her till when she would waste her life with her mechanic boyfriend.She wishes Kiya good luck leaves.
Piddi is sitting in a dark room and her mom comes to him.Piddi asks her to leave and let him study.Her mom asks him what he is reading in dark and tells him that she is not like his buddies.Piddi STTC that if there is some lie detector,then take his mother.
KD comes and Piddi’s mom asks how is he.She says that it seems they going to do group studies in a kidding tone.KD wonders at first but after Piddi’s signal he agrees.Piddi’s mom asks KD to take care of him and leaves.KD asks Piddi from where he got all this and Piddi lies again that he fell down.Piddi asks KD how he remembered his brother now.KD tells that he is coming back after meeting RV and there is a big fight going on between RaHi.KD says that RV is telling that his relationship will end even before its start and tells that RV’s condition is exactly like him now.KD tells that he can’t do anything at the moment but needs to do something.Piddi asks whether he can talk to Kiya.KD says that it wont work as she clearly knows that Piddi and RV are helping him.Piddi asks sorry and tells that he can’t do anything properly anything in his life.Piddi tells that RaHi were best friends and just coz of him problems are going on between them.KD asks him how is he related to RaHi’s problems.Piddi replies him that he was the master planner and it was his plan to take RaHi to camping trip.He tells that it was his idea to take Rukmini out of the picture but he does not have the solution for the problem between RaHi.KD asks him what story is this and he did not had any idea about it.Piddi replies that Ruku was the outside element between them but now it became some problem between RaHi.KD wonders outside element and tells that may he can’t help RV but there is one outside element who can do something for sure.Piddi asks him what happened.KD tells him thank you and is about to leave but Piddi asks him whats the matter.KD asks him to take care of him and leaves.
Next day in college, RV asks Kiya whether she saw KD somewhere.Kiya tells him that he must know it as they both roam and stay together and even think in the same way and the other’s thoughts don’t bother them.RV asks her what he done.Kiya replies him that even this is same that first they do mistake and then asks what they done.RV asks whether she is drunk in the morning and asks what she is telling.He is about to leave when Kiya tells that it will be their mistake at last.RV replies her that she lost it and leaves.
RV sitting in the corridor thinks abt Panchi’s words.RV calls Piddi and asks whether he saw KD.Piddi is at his home and replies to call KD directly.RV tells that he is not picking up the call and thats why he called him and he is not there in the college too.Piddi asks him whats the matter but RV says nothing.RV asks him why he did not came to college to which Piddi replies that he is not well and he will come if he needs him for any work.RV tells no need and he will call him later.Piddi remembers KD telling him about RaHi’s problem.He STTC that looks like RV wants to share something with him about his problem and let him go to college.
Panchi notices RV sitting in the corridor.She turns back to leave but STTC that till when she can avoid RV like this and she needs to deal with it.She passes by RV and looks at him but RV calls out to her.RV asks her whether they can go and drink coffee in canteen.He also promises her that he wont do anything that will embarrass her and if he tells he wont tel anything and will keep finger on the lips.Panchi asks if he keeps finger on the lips then how will he drink coffee.RaHi sitting in the canteen sees a couple having fun.RV says that he never thought there will be awkwardness between a close childhood friends like them.Panchi tells that she was worried about that only and she never thought something like this will happen between them.RV tells that it can be sorted out too but Panchi replies that its better for them to remain friends.She tells that she does not want any kind of distance between them and RV asks her what she wants to tell.Panchi tells him that lets be just friends and RV says to her that he loves her and he can’t be just friends with her anymore.RV tells her that he knows that she wants to take it slow, be cautious and 100% but things wont work in that way.RV asks her to give their relationship a chance so that everything may become alright.
Piddi is about to leave for college but remembers the fight seeing his injuries on mirror.He lies back on bed and STTC that how can he help someone when he can’t help himself.Piddi’s mom asks him what happened and whether he is not going to college.Piddi tells that he is not well and Piddi’s mom calls him to go to doctor.He says that he does not wanna go to Doctor.He remembers his childhood moment where he used to fake stomach ache so that he can miss school.Piddi tells that he feels like fainting.Piddi’s mom asks what he thinks that she can’t understand him.In childhood, he used to do the same to miss tests in school and now he does not have any tests,then what is he worrying about.Piddi says to the camera that how can she tell her that her son is No.1 Coward.Piddi’s mom asks him that now he grew up that he wont tel her anything.Piddi replies that there is nothing like that and its just paining.His Mom asks that is it paining? just now he told that he is feeling drowsy.Her mom tells that she will prepare tea for him and leaves.
Panchi is watching some movie in the classroom and Kiya comes to her and asks what happened.Kiya tells her that if someone is not understanding her feelings, that does not mean that she needs to spoil her mood.Kiya asks what happened and Panchi tells that she misses her Nonu.Since childhood, they used to share everything but there is a lot of awkwardness between them.Panchi tells that even Jaitley sir is not thr and Kiya replies that she understands.Panchi tells that now a days she feels afraid to be in a relationship.Kiya tells that these kind of relationships are not worth it and the boys are responsible for their situation.
Sophia comes and tells why they are getting harsh on guys.She asks them what happened and whether she can help with anything.Panchi tells Sophia that she don’t know what to do with this awkwardness between her and RV, and asks her what she need to do.Sophia replies that its not like she does not know what to do but she does not what to do.Panchi asks what she means.Sophia asks them to listen to their heart and they will get all the answers.She tells Panchi that only she knows what her heart wants.Kiya washes her face in the restroom.She STTC she had enough and she needs to work with her mind now.

A Lady tells KD that this is not going to be easy as this will be a big and uncertain fight.KD tells that it is so important for him which he gonna get and the lady whats that important thing.KD tells that happiness of a gal whom he loves more.A police jeep and a car with siren comes out on road.KD runs and comes in a front of the car with a voice over in the BG saying “Kiya i will do anything to stop u”.The black cats catches KD and asks who is he.

Update Credit to: Roshini1494

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