Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th December 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Naksh and Yash arguing. Akshara looks at them. Maa says we can’t believe them, sometimes they love each other, sometimes they fight. Anshu comes to pick up jasmeet and they have a talk on the way. Jasmeet is happy that he came to pick her. Anshu says my family has sent me here. Anhu says we are lucky that we got such understanding parents. Jasmeet laughs. He drops her home and she says thank you, I love you. Anshu says I love you too. Akshara tells yash that your Sir might be coming now. Yash asks Naksh to do some trick to send off Sir.

Sir comes and checks his homework. Yash is afraid. Sir says whats this, why did yo not do this homework, your punishment is to do it five times. Naksh looks on. Bhabhimaa is reading something

anf asks Rashmi to go in the function. She asks about Nikhil. Rashmi puts earplugs in her ears. Maa says so you are hearing this. Bhabhimaa says you are listening English songs when I was telling you good things. Maa says this is not good, you should listen to her. Rashmi says when I can’t understand this, how ill yhe baby understand. I want my baby to become modern. Maa, Bhabhimaa and Rashmi talk what the baby should become. They have a laugh.

Rashmi says she will make her baby rockstar. Maa and Bhabhimaa smile. Naksh and Yash are in their room. Akshara comes to see them. Naksh thinks of putting Yash in problem. He makes Yash call the police to fool them. Naksh says it will be good when everyone scold Yash. Akshara asks whom are you calling. Yash says I m calling mum. Akshara cares for him. Everyone are in the hall.

The police comes and says we got a call from your house. He says someone called us, we don’t know who. Naksh and Yash get worries. Maa says did the kids do it. Naitik asks Naksh and Yash did you call the police. Naksh says I did not, Yash did. Yash says Naksh asked me to call, he challenged me. Naksh denies. They start arguing. Akshara makes them quiet. Naitik says sorry to the inspector. The inspector leaves. Dadda ji scolds the kids for doing this. Naitik also scolds them. Yash says sorry, Naksh asked me to do this. Naksh says I did not.

Akshara says I m sure its Naksh behind this. I m seeing everything since yesterday. Yash starts crying and says I have to go to my mum. Akshara pacifies her. Rukmani calls to talk to Yash. Maa is worried as Rukmani will make an issue. Yash talks to Rukmani and cries. He says what Naksh did. Rukmani talks to Maa and blames Naksh for everything. Maa has to hear it as its Naksh’s fault. Maa feeks bad. Naitik says forget everything.

Akshara’s family have a talk in the hall. Ananya and everyone talk about qualities and Ananya notes it. Ananya says its 50 now. Everyone claps. Maa and Bhabhimaa talk about the kids. Naksh and Yash are playing in the hall. They start fighting again, Maa says stop it now, I will get angry on you if you don’t stop. Naksh is annoyed. Naitik talks to Rashmi and says if we had any other kid, Naksh would have not left him. Rashmi says even Naitik was jealous of me.

Naitik says yes, I was, when we were children. They select a cake and thinks of making the decorations. They come to know by seeing news that everything will be closed tomorrow. Akshara says how will we celebrate Maa’s birthday then. Naiitk says don’t worry, its closed only for one day and Maa’s birthday is after that.

Naitik says I will go to market and see if anything is open. Akshara says we don’t have any grocery at home. Shaurya is also discussing about the shop’s closing. Vishwamber says we must have everything with us. Shaurya says we are ready to face the Bandh. Everyone have a laugh. Anshu talks about business. Dadi and everyone smile listening to Anshu. Akshara and everyone are waiting for Naitik. Bau ji says check their Bp, they are much tensed. Naitik comes home.

He brings milk and some grocery. He says I could not get more things. He says the shop was full, everything finished in no time. Akshara says we made a mistake, its your birthday and we did nto do anything. Maa says its fine, don’t worry. Its just a birthday, no need to celebrate it. Naitik says we all want to celebrate it. Rashmi says but we can’t manage anything now.

Maa thinks why no one came to wish her. Bau ji says everyone told they will come but did not. They go to check others.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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