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The Episode starts with Parmeet asking Ishita to touch his feet and take his blessings. He says I m elder to you and this is the ritual. Ishita thinks what to do, Parmeet is happy thinking she has lost, she will never touch his feet, but she has to keep Simmi happy, she promised Simmi to think about her. She says it will be bad with every woman if she touches his feet. Romi says stop Bhabhi, you won’t touch his feet, Raman is elder to him so Ishita is elder to him in relation. I m younger, I will touch your feet. Parmeet smiles. Romi says Raman called, he asked you to meet the doctor, you go to Amma.

Romi touches Parmeet’s feet and says bless me. Ishita gives the reports to the doctor. The doctor says I m giving her strong medicines, she can feel weak, so give her cold milk with medicines, did you find out about accident. Ishita says no, we did not, as Amma is unable to give any clue. The doctor says let me try and asks Amma does she remember anything. Amma says white car. Ishita says tell anything you remember. Amma says blue evil eye hanging in the car. Ruhi says Ananya is a good name and I like it a lot. Mihit attends the guests.

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Mrs. Bhalla asks Mihir where is the icecream. Mihir says I gave the order, and calls someone. He hears Mihika says we needed icecream, who eats sweets. Mihir tells her that he gave the icecream order, can’t you remind me, I did the full payment too. She argues. Ruhi asks them to fight later and arrange icecream first. Mihika says do anyone leave icecream in car’s dicky. Mihir says shit and runs. He sees the icecream melted. He says why did Mihika not tell me before is she knew this, why did she get annoyed. Ruhi asks Mihir to have icecream.

Mihir asks where did you get this. She knows him Mihika giving icecream to everyone. She says she did this to teach you a lesson. He says she is smart and tells Mihika that he loves her. He holds her hand and takes her. He flirts. She says you kicked me out of house in morning. He says forgive me. He holds her closer and says I need a kiss. She fools him and leaves. Few guests ask about Ishita. Mihir says she is busy as her mum is not well. They say we came to tell her about her mum’s accident. Mihir says fine come with me.

Ishita thanks the doctor and he leaves. Mihir brings the women to Ishita. Ishita meets the witness of the accident and is glad. She asks what happened that night. The lady says I could not see his face, his car bumped into tree and he run away, I saw his last three numbers. Ishita asks can’t we find out Mihir. Mihir says police can find it. The lady says I saw that car in your compound. Ishita is shocked and goes with Mihir and them. She asks the guard. He says many cars came today and I did not notice.

The lady says I m sure I was the same car here with 322 number. Ishita says thanks for coming here, its great help to us. They ask her to take care of her mum and they will inform if they know anything else. Ishita thinks whose car can it be. Its night, she thinks she has to tell Raman about the car number. Everyone sit for dinner. Mrs. Bhalla praises Ishita for managing the function well. Ishita says Raman will come late. Mrs. Bhalla says keep his food. Ishita says I will have food with him, so you don’t worry, I will serve him food when he comes.

Mr. Bhalla talks to Simmi and says we have bear Parmeet today only because of you and baby, but he will not be forgiven, I won’t bear if he goes close to you, we are with Raman’s decision. Mrs. Bhalla says Parmeet was making Shagun do the Naamkaran, thank Lord that he has saved you. She says your dad is right, you be away from him. Simmi cries. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to accept the truth soon. Simmi leaves. Raman comes home and says its 2.30am, I m so hungry. He looks for food and says there is always nothing to have. Ishita says you have all veg options. She says Palak paneer and Matar Pulao

He says fine, why are you awake. She says I heard you, so came. She was actually waiting for him. She keeps two plates. She says I did not have food. He asks were you hungry for me. She says no, I was busy. He asks what did you keep baby’s name. She says Ananya. He asks did Parmeet come. She says yes. He gets angry. She says it all went well, Romi managed. He asks managed means? Did Parmeet do anything. She says have food and tells about the car clues, with blue evil eye hanging and having 322 as last three digits. He says if it came in our building today, it means it will come again. I will not leave that guy.

Its morning, Shravan greets Bala and Vandu and says breakfast is ready. Bala says thanks. Vandu asks what do you want. Shravan says I want to go in Summer camp. Ishita tells the same to Raman and says Ruhi does not want to go. Raman says Ruhi should go. Its in Mussorie. Bala sees the fees Rs 20000 and says sorry we can’t send you. Shravan says please I want to go. Bala tells Vandu its not necessary to send him. Ishita asks Raman not to send Ruhi. Raman says so you are making her like you. She says so whats bad in me. He says her husband can tell this to us when she grows up and marries.

He says is Shravan not going, ask Bala. He says I will take your car and don’t take my car. My car is not for you. Bala tells Shravan that he is not working, but he promises him that he will send him next year. Shravan says I won’t go. Bala hugs him and thanks him. Vandu feels bad. Bala says we will miss you if you go, we want you to be with us this summer. Shravan says fine.

Raman comes in the living room and tells inspector on phone about evil eye and 332 clues. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t know who did this. Raman says I will find him. Romi says the car maybe went for repair, if you permit me I can find it, Gaffur does repair and he is famous, he can help us. Raman asks him not to get into this and think about his future and work. Romi asks what work. Raman says you will join me in office from today, get ready. Ishita hears them and thinks about Romi’s words. She thinks Gaffur Bhai….

Ishita meets Gaffur and questions him. He says we get 50 cars daily and I don’t remember the number, I have its owner’s number.

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