Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 12th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 12th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhawna asks how can Suket do this, Suket says he can do this. Bhawna says they can’t talk to their kids, they don’t eat together. Suket says everyone here considers me as a sinner here, not Akshit and Arpita. Bhawna pleads not to do this. Suket says if she will consider him right, she will support him but if she consider herself as wrong, she will support them and Suket will leave the house. Suket leaves. Bhawna comes in front of Gods, and asks them for help as she neither wants to lose her husband nor family.
The servant brings breakfast for Akshit. He was shivering with fever. He asks what happened to you. He tells him he took bath with cold water then slept in AC. The servant runs to Bhawna and tells her Akshit has cold and fever. She runs to Akshit, but stops at the door recalling Suket’s warning. Akshit calls Maa, maa. She thinks she must call the doctor and runs to call him. The doctor excuses her saying he is at someone else’s place and can’t leave. She asks what she should do as his fever is continuously increasing. Doctor says he will take time. They hang on. The doctor tells Bauji that Bhawna is very worried. Bauji assures him nothing happened to Akshit. Pratab also says Bauji that he is worried about him. Bauji assures him that everything is going to be fine.
Bhawna sends ice cubes through Kaka. He says he must take them herself, she says of she could why would she ask him. Kaka takes the ice water to Akshit but he scolds him to go. Kaka asks Bhawna to go to Akshit as he needs him at this time and is taking his name again and again. Bhawna runs to his room, at the door step Sanvri calls her as the doctor has come. The doctor gives him injection and tells Bauji on phone that he is so serious. Bauji tells Pratab and Avni about it. Avni says she already knew Akhsit won’t tell a lie to maa and made himself ill.
The doctor comes out; Bhawna was standing on the stairs. She asks the doctor if he is alright. He says he gave him the injection but they must take care that he doesn’t take a stress. Bhawna crosses Sanvri and runs outside.

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Sanvri comes to Bhawna and asks her not to worry. She reminds her that Arpita is behind all this. Bhawna says she must not forget that Arpita is the daughter in law of this house. Sanvri says that Bhawna must not forget that before Akshit Bhawna has a relation with Suket.
Bauji, Avni and Pratab arrive and listen to them.
Bhawna says you are thinking everything as wrong. She says she never thought that one day she will have to choose between her husband and son. She says she couldn’t stop herself upon seeing Akshit. She says she know Suket would also have felt the same. Sanvri says she know Suket, he would never go against his decision. Bhawna says you know Suket but I know Suket and understands him as well, he would have become worried. Bhawna says there is no need for this discussion as Akshit is better. Sanvri stops her and says if she didn’t have to abide by Suket’s decision why did she accept it anyway. Why does she make him realize always that she is with him. She says that today Bhawna proved that her 9 months out-weighted her 7 rounds of marriage.
Pratab shouts at Sanvri. She asks why he came. Pratab shouts at her that did her herself take her relations together that she is teaching Bhawna the value of relations. Bhawna and Avni tries to stop them. He says she wants to take Arpita and Akshit away from their mother. He reminds him of the love she must have for Akshit. He says she would have understood this only if she were a mother herself. Sanvri leaves crying.
Bauji tries to keep Pratab calm. He says Sanvri ruined all their plan, Bhawna was about to reach him when Sanvri stopped him.
Raj calls Avni, she tells him that there is only bad news. They tell him that maa couldn’t go to Akshit’s room and he is serious. Anything could happen to him. Raj says that everything was a good sign and tells them that it was Suket who called the doctor, as Kaka had informed him. Suket got tensed after this and said he don’t care how busy he is, he himself is coming to take him.
Avni says he has love for Akshit, it’s just that he doesn’t show. Avni says to Bauji that when in evening he comes home he will hug his son, and tell him to hug his.
Suket comes home; Bhawna was crying and hugs him. He says he know this and sent doctor himself. He says he is his son, can’t leave him like this. I can be angry with him but can’t take his life as I gave it to him. Bhawna says she was sure he would have done the same. Suket says I hate loving him; I wanted to hug him when I got the news of the award, I wanted to go to his room today but something stopped him. He says he loves Akshit but hate his helplessness. He tells Bhawna that he won’t let his helpnessness turn to his weakness, Akshit and Arpita will have to leave home. Avni and Bauji hear this.

PRECAP: Avni tells Arpita that every year maa cooks food for poor people on this day. This time she will make the food, may be this can reduce Suket’s anger.

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