Uttaran 12th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Doc explains the report to Meethi. She is distraught to know that she can never become a mother again. She touches her belly and tears stream down her face. Doc tells Meethi to take care.

Kaisi Hai Ye Udasi plays as Meethi walks out of doc’s cabin. Akash has fallen asleep on the chair while waiting for Meethi. Doc’s and priest’s words keep echoing in her head. She recalls how excited Maiyya and Akash were about the baby, their hopes and expectations.

Meethi touches Akash’s face to wake him up and he smiles. She apologizes to him for making him wait so much. He is in a romantic mood while she tries to tell him everything. He notices that she looks worried. Lightning strikes and she hug him in fear whereas he is all smiles as he hugs her back. Rain starts pouring and they thinking of going in the tent but it isn’t strong enough. The roof is leaking. They cannot stay here now. Meethi blames herself for ruining his plan. She again tries to tell him but he doesn’t let her. He removes his coat and they both run towards their car while holding it over their heads.

Akash and Meethi are stuck in a traffic jam. Akash gets down to check the problem. A baba comes to offer blessings to Meethi but stops. How can I bless you when even God is upset with you! Meethi looks at him in shock. He tells her that she will never have a baby. She will yearn for one but she will never have her own children. Meethi closes the window but the baba keeps on shouting the same thing over and over again. Akash notices this and holds the baba by his collar. What is the proof? Meethi tells him to stop it. He is not at fault here. Pandit ji and doc have told me the same thing. I was trying to tell you this only that I can never become a mother. She tries to touch him but her hand touches the glass. A chant plays as she realises what just happened. Akash warns the baba to not say anything against his baby. Meethi gets down and stops him by giving her swear to her. Akash finally relents. The couple sit in the car while baba stares at them.

At home, Meethi tells Akash to control his anger. He tells her that he cannot tolerate it when any random person will come up and say anything to you. How would they know what we have gone through? They talk without thinking anything. She makes him understand finally but he is not ready to trust any priest or baba for that matter. I know my baby will take birth. She again tries to talk but he thinks that she is getting worried for no reason and tells her not to. Tomorrow’s puja will take care of every other obstacle. I wont leave any stone unturned to make it a success. I will do it with full dedication but no one can stop our baby from coming in this world. Meethi wants to tell everything to Akash asap. I shouldn’t delay it as his hopes will only aggravate day by day. He might not be able to face the truth then.

All the family members look on in shock / pain as Akash walks barefoot on burning coal while holding a kalash in his hand. He offers water to the shivling while a chant plays in the background. Meethi tries to stop him as he is again going to walk on the coal but Maiyya stops her from doing so. He will have to offer water to shivling for 108 times. This is the puja. Just pray that he is successful in his puja. Akash is having a lot of problem in walking but he keeps pushing himself. Pavitra and Gomti recall how they had made Meethi do the same puja back in Aatishgarh. She had passed out because of it. Gomti calls her sister mad. If God had wanted to bless Meethi with a baby then why would she have miscarried her child? Akash continues to push himself to walk on the coal. Meethi remembers how everyone (priest, doc and that fakir baba). Suddenly Akash screams loudly in pain which brings her out of her reverie. She rushes to the priest asking to end the puja here as Akash will not be able to do it. But the priest tells her against it. He only has to do it 8 times now and your husband has a strong faith over himself. Let him do it. He completes 105 times and then falls. Meethi rushes to his side and is worried for him. Why are you so hell bent on doing it when I am telling you not to? Priest tells Akash to fill the kalash again and offer it to shivling. Meethi tells him not to but he asks her to trust him. I will do this puja for our baby even if I have to repeat it 1008 times. She calls it madness but he doesn’t give up. Maiyya tells Meethi not to worry. You should boost him actually. He is strong enough to fulfil all the rituals and I will surely get my heir.

Kajri goes to lend her support to Meethi. Akash finally completes the puja with great difficulty. Priest compliments Akash for his dedication. Now wait for a while till we start the next ritual. Meethi rushes to take care of him. Gomti and Pavitra are not happy. They in fact curse Meethi that she wont become a mother even after she does this puja. They still remember how Maiyya had taunted them for not having a child. Maiyya is proud of her son. Meethi helps Akash in getting up and supports him.

Akash has to do tilwasan now. He will have to stand on one feet while stabling his other feet. You will have to hold your hands above your head in a namaskar posture. He assures pandit ji that he will complete this ritual too like he completed the previous one. Akash gets ready for it as Meethi looks on. You will be so upset to know that no ritual can change my destiny.

Precap: Wind blows and somehow Akash loses his balance. Meethi goes to help him as he falls down. Why are you putting yourself through so much? Let us go home. He apologizes to her for he couldn’t complete the puja.

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