Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 12th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 12th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Mamaji stumbling while walking. Khush see that and asks him why is he stumbling and where is he coming from at this time. Mamaji says he is fine, but he is having heart problem. Khush says then he should inform Ram about it. Mamaji says he is in love. Khush asks love at this age. Mamaji says he is not that aged. Khush smiles and goes from there. Mamaji thinks he escaped today somehow.

Khush and his siblings are having breakfast. Girls ask how did he handle his new client. He informs them how he handled. Ram and Priya come there. Kids greet them good morning. Ram says they look serious and asks them not to be too serious and to not think work is everything and says Priya taught him that.

Mamaji starts talking to someone on phone again. Khush catches him and asks whom he is talking to. Mamaji asks him to concentrate on his work.

Natasha and Priya talk about the pooja at home. Priya says daadi said she will find a good muhurath and then set pooja. Priya then gets a call form jail warden who informs that Suhani is admitted in hospital due to pregnancy complications and asks her to reach hospital soon. Priya thanks warden for informing her.

Khush is in a meeting and gets a call from warden. He hurriedly walks out from there informing her siblings about Suhani’s ill health.

Vikram, Kady, and Pihu are talking about Sammy and their life, etc., when Pihu gets a call from her sibling who informs about Suhani’s pregnancy complications and being admitted to the hospital. Pihu informs it to Vikram and others.

Khush, Priya and Natasha reach hospital. Khush get angry on docor for not taking care of Suhani properly but apologizes after Natasha insists.

Mamaji enters a secluded room and calls someone. He get worried and thinks why meeting is arranged here. He sees fake snake, gets frightened and shouts. A girl meets him there and informs him something. Mamaji smiles then.

Khush and family wait outside operation theater with Khush tensely walking around. Priya asks him to calm down. He goes into flashback where he spent time with Suhani and proposed her and then she telling him that he is the father of her child now. Vikram comes there and asks how is Suhani. Natasha says operation is going on and both mom and kid are at risk. Vikram looks at Khush who is very tensed and crying and tries to console him.

Ram comes home and calls Priya. Girls inform him that Priya has gone to hospital as Suhani is admitted with pregnancy complications. He asks girls to bring water for him. He then sees Mamaji blubbering to himself and asks what is he talking about. Mamaji asks when did he come. Ram asks him not to trouble his family, else he will not spare him. Mamaji acts as coughing and goes from there.

Doctor informs Khush and family that she could not save child. Khush gets uncontrollable and shouts at doctor alleging that she killed his child. He forcefully enters into Suhani’s room and is relieved that it is not Suhani inside. He comes out and informs Priya that they are mistaken. Another doctor informs nurse that Suhani has given birth to a baby girl. Khush and family hear that and ask doctor about Suhani’s room number. He informs them and says only one person can meet them. Vikram says he will go. Priyia asks him to let Khush go. Khush goes and gets happy seeing the child.

Precap: Priya asks Ram to imagine that he is holding Pihu in his hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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