Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
Bani is scared as she eyes the goon in the candle light, as he takes out a knife from his pocket. He says that they had thought that earlier parmeet would understand, but he doesnt want to live and hence its in vain to make him understand, and hence they have decided to so something so that he lives like a dead person. bani says that they wont be scared by talks like this, and asks him to leave. He says that he hasnt come this time to return. As he approaches her, she hits the goon and then runs off, while he composes himself and rushes after her. bani tries hard to run around but finally is unable to run anymore, as she finds herself pinned against the main gate, which is locked. Finally, bani is cornered. She is scared as the goon approaches her leeringly. She rushes and tries to elude him, and then finally manges to lock herself, in their room, and is scared as the goon tries to break down the door.

Scene 2:
Location: NGO Site and parmeet’s residence
Outside, parmeet comes and finds the police waiting. They ask whats the matter. He says that they have come for some interrogation, in the case that they had filed. parmeet says that they would come in sometime. But police says that they were being accused of not cooperating and when they are, they themselves arent sharing. Parmeet says that they didnt taske any step earlier then why are they bothered all of a sudden. The police threatens to put him behind bars for insulting the police. randip asks him not to threaten him like this, and that he doesnt want to do any drama right now. the police says that they cant go like this, after insulting the police. Randip puts the SP on phone, and the inspector instantly cowerrs down. ranmdip and parmeet ask him not to do this ever again. They rush in the car. the police calls and tells the goon that he couldnt stop them for long, and asks him to hurry up and leave. meanwhile, the goon tries to break in, and the phone satrts ringing. bani is hesitant to pick the phone by opening the room, and parmeet is tensed when no number is being picked by anyone. the goon starts to get frustrated. finally he is able to break in but doesnt find anyone there. He sees that the window is open.

Scene 3:
Location: Rajji’s residence
Rajji, kuki and simran sit tensed, as anu walks in apologising for being late. Buaji asks who is this. rajji identifies her, and buaji gets tensed. Buaji says that she is known to her, and hence she can attend to anu, but asks rajji to tell her something plain and clear. She asks her to remember something, as they arent idiots or helpless, and they dont need anmyone’s advise or help. anu comes and says that she knows that she doesnt want to listen to her, but she would do her duty. she tries to make her understand this whol NRI scam, but buaji is unfazed, when anu even gives the example of her own son. Buaji asks if the daughters if hers. She says that she isnt a fool and she doesnt need to interfere. Anu says that its a matter of kuki’s life, and they arent asking cancellation but postponement. buaji says that she has given enough time to everyone, but she doesnt want to take it to a point that kuki has to be embarassed in front of her in laws. She asks her to give this advise somewhere else. Anu asks her to come and find out about hundreds of cases like that. buaji asks her to stop now, as she has said enough and knows who has instigated rajji and kuki. she asks anu to get lost and not interfere ever again in the matters of their family. Anu says that she shall leave, but hoeps that buaji doesnt regret her descision. Anu lkeaves. Rajji comes after her and apologises. Anu says that she isnt hurt but tensed that kuki would get married to vicky, and instead of making her understand they should try to focus on gathering evidence, and rely on soham to find something. rajji is tensed. Anu leaves.

Soham calls rajji, and they are both disheartened to know that there has been no progress. rajji tells about the latest developments, and soham is shocked to find buaji turning so blind. rajji says that the mehendi is tomorrow and she doesnt know how she would fulfill her promise to kuki, and that buaji’s blindness would make kuki marry that vicky. Soham says that he would tell her whenever something comes up. rajji cancels the call, but is upset. Kuki overhears their conversation. Kuki is crying in her room, thinking that even rajji’s hope is lost and nothing can happen now.

Scene 4:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
Meanwhile, bani rushes outside and is surprised to find someone’s silhouette in the darkness. it turns to be anu and bani tells her everything as she hugs her. anu takes her inside to find who’s there.

Anu gets bani inside, and she is shocked to find something written on the mirror, that says that if they dont stop the work, they would stop their breaths. bani and anu are shocked to see this. Bani shows this to anu and tells her about all thats been happening. Anu calms her down and asks about everyone else. Bani says that everyone was outside, and she was alone, and narrates everything. Anu asks her to stop, as the worst is over and she is alright now. bani asks how did she turn up here at this time in the night. Anu tells about how she had gone to rajji’s place and what happened at rajji’s place and on her way back, decided to meet her too. Bani thanks her profusely saying that had she not come today, god knows what would have happened. Anu asks bani to calm down.

Scene 5:
Location: On the road and Rajji’s residence
When guggi gets kuki’s call, guggi tells her that soon they would find out vicky’s truth, but kuki breaks down saying that nothing is going to happen. Kuki says that their hope is lost too, and she doesnt care whether vicky is right or wrong, she just loves him and she wont get mehendi in anyone’s name. Guggi tells kuki that he has a plan but she would have to keep this a secret from soham and rajji as they wont ever agree to this. Kuki tells him that she is ready to do anything. Guggi tells her that they would have to run away, as there’s no other option. kuki has reservations, but guggi says that they dont have time, and if she loves him dearly, then she shouldnt think and rather do, but not tell anything to soham or rajji. After much reservations, Kuki finally agrees. Buaji overhears this and is shocked. Guggi is happy, and tells her about the plan of leaving early morning. Kuki asks him not to worry as she wont say anything to anyone. kuki turns around, but buaji ducks into hiding, so that kuki cant see her. Buaji thinks that she cant believe that kuki is trying to run away and that now she would have to do something. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Rajji comes and asks buaji to have her meds, as in all this trouble, she has forgotte to take care of her health. Buaji lashes out at rajji, that instead of giving her meds, she should rather poison her and finish this chapter altogether. rajji asks her not to talk like this as she only means well, and if she doesnt want to take meds from her, she would send in kuki with them. Buaji says that even kuki isnt as innocent as she seems, and is about to spill the truth about kuki’s descision to run away with guggi, but checks herself just in time. Buaji tells rajji that she didnt just distance her from the family, but from her own daughter too. Rajji is apalled to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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