Maharana Pratap 12th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 12th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

episode starts with jalal meets with ajmer samant. jalal says, what you said? Now what will you say ratan singh. Ratan singh says to haji khan, you did wrong with us. bahram khan says, put head your head down. ratan singh says, no, i will not. Otherwise i will cut your head. jalal says, stop khan baba, i want to put his head down in front of me.
Pratap reaches to meet with JB. sajja says to pratap, stop pratap. She is not able to talk with you. Pratap says, why you didnt stop her. Sajja tells all the incident. Pratap gets angry and says, now i will talk with maldev and ask from him, how dare him to behave with my guest. JB stops pratap. Pratap says, dont you know, what had happened here. I dont know what is happening in this fort. JB says, i dont have choice. You had hurted maldev and if you have again quarrelled with him then he will attack us. Pratap gets angry and says, i am going to bijolia. I will say sorry to ajab.
Jalal says to ratan singh that become my slave otherwise i will punish you. ratan singh says, i will not become your slave. Jalal burried ratan singh in coffin. Jalal says, what will happen if i will burried pratap in coffin. Pratap goes to bijolia.
Here at bijolia, hansa mosi waits for ajab and see gets surprised to see her. she asks, what happened? ajab says, i really missed you. Hansa mosi says, i know JB was there and you will not remember me. Mamrat ji says, i ask from dassi, she gets insulted in mewar. Mamrat ji says, i will not tolerate this. I will go and meet with uday singh and give answer.
rana jait singh goes to meet with uday singh and see dheer baiji and gets surprised. Dheer bai ji tells everything truth and uday singh ji says, go with your father. Jait singh ji says, cut my head.
Pratap reaches bijolia but hansa mosi stops him and tells him that mamrat ji goes to mewar. pratap requesting to hansa mosi for meeting uday singh ji.
Pratap goes from bijolia. Jait singh requesting to uday singh ji, kill me. uday singh marry with deer bai.
Uma devi shows fall daan preparataion to maldev ji.
Maldev ji says, i am very happy because after my daughter marriage, i will get married.
Mamrat ji reaches and scolded maldev ji then maldev ji says, i did right with you daughter. Mamrat ji inform to pratap that from now onwards we have no relation with mewar. Rana says to pratap, i want to talk with you.
Bahram khan says to jalal, after win, why you hoist the flag again of ajmer. jalal says, if i will hoist our flag then this is spread on all rajputana .
Rana ji shows suleman’s body. Hukum singh ji gets tensed then pratap ask, what happened? Pratap says, its between us. I want to capture him. Soldier inform to pratap that rana ji is coming.
Uday singh ji came with Veer baiji and tells everyone that she is my wife. Maldev gets angry and says, you have decepted me. Uday singh ji says, shut your mouth otherwise it gets depravated.
Your son insulted my daughter. Then you married with my choice. Pratap says, me and phool marriage will make unity in rajputana. Maldev ji says, i will accept only for one condition, divorce her and leave her. If you will leave her right now then we will make friendship with you.

Precap:- Hukum singh inform to jalal that war is going happening in between mewar and marwar. jalal gets happy to hear this. Pratap says, we have to get prepared for war.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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