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Epi begins with Pallavi telling Sharda that this special necklace has been given to her by someone special in exchange of a watch that she had gifted him. Sharda goes into flashback when she has questioned Suresh about that watch. Sharda begins to talk about the necklace to which Pallavi tells her that this necklace has been made by Kanti Jewellers. Only they make it here in Mumbai. Someone calls out for Pallavi so she excuses herself. Sharda remembers what she saw in the resort and is in tears.

Sharda enters her room sadly. She closes the door and breaks into tears. Sad title track plays. Every relation is based on trust and when it is shaken then the relation loses its identity. She picks up Suresh’s shirt and hangs it in his cupboard. A box and a piece of paper fall from the top rack. She picks it up and it is the bill on Pallavi Ajmera’s name. She is shocked. She recalls that this is the very same bill (of that watch in the mall which Pallavi had forgotten earlier). She wonders how it is here. She also remembers Pallavi’s words about her special man gifting this beautiful necklace to her in return of a watch that she had gifted to him. She looks heartbroken and drops the bill. She is sure all this cannot be just a coincidence. Sharda is in tears as she thinks of the various incidents. This is the same necklace which he had gifted me then how come Pallavi was wearing it tonight? Has he given it to her? She breaks down as she recalls Suresh telling her that he wanted to give it personally to her but his secretary ruined his surprise. Sad version of title track plays. His other lies of going out of town even when he knew it was her fast; his reaction on her telling him about the resort scene; at the watch store; meeting him at the temple accidentally; Singapore client meeting; meeting Pallavi in the party; all flash before her eyes.

Sakshi tries Sharda’s number but she isn’t picking up which worries Sakshi all the more. Karan comes to tell her that he cannot find Ma anywhere. She tells him that she has been trying to reach her but she is not responding her phone. They both separate to check in different directions.

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Sakshi and Karan come home. They call out for Ma. Sakshi is sure she will be in her room only. They knock at the door but there is no response. They are getting more worried by the minute. Sharda finally opens the door with a smile. They tell her that they were worried for her. Sharda lies that she came home to give medicine to Dadi. I tried to look for you but couldn’t find you. She apologizes to them for making them worry about her. Now you guys go to sleep at it is quite late. They leave after wishing her good night. Sharda looks tearful again.

Karan shares with Sakshi how his mom used to be so happy about his win in anything that she would roam around with his prizes for weeks. I couldn’t understand that feeling back then. I always wondered how someone could be happy for someone else’s victory. But I realised it today when everyone was praising mom. I was feeling much more happy and proud than Ma. He turns and notices that Sakshi is lost somewhere. He asks her about it. She is worried for Ma. She is behaving very differently since that vat savitri fast day. She shares her observations. Papa is also not staying at home since many nights but Ma isn’t raising any question at it. There is surely something. She shares everything with me but she hasn’t told me anything till now. He stops her. If Ma hasn’t told you anything yet, then you should wait for the right time. She agrees with him though she cannot help herself from thinking about her Ma.

Next morning, Sharda looks like she hasn’t slept. She is sure her heart can never lie to her. What I am feeling is not wrong. There is surely something between Suresh and Pallavi which isn’t legitimate. Suresh notices her thus and asks her how come she is sleeping till now. You don’t have any work today? She replies that she dint notice the time. He reminds her that she is a business woman now. She must know that time is money. You can set my clothes for me as I have to go back to office now. He talks about his meeting with new clients’ yester night. It went on till late night and I had to sleep at the office itself. I have to go back now. She is taken back by his explanation but continues doing what she was doing. He goes to change his clothes. She picks up his coat and finds the same handkerchief underneath with which Pallavi had wiped the cold drink off her clothes. She is deeply hurt as he has been lying to her so easily. Suresh’s phone rings and it is Pallavi’s call. Sharda is shocked to see her photo in his phone. Suresh comes back and looks shocked too but then hurriedly takes the phone. He disconnects Pallavi’s call. These people disturb me every now and then. These are such clients whom I cannot even avoid. He is stunned to see the handkerchief in her hand and her face. She speaks in her mind wanting him to speak out the truth. I want to hear it from you. But Suresh talks of his hard work. He simply takes her leave and also avoids eating breakfast at home for he is in a rush. Sharda looks sad.

Suresh is in thoughts. Why was Sharda so quiet when she saw Pallavi’s handkerchief and incoming call? Why was she so quiet? Is this quiet indicating at an approaching storm? Are Sharda’s doubts confirmed now? No, this cannot be. I will have to send Pallavi from here before anything like that happens.

Suresh comes to meet Pallavi. He gifts her her return tickets. He was getting too many calls from there. He thought of sending her there as he cannot go as of now. She doesn’t look happy and gives it back to him. You dint feel like asking me once? Why are you so after me to go back to Jamshedpur? Are you trying to hide something from me? He diverts her mind to his love for her. I really don’t want you to go far from me. I booked your tickets for I am going to some other city very soon and what will you do here then. She has gotten habitual to staying without him. You can go I will wait here for you. Cancel these tickets. He has no clue what to do now.

Sharda is heartbroken as the same incidents keep flashing in her head; Suresh’s lies. He has cheated me. He has broken the trust on which our relation was based and he looks like he has no qualms about it. He has been lying to me so easily. She looks at his photo and questions him as to why he did this to her. She hugs his coat. She recalls her convo with Pallavi at the Ganpati temple about destiny. She makes up her mind. I wont let this happen. I wont let anyone break my house as it will affect my kids very badly. They will stop believing in relations. This isn’t a relation of a while but 35 long years. We share a relation which will go on for births. I wont let this relation or my family break. Savitiri had fought with Yamraj for her husband. I have to only save my husband from Pallavi. I wont let her steal my vermilion come what may. I will talk to her. I have to talk to her.

Precap: Sharda comes to meet Pallavi but is told that she is not at home right now. The guard indicates at the guy in suit. You can talk to him as he is her husband. Sharda is shocked to see Suresh. She tells the guard that he must be mistaken as he is Mr. Suresh Modi. Guard shows her Pallavi’s family pic.

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