Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with doctor telling everyone that Adi is back in his senses and taking Pankhudi’s name. Ayesha runs to him while Harish tries to stop her. She comes to Adi and he sees her. He asks how are you. She sits by his side and smiles saying she is fine, see yourself first. She asks why did you become hero. He jokes. She says heroes don’t go in hospitals. She says why did you bring your car infrotn of the truck. He says how could I allow your car to come infront of truck. She cries. He says I m still alive, not dead, why are you crying. Rustam comes with everyone. Adi holds Ayesha’s hand.

Rubel asks Adi how is he. Adi says superb. Harish says you scared me. Nilofer comes and takes Ayesha’s hand off Adi. She asks Ayesha to come with her. Ayesha goes with her. Harish asks Adi to rest. Rubel says everyone are waiting outside. Rustam says meet everyone one by one. Nilofer is happy that Ayesha is fine. Ayesha says Adi risked his life to save me, I thought I will die. Nilofer says nothing will happen to you as Allah protects you. Ayesha says I will go to Adi.

Nilofer stops her and says now its time for us to go back from here. Ayesha is shocked. Nilofer says we have to leave in one two days. Harish comes and hears this. Ayesha asks why. Harish says I think your mum is right, you should go from here. He says there can be more problems, just go, I will end this game and tell the truth to Adi. Nilofer says we have to go from here. Ayesha says I won’t go anywhere leaving Adi in this state. Harish says but you have to go one day, I m scared.

Ayesha says I m responsible for Adi, how will he feel if I leave him in this state. She says I will be with Adi till he gets completely fine. Harish says Adi is my son, I m doing this for him, see all wrong is happening, I don’t want any complications in your life. Ayesha says why are you making me run. Nani comes and says Ayesha is right, what will we tell Adi. She asks Nilofer to support them for some days. She says once Adi is fine, we will not stop Ayesha. Nilofer agrees. Nani thanks her.

Ayesha thanks her mum and says I will have to go to London once I get the scholarship. Nilofer asks what. Ayesha says I applied in fashion college. Nilofer gets angry on her. Ruksaar comes and says Adi is asking for you. Ayesha goes to Adi. Adi asks where do you go always. Ayesha says enough, don’t talk much. Adi asks Rubel to go and rest, Ayesha will be with him. He says go, give me some time to romance. Rubel smiles and says Ayesha call me, if you need anything. He leaves with Nafisa.

Nilofer stops Nafisa. Nafisa says I m going to office. I joined Diwaan’s office with Rubel. She leaves. Rustam says Adi got miraculously saved, so he has to be here for one or two days and then he can go home. Adi asks Ayesha why is she leaving her husband’s hand. He thanks Nilofer for taking care of his Pankhudi. Arif comes and sees Adi holding Ayesha’s hand. Nilofer asks Ayesha to take some rest. Adi says she is right, go and take rest.

Rubel and Nafisa talk about Payal. She acts sweet and makes him angry on Payal. She asks him to come with her in outhouse. He agrees and says I don’t care if Payal has a problem with this. Nafisa thinks Payal’s anger and Rubel’s ego will help her separate them. Ruksaar tells Ayesha that Arif came to meet her and he is still waiting. She says he is apologizing. Ayesha tells Nilofer that she will meet Arif. Nilofer is angry knowing new stories which happened on her absence. She asks who is Arif. Nafisa makes something for Rubel.

He praises it and Nafisa tastes it. She says its so bad, how did you like it. He says you made it with much efforts. Rubel says Payal does not make anything for me. Nafisa holds his hand. He says thanks for breakfast. She says you can talk to me anything and come here. They smile. She sees Nilofer and Ruksaar. She says Ammi……… Rubel greets her. Nafisa says I was making him have breakfast. Rubel thanks her and leaves. Nilofer scolds Nafisa. Nafisa lies to her. Ruksaar smiles. Ayesha meets Arif and asks why did you come here.

He says I read about Adi and came here to see him. She gets angry on him. He says I know you are upset with me, I m sorry. He says Adi has held your hand, why, I was just asking, please join me again. She says no, you won’t care. He says I care now. He says I want to tell you something. She gets Nilofer’s call. He asks did your mum come back. She says yes, don’t meet me again. Arif says I understood you are different, I won’t let you go far, I really like you and will sure you also like me.

Mama tells Harish that he found that this girl is Ayesha and not Pankhudi. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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