Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th December 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raman telling Mihir that Ruhi is fine now, she is sleeping now. Mihir says you take rest, I will manage. Raman says no, I will come to office. Raman comes to see Ruhi and cares for her. He caresses her and smiles seeing her. He again looks at her mole and thinks about his wife. He gets angry. He sees Ishita’s bracelet in Ruhi’s hand and takes it. Ishita wakes up Mihika by touching her hand to hot coffee. Amma hears Ishita and Mihika talking. Appa asks what are you doing here. Amma says they are talking and I m trying to know.

Appa says no one does like this. Amma says every mum does this, I want to know is she Ishita talking to that guy or not. Appa asks which guy. Amma says Raman. Appa asks for coffee and Amma goes to make it. Mihika is

talking on phone and when she sees Ishita, she cuts the call. Ishita talks to her and is surprises that Mihika is concerned about her looks. Mihika says there is nothing like that, you go to clinic, I will come there later and then we will go together for a movie. Mrs. Bhalla also plans to go for the movie.

Rummi comes and asks where is Rinki. Mr. Bhalla says she is studying. Rummi says tell me whats going on. Mrs. Bhalla asks him about movies. He asks shall I book the ticket. Mr. Bhalla asks him about his ticket. Raman meets Rummi and asks him to have food, as he is leaving for office. Raman talks to his dad but Mr. Bhalla is annoyed and leaves. Ishita stops Raman at the staircase and says I want to talk to you. Raman says I have cleared your amount. Ishita says I want to talk about Ruhi. Raman asks what do you want to talk about Ruhi.

Ishita says I want you to give some time to Ruhi. Raman says talk to my mum about Ruhi. Raman says here there are many people who are seeing us, I don’t want anyone to gossip about us. Ishita asks him to come to a coffee shop near her clinic to meet her. Raman says I will see you in an hour and leaves. Raman comes home and Mihir is buying some gold for his mum. Raman thinks of Ishita and says even I wnat to buy. Mihir asks for whom. Raman gets a call. Mihir says there is no one in Raman’s life, if it was, I would have known.

Mrs. Bhalla scolds the servants. She gets Ishita’s bracelet in Raman’s pocket. She shows this to Mr. Bhalla and says its a girl, its broken, I will go and ask Raman who is she and where she lives and why did he not tell me. Ruhi meets Mrs. Bhalla and she asks Ruhi how did Raman take care of her. Ruhi tells her that Raman took her to dentist and took good care of her. Mrs. Bhalla wishes Raman’s family gets completed.

Mihir is at cross road and sees Mihika with student union. He thinks whats going on. The police comes and arrests the students. Mihika is Mihir’s girlfriend. He saves her from the police. He says I can’t believe that the Lord has sent you in my life. She says I lied to my Akka, he says you should have told her that you got a man. He gifts her the bracelet and says I bought it form my three months salary. Mihika says I don’t want. She says I want Delhi chat, did you remember we met on the chat shop. He says you want Rs. 10 chat instead of this bracelet.

She says no one can take or buy our memories. He says marry me. She says first let me know you, I don’t trust guys. He says so you came from Chennai to Delhi. She says yes, I came so that we get married, but no one knows about us, she says they don’t know I m dating a punjabi guy. She says only Ishita can make up my family. Mihir talks about Raman, and says if they unite, then we can get married.

Ishita meets Raman at the coffee shop. She says I need your five mins. They make the order and start talking. She says Ruhi is a lonely child, I know everyone loves Ruhi, but she needs your love. She asks him to take care of Ruhi as she is a special child and she has connected with her. I can see pain in her eyes. I don’t know where her mum is, but… Raman says enough, Ruhi is my daughter, you are taking me for granted after I came to your clinic, you being my neighbor, I don’t need your advice. I’m her father and I will manage.

Amma talks to Soumya on phone and comes to Ishita’s clinic to give her tiffin. She says I want to know whether Ishita has any boyfriend. She sees Raman and Ishita at the coffee shop and is very much happy.

Amma says Soumya, I saw them in the coffee shop. Soumya says find out about the guy, who is he. Ishita pays the bill. He says I already gave. Ishita says I came here to talk about Ruhi, not to have coffee with you. Amma says they are having argument, like a lover’s tiff. Raman gives Ishita the bracelet and says take this one as Ruhi broke your bracelet. Amma says its Raman, he is the one, he is giving some jewellery box to her. Raman says your five min are over, I will leave now. Ishita says even I m not interested in talking to you and leaves. Raman looks on.

Amma is leaving after seeing them. She sees Raman leaving in his car and takes an auto and goes after Raman. Raman comes to his office and Amma comes after him. She sees his office and is very happy. She says the office is very nice. She asks the receptionist where does Raman sit. She says he is our boss. Amma meets a employee Subramanium Iyer and asks him I want Raman’s pay slip. He is puzzled. He asks her to sit and goes to Raman. He tells Raman that a lady came and asking for your play in slip. Raman asks why. He says she is saying that your marriage is fixed with her daughter.

Raman says what and looks at Amma. He thinks who is she and why is she lying that I m her to be son in law. I hate such liars. Amma does not see him.

Raman comes to know about Amma talking him and Ishita on phone. He is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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