Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 12th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 12th December 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 12th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Suhani crying and recalling Sammy’s words that he loves her. And his opinion about marriage. Khush comes and keeps his hand on her shoulder. Suhani thinks he is Sammy. Khush asks her, did anyone told her anything. Suhani asks him to leave her alone. Priya asks Sammy to sit and says she called him to talk about Pihu. She tells him that Pihu told her that she loves him and Juhi confirmed it and that’s why she talked to Ram and thus initiated the talk. She asks him, but the way you reacted. I want to asks you, do you really love Pihu. Sammy thinks he have to talk to Pihu first and let her know about his love for Suhani. He thinks Pihu will be hurt. He tells Priya that they are best friends and he can’t imagine his life without her. Priya asks

him, what is stopping him? She says we have to know what is in your heart. What is stopping you to marry. Sammy says he is scared of the word marriage and says he want to achieve something and make a career for himself. He says Ram uncle didn’t marry at my age. Priya says Ram didn’t marry early because he had so many responsibilities on him. She says you are right and I am proud of you.

Priya says, you would have share this with your mom or me. She says I will make everyone understand you. She says, when your love is with you on the journey then it makes the journey beautiful. She asks him, not to become a reason for the sadness of his love. Neha and Vikram asks Ram, what did Sammy told Priya. Priya comes and asks them to relax. Priya says Sammy’s problem is not commitment. Actually he wants to be independent first and then want to marry. she says Ram is the role model for him and he wants to become like you. Ram asks, did everyone are bachelor because of him. Priya says but Sammy refusal is connected with you. Vikram says we shall solve this problem first. They see Suhani and Neha greets her. Priya says, we shall not force Sammy to marry now. Let him be independent. Neha says his point is valid but he can’t be rich overnight. Priya says Ram will give a solution. Sammy comes and goes towards Suhani’s room. Priya asks Ram to solve this problem. Sammy asks Suhani to listen to him. Suhani asks him to leave her hand. Sammy asks her to understand him. Suhani says her thinking is not modern like him. Khush comes and sees them. He asks them, did you see Pari or Mayra. Sammy leaves.

Pihu tells Juhi that she is hungry and asks her to serve food. She praises Juhi’s Pasta but says she couldn’t eat it now as maa is preparing something for her. She says she will eat Pasta later. Juhi says no problem. Priya hears their conversation. Priya serves her noodles. Pihu starts eating it. Priya cries in the kitchen. Suhani comes and asks her, are you alright. Priya says she is okay. And says I am very happy today. She says when I came out of Coma, I thought I have lost my daughter, but my daughter is same as before, very caring and loving. Suhani says she is also happy. Priya says you are responsible for my happiness as you took care of me in the hospital. She thanks her. Priya says she has so many reasons to live and talks about Pihu’s marriage. She tells her about Pihu’s love confession and asking a husband as a birthday gift. She says she loves Sammy and wants to marry him. Suhani is shocked and the glass falls from his hand. Priya is puzzled with her reaction. Priya asks her, what happened? Suhani says she is fine. Priya is concerned for her. Suhani says you told me that they are good friends. Priya says they make us feel that they are good friends but love happened. She says you are responsible for their love. She asks her to take care of Pihu’s marriage responsibility. Suhani says I will go out as I am feeling suffocated. Priya offers to go with her. Suhani says she will manage alone.

Suhani recalls Sammy love confessions and thinks to talk to Sammy. She asks Mayra about Sammy. Mayra says no clue. Pihu hears them and asks Suhani, why you are asking about Sammy. Pihu tells her that Sammy is committed now and show off the ring as Sammy’s proof of love. She tells her directly that she have to talk to her before talking to Sammy. Suhani leaves. Priya is calling Neha but she is not picking her call. Suhani calls Sammy. Sammy says he came to Ram uncle office. Suhani says she wants to meet him now. Sammy asks him to come to a certain place. She disconnects the call.

Priya tells Ram that I don’t think you can make me wear the earrings. Ram tries to make her wear the earrings. Priya asks him to do it fast and says she is getting tickling.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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