Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th December 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Rubel telling Payal that he will drop her to her friend’s place. But Payal insists to go alone. Rubel agrees and says he will inform his mom. Pankhudi asks Payal whether she told everything to Rubel. Payal says she didn’t get a chance to speak with him. Pankhudi asks, where are you going now? Payal replies she is not going to meet Rohit. Pankhudi says, I hope you won’t break my trust. Payal says she won’t harm their family’s reputation. Avantika is shocked to see Preeti’s reports. She says you didn’t tell me about your miscarriage. You lost your child. You might have hide this because of Rubel’s marriage but atleast you should have call me. Preeti asks, you want to come to sympathise. She says did anyone showed concerned towards me. She

talks her rudely. Avantika says, why you are being so unreasonable. Preeti says I showed your mistake and you are showing your ego. Avantika gets tears in her eyes and she says everyone are very concerned. Avantika says we might get you treated by a good doctor. Preeti says she is getting treated by good doctor and her husband is capable enough to take care of her. Avantika asks, do you want me to leave. Preeti says yes. Avantika says she will always be concerned for her.

Pankhudi asks Rubel about his honeymoon plans. Rubel says he got married just yesterday. Pankhudi says you both shall go and spend some time together. Rubel says he will go on a honeymoon along with Adi and her. He says he is booking the tickets for them. Pankhudi asks about Payal. Rubel says things will change with time and for better. Preeti cries, Sameer consoles her and asks, why she behave arrogantly with her. Preeti says she don’t want anyone to know about her kidney problem. She says she don’t want her kidney and says her didi would have agreed to donate her kidney. She says she has BP problem. Sameer says do you think she will stop. Preeti says she will make her stop.

Adi is going in his car and sees Payal with Rohit in their car. He gets shocked to see her with someone else. Some neighbour asks Ambika about Payal’s marriage. She says she is having an affair and shows concern about Pankhudi. Ambika says Payal married with her consent. Payal tells Rohit that they will be one soon after her plans success. She says Rubel and his family will throw her out of the deewan mansion. Adi looks at them. Adi wonders who is he and thinks he is Rohit.

Harish suggests Didi to go out on a outing. Avantika comes and says she wants to talk to him. Didi says she will go inside her room. Avantika says it is ok. Preeti is crying thinking about Avantika’s caring words. She gets Anuj’s call and he asks them why they didn’t come to bless Rubel. Preeti talks with him arrogantly and says they have so much work to do rather to coming to their house. She asks him to stop the melodrama. She cries after disconnecting the call.
Adi comes home and asks Pankhudi not to irritate him. He tells her that he saw Payal with a guy and wonders he might be Rohit. Pankhudi takes Payal side and says she went to meet her friend. Adi says Rubel might be heart broken. Pankhudi says Payal is a good girl and may be Rohit is manipulating her. She says Sheela mami and others will asks Payal to leave if they tell them anything. Adi says they can’t be Payal’s guardian. Pankhudi says they need to give some time to Payal. Adi says he will talk to his family tomorrow. Pankhudi insists. Adi says ok, and says Payal have to proof that she wants to spend her life with Rubel in a week’s time. Pankhudi is sure that Payal will proof to be a good life partner for Rubel.

Kamini and Govardhan gives the gifts to Diwakar and Ambika. Ambika says you should have talked to us before agreeing to the alliance. Govardhan and Kamini speaks about Pankhudi and Payal becoming sister in laws. Sushma nods in a yes.

Pankhudi comes to Payal and asks, when you came back. Payal says she met a old friend. Pankhudi asks, did you met Rohit and says Adi saw you with some guy. Payal says he is her friend and not Rohit. Pankhudi asks her to tell the truth to Rubel. She talks rudely with Pankhudi. Pankhudi says I hope you don’t repeat your mistake and says Rohit is not a nice guy. She asks her not to break her trust and asks her to come for dinner. Pankhudi leaves. Payal says sorry and says she has to lie to get her love Rohit.

Anuj tells that tomorrow is Dad’s birthday. They reminiscences about Nanu. Adi suggests that we will celebrate his birthday. Pankhudi suggests a puja. Anuj agrees. Payal comes. Sheela asks her to give water. Payal purposely splash water on Sheela. Everyone are tensed.

Payal tells Sheela that all the servants are doing good work. Sheela tells her that it seems your family didn’t teach you anything. Payal asks her not to take her family’s name and asks her to tell her straightaway. Sheela is shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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