Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Simmi joins Parmeet

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman saying you are equally mean like your husband. Simmi shouts shut up, Parmeet is not my husband. Raman says fine, you are his informer. She says you mean I m informing you, you are making a big accusation. Raman says Ishita contacted me, I was reaching her but Parmeet reached before me, you went to meet him. Simmi says I have done a lot for you all, I don’t deserve this insult, I would have supported Parmeet if I wanted. Raman says Ishita would have been with me if Parmeet didn’t come back. Simmi says you had to become hero, you have much ego, go and ask police to find Ishita, if she dies, you will be responsible. Raman slaps her. Karan asks Rohan not to intervene in their family matter. Rohan says but… Karan says no. Ishita shouts to ask goons. She asks what happened, didn’t you get your money, Raman had come right. They stand silent and see the CCTV camera fixed there. She says I will talk to Raman, why are you guys quiet, tell something, what’s the problem. They go.

Mr. Bhalla asks Raman to control himself. He asks Simmi not to argue in every matter. Simmi says you want Raman to insult me and I stay quiet, he slapped me, its not a small thing, you should be ashamed, you should explain him, you are scolding me, my daughter died because of his wife, even then I stayed here, what did I get in return, you are scolding me, you all consider me an outsider. Raman says yes, we consider you an outsider, you had conspired against us, you will always be the same. Simmi says you all think that its my fault always, Parmeet is right, you have treated me like an outsider always. Raman says go and be with him. She says I will go, Parmeet is better than you, he doesn’t insult me like this. Mrs. Bhalla says no, don’t get angry, Raman utters rubbish when angry. Raman says I know what I m saying, I won’t see her in this house. Simmi goes. Ruhi asks what are you doing Papa. Karan goes to Simmi. Aaliya asks Simmi to ignore Raman’s anger. Simmi asks her to go to Raman, he has gone mad. Simmi leaves. Raman asks everyone not to stop her. Rohan says listen to me, don’t take such a rash decision, Raman is angry, he didn’t mean it. Simmi says he has insulted me, no one wants me to stay here. Rohan says I agree, you won’t go. She says I too have self respect, I can’t stay here, just take care of mum and dad. She leaves.

Inspector says we traced that number, but it was a bogus number, this is a dead end again, we are keeping an eye on Parmeet, maybe he is not behind this. Raman says no, he confessed of kidnapping Ishita, trust me, we have to arrest him after getting proof. Inspector says okay, just contact the channel and get your appeal recorded. Ishita gets some smell and coughs. Sudha smiles seeing her on camera feed. The man says Simmi has come here, she was asking for Parmeet’s ward. Sudha says why did she come here, did Raman send her. Sudha goes to Simmi and asks you here. Simmi says I have come to meet my husband, I m his wife. Simmi asks constable to let her go. Sudha asks him to let Simmi meet Parmeet. Simmi meets Parmeet and says Raman is doubting me that I inform you about the house matters, he thinks you kidnapped her. Parmeet says how can he think this, he knows you have sent me to jail, you left me for them. She says forgive me, I m really sorry. He pacifies her. She says I have left that house, I don’t know where I will go. He says once I get out of here, I will go jail, until I m here, you can stay with me.

He asks Sudha can Simmi stay here. Sudha says of course, she is your wife, Simmi I think you need legal permission too. Nurse comes and says we have to take patient for brain MRI. Simmi says I will come along. Sudha says no, they won’t allow you. Parmeet says its fine, let her come. Nurse asks Simmi to wait outside. Simmi cries. Sudha looks on. Nurse asks Simmi to get medicines. Simmi goes. Sudha asks nurse to wait outside. She says I don’t trust your wife. He says I know how to deal with her. Simmi gets medicines. Parmeet wakes up and sees Simmi crying. He asks why are you crying. She says so sorry, I m not crying, I have ruined our loves, you truly loved me, I sent you to jail, I have done wrong with you, Ananya went far from us, we should have been there for each other, I ruined it all for such a family. He consoles her. Its morning, constable asks Simmi to leave, her husband is a criminal. Simmi says I m his wife, he is not a criminal, he is innocent. Parmeet asks him how is he talking like this. Nurse asks them to let patient rest. Simmi says I will talk to lawyer and come. She goes. Sudha comes to Parmeet and says Karan has called me, he confirmed about Raman and Simmi’s big fight. Sudha says we have succeeded in dividing Raman and Simmi, Bhalla family will fall apart. Parmeet and Sudha laugh.

Ishita says Parmeet never leaves any proof. Parmeet asks what, Raman learnt about gas leak, it means Simmi is informing Raman. Simmi hears him. Ishita shouts for help and asks who is it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. No comment about today episode but what d hell Adi is coming back as what I hope not as Adi because he was shot my ishta and his finally rite was perform I hope ekta is not planing on use her format were the dead always come back back to life just like vish came back in nagin3

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