[Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 11th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Ranvir tortures Purvi, Ishika and Roop win in the party

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 11th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with heaf chef appreciating Roop’s work in the party. Announcement is made for the couple names during fun time. The host asks them to pick a chit and select the partner. Kinjal asks Ishika and Jigna to participate and thinks to do something. She shows the buffet dinner to Bua. Bua gets happy and says she came to have food. Jigna tells Ishika that she doesn’t dance. Ishika asks her to come. Ranvir dances with the dancers. Everyone feel ashamed. Haren Patel says he made our house from what to what. Ranvir calls Purvi and asks her to make hot samosas for everyone. Purvi begs infront of him not to insult her family. Ranvir says your condition will more worse than this. Dancer asks her to drink and dance, and says may be your husband can look at you. Purvi refuses and pushes the glass. The glass falls on his guests. Ranvir threatens Purvi.

Jigna tells Roop that she can’t play the game. Roop, Ishika, Jigna and some other man play the game. Host tells that there is a twist. Their hands are tied by a cloth. Man asks Jigna to become comfortable. Roop tells Ishika that he knows that their coordination is top class and says we shall start. Bua finishes her food and thinks don’t know where is Kinjal. Kinjal comes and throws water on Bua’s clothes intentionally. Bua says she will hide it with her hand and says she is going home. Roop and Ishika cook the dish. They have an eye lock while making it. Ranvir locks Purvi in the room and threatens Kanti and Vaishnavi not to enter the room else he will keep Purvi hungry. His guests call him. Purvi asks Ranvir to leave her if he doesn’t like her. Ranvir says I didn’t get the full and final payment for marrying you. He twists her finger and tells that he enjoys hurting her. Purvi thinks she don’t want such a life and it is enough now.

Jigna drops the plate. The man cares for her foot and tells that he is worried for her foot and not for the pulao. The host tastes everyone’s food. He says the competition was quite tough and today’s winner is Mr and Mrs. Wagela. Kinjal gets happy and claps. Roop and Ishika get a trophy. Roop, Kinjal, Ishika and Jigna come home. Jigna gets worried. Roop says Papa must have slept by now. Shamsher opens the door. Roop says we were about to come early, but we got late in party. Shamsher says I don’t want to talk to you, want to talk to just my daughters and asks how dare them to stay outside in the night. He calls Kamla and asks if she gave permission. Ishika asks can’t they go to the parties. Kinjal says Bua went with us. Shamsher says she returned on time. Roop says my sisters celebrated my happiness and asks him to let them celebrate. Kamla asks Ishika and Roop to go inside. Roop goes to room and says he can’t bear anymore. Ishika tries to calm him down. Shamsher asks Jigna and Kinjal to stay outside all night.

Purvi goes to the terrace of the building and is about to fall down. Roop and Ishika come there and ask her to stop.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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