Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 11th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sahil’s successful stall

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 11th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aarya and Guddu come to speak to Vaidika about their live in. Vaidika advices them that society has created circles for some reasons. Sahil says society negatively points to everything; but if we won’t go against the society how exemplary relations would come to being. Vaidika speak to Aarya that she is afraid, what if they commit something wrong while being young and together. Sahil says the world consider the concept of live in as false, but today the rate of divorce is higher than rate of marriage. Live-ins can break this trend as people will begin to understand each other. He insists that Vaidika is not a conventional parent. Aarya could have forcefully married Guddu, then divorced him within few months as well; he falls into Vaidika’s feet. Vaidika thinks for a while, then allows Aarya and Guddu to stay under a single roof. She conditions that they will stay in her old house, in separate rooms and won’t cross any limits. Sahil sends Guddu outside first, then takes Aarya to leave the room. He comes inside to thank Vaidika and wonders how someone can be so perfect, a perfect mother, a perfect human and he is sure she must be a perfect wife as well. Vaidika was now speechless. Sahil hugs her but she refrains from hugging back.
The next morning, the stall of Gol gappa was set. Vaidika and Maya stood nearby. Sahil asks Vaidika about the true opinion, their opinion matters to him. Vaidika appreciates Sahil for starting his own business. Pankti comes there with everything ready. Sahil claims he was a good tenant, but this Pankti is always rude and angry. Pankti claims Sahil to be a crazy man, its only Vaidika who only finds everything right about him. Sahil says Vaidika never lies. Vaidika watches Sahil busy with his work. He lets Vaidika taste a Gol gappa. Vaidika breaks into tears as Sahil gets busy with gathering clients for their new stall.
Aarya decorates the house. Guddu hands a To-Do list for daily chores and says he would go to office while she must continue her course. He complements themselves for decorating the house well. Aarya says Guddu resembles her Sahil Papa whenever he is doing such actions. Guddu forwards his face while Aarya kiss his cheek.
Pankti’s mother was happy to watch photos of Pankti and Sahil. She prays for Sahil coming into their life as angel. Tej Pratab comes there and snatches the phone from her. He hands it to his men with strict instructions against Pankti.
Sahil’s stall had a good business. Some girls wish to take a selfie with Sahil and his wife. Sahil was confused that he isn’t married. Vaidika, from behind him, signals the girl not to tell Sahil the truth. They call Maya and Pankti forward to take a selfie with the girls. The goons reached there spotting Tej Pratab’s goons. A bottle of wine break right in their feet. Pankti was afraid to see the goons.

PRECAP: Vaidika tells Pankti that she and Sahil are married. Sahil hears this from a distance.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nina

    The authors want to display that Sahil’s behaviour didn’t change he’s still enterprising active person. The similar situations should excite his memory and awake the recollections. But this doesn’t occur.

  2. Nina who is this rubbish writer cant understand. Why will they show sahil recollecting his memory. Writers want to gv the puppy doggy some importance. So sahil will recollect many things but not the main thing ie his marriagewith vedika. On 15 jan 2019 this serial completes one yr and just see in a years time how the story has detorriated. Hats off to the writers for spoiling the unique love story n the fickle minded chap for his unnatural n over the board acting. Last full week i hv not watched the serial. Just read the written updates

    1. Sahil has selective memory loss… How else to explain why he remembers every blasted thing but his marriage to Vedika.. This is pure hogwash..

  3. I told u Naz the writets r hell bent on giving the puppy more importance since even they know sadika fans ll never accept her with sahil at any cost. She knows only thing in this serial to gv hard stares n nothing else. Her plus point is she is very young n nothing else. Since the last few episodes less sai about the fi kle minded fellow the better. Sometimes he gives his trade mark romantic looks to sahil n at times to the puppy dog. He himself doesnt know whom he likes or loves more whether the middle age vedika or the young puppy. U said correct Naz. Very conveniently our partially memory loss chap remembers unwanted things but not his marriage to vedika. What bull shit is this.

  4. Friends one more thing. The over ripe potato with dirty teeth is not sahils father. He is BAs first boy friend or may be husband. I hv seen her interview on u tube wherein she has mentioned this. May be because of his cruelty she must hv fled fm him n hooked yashs father n his property. If sahil was her son then may be puppy would be sahils step sister. But sahils father is somebody else. So in no way this puppy will be sahils half sister or whatever. Otherwise the writers wouldnt hv shown sahil putting the mangalsutra in puppys neck. I tell u friends the beginning 2 to 3 episodes fm where the puppy is introced to the fake marriage of sahil with her is the most unnatural thing. Can this happen any time in real life. The blo*dy writers hv ruined a lovely unique love story. Shame on them. Dont u all think KJs acting is not like before. I dont know about others but i feel now a days he is acting just for the heck of it n because he is being paid.

  5. Hv u all seen u tube. Now another drammar is going to be unfold. When vedika ll tell the puppy about sahils n her truth sahil ll also hear this conversation n then go in depression. Just imagine memory loss with depression is equal to what? Now i am sure he ll think vedika is making up stories n start hating her like how he hated her when season 2 started. And he might get close to the puppy dog. Do u all think is it worth watching this serial now? Pls Leslie, Naz, pooja, gayatri n others share yr comments. I am getting very very tensed with this foolish n useless track.

    1. Surely he’ll start to hate her if that’s where they are heading….he already refer to her as being aged when he was advising arya…and there is no sort of indication that he’s even attracted to her now so it would turn out to be another typical zeetv serial look we have abhi hate pragya…kabir hate zara…malhar hate kalyani anyone else???? I’m fed up of these serial always downgrading/downplaying these women who are in love why are they always the one going through torture…now i know is fiction but is it a rule in Indian tv to have
      1.love hate relationship
      2.torture before love
      3.saas bahu drama
      4.love triangle
      5.alot of unnecessary misunderstanding
      6.memory loss
      7. Take a year to consummate marriage
      8.alot of plotting
      9.poweful and untouchable villains
      10.custody battle etc
      Do these production house get a list of these crap they have to show that they end up destroying a perfectly good serial….idk guys I’m angry so I’m just venting

      1. Oh wait how could o forget their most used “emotional blackmail” smh

  6. Guys im not able to watch this serial at all…its taken a pathetic turn.. dont know how to cope up with this..When will the writers bring back sense into this serial..its Sadhika’s story and they keep forgetting it..

  7. This serial has definitely lost its magic and logic. A year ago we were all excited about this 24/42 love story. This time last year I could not wait for the serial to start as the promo were being broadcast. No idea what the writers got in mind but they need to think quick to get the audience back. This serial is only and only about Sadika!!!!!

  8. Nina

    The producers cannot go out of a vicious circle which they had done for themselves.

  9. I think i ll stop seeing this serial because i feel i going in a depression seeing this turn of events. How can this fickle minded chap keep on falling in n out of love with so many whores n puppy dogs. Shame on him. I dont think i ll ever like KJ like before even if he gets back his memory. First he has to improve his acting n ll somebody tell the puppy dog to stop staring with eyes wide open in the camera in the name of acting. From where do the writets bring these out of job actors on lower payment. Pls pls vedika enough of yr sacrifices for this useless good for nothing Romeo. Leave this blo*dy aggarwal family n go n live with yr immediate family in yr old house n let that blo*dy hero die a pathetic death in the end. That usha n whore should hv killed him instead of just hitting on his head. Hope vedika gets someone good of her age by the time this serial ends. Sorry friends i am venting out my anger since i hv become dejected after seeing sahils attitude towatds vedika.

  10. I saw in u tube today puppy doggy giving interview wherein she is saying that she n sahil ll be having nok jhok. The onterviewer asked her which is her room in the agarwal house. She says she doesnt know so far but may be she ll stay in her mothers room. For a while i thought that she ll be sleeping in the fickle minded chaps room in his arms. I am surprised that she ll sleep in her mothers room. How sad for this puppy. I dont how can vedika lose her self respect for this mad crap n loss of memory boy. Vedika just leave him. As u said if he is meant to be yours he will come back n if no then he was never meant to be yours in the first place. What he wanted fm u he has got it. Now naturally he ll be in search of younger girls. Sorry friends i cant stand KJs face and acting since the last few days till now. That is the reason i didnt watch the serial last full week. Why is sapphire n leslie giving no comments. I thiink we all should stop watching this serial during its telecast time. Only then the TRPs ll fall n the track will change once this puppy dog leaves sahil.

    1. Sigh… So the bhai behen angle should be shelved it seems. Raji dear, I’m also mightily pissed off at the writers now. I don’t even feel like elaborating on anything concerning Sadika’s relationship and pankti, till I see some sensible explanations to this crazy ass angle. What I wanted to touch on was Aarya and Guddu’s relationship but I’ll do so in tomorrow’s forum…I ‘d like to get your feedback on this situation. Till tomorrow.. Enjoy your Sunday

  11. Friend’s I saw Saturday epi… still not here updated…
    Anyway..,in this epi..Vedika saves Sahil from tejpratap’s goon..and when she was beating the goon than pankti tells vedika from back that she is Sahil’s wife? Vedika was shocked..vedika tells everything about Sahil and her relationship..both pankti and vedika got emotional and than pankti hugged vedika..at that point Sahil reaches..and asked from vedika why u both are hugging and emotional?
    Friend’s in another scene Pankti’s mother asks from Sahil that he likes pankti?? Sahil was shocked from heart his heart say something..and he feels something is wrong..but not remembered..

  12. How many stray dogs will our fickle minded chap bring home. First he brought the stray puppy to enjoy with her n now he is bringing the stray mother. What a large hearted fellow this chap is. Great.

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