Vikram Betaal 11th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Padmini fights for her mangalsutra

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Vikram Betaal 11th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pingla asking Bharmal what wrong did he do and asks why he asked for the women mangalsutra. Bharmal tells that he will become adhi pati when his pratima will be made with mangalsutra gold. Pingla says people will rebel. Bharmal says he will make his own rules and wants people to rebel. Pingla dislikes his idea and says what happened to you. Bharmal says he will make his new rules. Vikram comes out of the fire and sees Bhadrakaal there. Bhadrakaal says I know you need entertainment after whatever happened with you and that’s why you heard the story and returned. He says if you want then I can take the dynasty from Bharmal. Vikram says if I had to take back the dynasty, then wouldn’t have given it to him. Bhadrakaal asks what he will do if his Rajya is in problem. He comes to his people and sees them crying. Senapati tells that Bharmal asked him to bring all women mangalsutra. Betaal says it is yet to be seen if you will follow maryada or dharm.

Vikram comes to the Palace and asks where is Bharmal. Soldiers tell that he is taking bath. Bharmal asks who is he? Vikram says he is his father’s brother and his mother’s brother in law. Bharmal says kaka shri. He asks him to call him Maharaj Bharmal. Vikram calls him Maharaj Bharmal and tells that he is against his decision to take the women’s mangalsutra. Bharmal says he is raj drohi and arrest him. Vikram says he will go to karagar himself. Kalidas, Acharya and Virat Sen get worried for Vikram. Acharya says I hope whatever Maharaj is doing is right. Bharmal gets happy seeing mangalsutras of many women. He checks the mangalsutra and asks where is that mangalsutra which I am searching. He asks Virat Sen to get that special mangalsutra and asks his man to keep eye on Senapati. Padmini think why did Maharaj haven’t come from Pret ghaati.

Virat sen comes to her and tells that he needs her mangalsutra. He tells that Bharmal asked him to snatch her mangalsutra and asks her to give. Padmini says she will not give mangalsutra to her. Virat Sen says you can’t run and signs her to run. Padmini runs. Bharmal’s man blames Virat Sen for having loyalty towards Vikram. Kalidas comes to meet Vikram in karagar and tells that Bharmal sent the soldiers to get Maharani’s mangalsutra. The soldiers ask Padmini to give her mangalsutra, but she refuses and fights with them. Bharmal’s man comes and hits on her head. He asks her to give her mangalsutra else he will snatch. Padmini holds her head and then asks him not to dare do this. Bharmal’s man tells that he will get prize for this and is about to snatch her mangalsutra when Vikram comes and kills him. He hugs Padmini and asks how is she? Padmini cries hugging him.

Bharmal asks how can Vikram escape from here. Acharya says you know your kaka shri well. Bharmal says I know someone has helped him, I will find out about the person and kill him. Pingla tells that Vikram can do anything and counts his doings. She says your kaka shri has handed over this Rajya with his wish and asks him not to do something to lose it. Bharmal says he will not sit on the singhasan till he kills Vikram. Pingla gets worried. Vikram tells Padmini that they shall go far from Ujjaini. Padmini agrees.

Virat Sen comes there and asks him not to go for Ujjaini betterment. Vikram says Bharmal is harming the people of Ujjaini because of them and took everyone’s mangalsutra so that he can take Padmini’s mangalsutra. He requests him to let them leave.

Bharmal dances as a woman to please a God. She gives him a weapon to kill Vikram. Vikram and Bharmal have a fight.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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