Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Preesha Breaks Up With Rudra

Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

GPS shows Rudra his intimate video with Mahima and asks why did he betray Preesha. Rudra panics and says he would never do that and thinks Mahima would have given him something and got intimate after that, why would he post this video on his own social media post. He continues panicking and asks where is Preesha, he needs to talk to her first. GPS says she went somewhere and is not found anywhere. Rudra runs out to search her. Balraj asks him why did he do a heinous act and even posted it on social media. Rudra says he didn’t and needs to find Preesha first. Mahima thinks before the game started, Preesha lost it. GPS says he will accompany him. Rudra walks away asking him to stay here as Preesha must be in distress. GPS says whater Rudra says, he will go to search his daughter as she is in pain. Yuvraj says Preesha is his wife and he will also accompany him. They both walk away while Mahima smirks.

Rudra searches Preesha on roads and stops car seeing Preesha’s car. Preesha walks on road crying, shattered. Rudra runs and hugs her tightly, says thank god she is found, how can she go away like this, he knows she is upset, but she should listen to him. Preesha warns to dare not touch her. He says he knows she is upset and angry, but should trust him; he went to Mahima’s room and slapped her, then he doesn’t know what happened to him, Mahima must have given him a hypnotic and got intimate with her. She asks he got intimate so easily, she saw him getting intimate with Mahima. Rudra continues that Mahima gave him something to drink as she has done this before. She says how can she forget what she saw, she cannot see him with anyone else, why did he betray her and left her in pain, if he took revenge from her, he will see her in pain forever, he should have killed her instead of doing this. Rudra pleads to forgive him. She says he slept with another woman and is apologizing her, if he would have forgiven her if she had slept with another man, his sin is unforgivable. He continues that he really doesn’t know how this happen, she knows he cannot do that. She says his justification will not erase his sin. He continues that Mahima did it. She says until he wants, how will anyone get intimate with him; she cannot get intimate with anyone even if she wants; he should get away from her sight. He pleads not to say that as he will die without her. She continues that she forgot that he is womanizer and traps girls and she got trapped in her love; she thought that he is helping her against Mahima, but she was wrong, etc. He says Mahima recorded video and posted it in social media. She says she cannot trust him anymore as she saw how he was touching and taking Mahima’s name; she hates him and shouldn’t show his face again to her. He cries not to say that, he will die. She says he shared bed with akka and should share life with her now, their fake divorce is real now. She walks away while he cries not to leave him as he cannot live without her.

Preesha continues walking and falling on a sidewalk shouts she hates Rudra. Mahima stops her car near her and walking to her says poor Preesha, why is she sitting on road, this is her real place; she warned her not to interfere in her life, but she didn’t listen to her; she warned her that she will snatch her husband and son, today she snatched her husband completely and became a winner and Preesha a loser; she is her sister and pities on her, so she will drop her home. Preesha pushes her hand away and stands up. Mahima says she is so arrogant even now, she snatched everything from her and even her biggest asset Rudra, now Rudra belongs to her. Rudra walks in shouting this will never happen, he would rather than die than becoming hers. Mahima asks why is he acting, Preesha saw everything and asks Preesha if she saw how Rudra was kissing her, can she think Rudra was acting. She tells Rudra that women have sixth sense and can judge he was not acting, she will not trust Rudra anymore and he should accept that they are together finally.

Precap: Balraj shouts at Rudra that whole society is insulted them because of his intimate video with Mahima. Mahima warns him not to insult her husband. Rudra shouts he is not her husband. After someone, Sharda asks Mahima if she saw Rudra as he is not at home. Preesha calls Mahima and informs that her husband has come there.

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Only these 2 words come for this episode:
    Uncessary drama

    1. Kusum vs Kushala


  2. Drag the track. Drag more. We are watching. 🙄. Agree with you @shraddhasharma, unnecessary drama. They show things which actually doesn’t make any sense. Today’s episode was the worst. Hope this Mahima goes to jail soon and everything gets fixed in Rudra and Preesha’s life.

  3. Mahima will some how leave the drama

  4. This drama is getting bad day by day

  5. Ufff non stop drama

  6. This is worst serial by Ekta Kapoor

  7. This is too boring nowadays…😒

  8. The writers have always shown Preesha not to be deceived by what she sees, yet for this track they’ve ignored the fact she knew Mahima had drugged him before, she knows that Rudra was beyond angry yet ends up sleeping with Mahima which is unbelievable in itself. Also preesha had time to stop it happening. If that scene had happened before they found out about Saranshs beating then I would understand Preeshas shock and not being in her senses to stop it but the sequence it happened in her being too shocked to stop it doesn’t hold up as well.
    Also whatever reason they show for him sleeping with her whether by manipulation or consensual still doesn’t make fake weddings real and it doesn’t mean the guy loves the woman he slept with, it’s just physical. Just because someone tricks someone into sleeping with then doesn’t make their relationship real and even if Preesha leaves that doesn’t mean Rudra had to accept Mahima.

  9. True! Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai is the best drama rn!

  10. No matter how this serial is, it’s better than what yrkkh is showing now. Very stupid story. In short. I notice that people use to call Ekta Kapoor for all serials even in colours. How could only one person be allowed to write majority of the films. Are there no other writers. All her stories are just empty barrels. Worn out.

  11. Why is it that Ekta kapoor’s all serials sound the same, all the men had to have more than 1 woman in their life. If not then the mother will kill the son etc etc etc..

  12. Rudra approaches Mahima in rage, slaps her and she gets turned on, next they in bed, don’t make any sense. Preesha sees them and knows her sister is evil and can do anything, also knows Rudra yet she never tried to stop what she’s seeing, just believe it and fall apart. Not good.

  13. IshRa_forever

    To be honest, Yeh Hai mohabbatein was so so much better. My favorite show always. I am only watching this show since it is spin-off of Yeh hai mohabbatein, or else this show is seriously a waste of time.

  14. This will only make sense if it’s another plan by Rusha or Prisha cause Prisha knows Mahima real intention very well.

  15. Samaila

    Looks like Ekta is allergic to Positiveness🙄

    1. Haha. Also to annoying and slow plot tracks.😂

  16. Hope it is a plan of rudra and preesha again to expose mahima real face. Hoping this will be the end of mahima’s drama

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