Story After 6 Years #RIANSH #IMMJ2 – Episode 14

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The episode starts with…

VR mansion later that night:

Sameer goes to meet Vansh and talk about Riddhima, kids and the situation. He enters Vansh’s room. But doesn’t see him around so waits for him. He sees Vansh coming out of the washroom.

Vansh: Hey Sameer, what a pleasant surprise. What brings you here?

Sameer: I just wanted to chat. I can’t come to talk with my best friend.

Vansh: Of course, you can I just didn’t expect you to be here this late in the night. That’s all.

Sameer: I want to talk about Riddhima. I know you must be wondering how I know Riddhima and what I want to talk about. I’ll explain. Riddhima is a good friend of mine. I met her through Sejal obviously. We got along well. I got to know about her past how she is a single mother.

Vansh: So, you knew about my kids and didn’t tell me.

Sameer: No, you are misunderstanding me. Do you really think if I knew I would hide such a big thing from you? I only got to know about your and Riddhima’s relationship on the cruise. But I know it’s not my place to interfere between the two of you. And I also know that it would not have been right for me tell you about the kids, it was Riddhima’s right and decision she is the mother.

Vansh: Okay, and why are you telling me this now?

Sameer: Because I know that you are aware of your kids. But I also want to clear a few things out because I know Riddhima won’t as she is very hurt. I didn’t know that you were the same Vansh Riddhima told me about. I spoke to her and told her that my loyalties are always with you. So always remember that I am on your side. But you also have to understand that she has raised the kids alone. So, it will take time for them to accept you.

Vansh: But she should have told me six years back I would have reconciled with her for the sake of my kids.

Sameer: Vansh, she tried to tell you, but you didn’t pick her calls. Riddhima told me that she was willing to forget everything just for the sake of her kids. But her husband wasn’t willing to talk to her. I know you have suffered a lot, but she has suffered too. We humans are funny we only think about our own sorrows. You are drowned in your own pain that you don’t understand that she was also hurting and still is.

Vansh: Sameer I thought you of all people would understand my pain. We are childhood friends. I have always been close to you. I get it that you got to know Riddhima over the six years, but we have known each other our whole life. How can you justify her?

Sameer: It’s your anger talking. I am sorry if I hurt you, but you have to understand she raised the kids alone because you chose not to listen to her. I am with you always remember that. I will leave now but I thought its best you knew what Riddhima had gone through raising the kids alone, working fulltime its hard. You can’t deny that Vansh.

Sameer goes and leaves a lost Vansh behind.

Vansh (thinks): I can’t believe she tried to contact me. How can I not pick her call? If I had I would have been with my kids. I would have tolerated that Riddhima for my kids. I know she had to struggle a lot to raise our kids that too because of my stupidity. I should have picked her calls. But that doesn’t mean I forgot what she did with me six years back.

At City Hospital:

Riddhima: Nurse Sara, can you please give these files to Dr Shah and also check Siya Raisinghania’s progress.

Sara: Yes Dr.

Riddhima: Where is Janvi? I need to speak with her about a patient.

Sara: Dr she is in her cabin.

Riddhima: Okay I’ll go talk to her and you finish the tasks I gave you.

At Janvi’s cabin:

Riddhima: Can I come in?

Janvi: Of course, you don’t need to ask Bhabhi.

Listening to the Bhabhi word Riddhima gets pissed.

Riddhima: It’s Riddhima, please I am not your Bhabhi. Let’s not make it awkward.

Janvi: Sorry Riddhima. By the way what brings you here.

Riddhima: I wanted to discuss the new patient I have done the tests and he only needs regular checking. Hopefully he shows improvement and we can move him to general ward. By the way I will leave early I need to go to my kids’ school for their function. So that’s why you will need to check on him that’s why I came here to discuss this case.

Janvi: Oh right, I understand.

As Riddhima was leaving she saw the filled-out DNA test form with Vansh as a witness for someone. She asks Janvi about it.

Riddhima: Janvi whose DNA reports are these? Why has Vansh signed as a witness?

Janvi: Oh it’s for one of his client/friend he had a one night stand and the girl said it was his child but she had other relationships so Vansh bhai’s friend decided to go for DNA so that he is sure and he needed a witness so bhai signed it. Why do you ask?

Riddhima: Nothing just me being nosy sorry.

Janvi (laughs): No worries.

Riddhima: I will leave now I really need to go to my kids’ school.

Vansh and Angre made it to the school. Ishani had to go tend to one of her friends as she was very sick. Meanwhile Riddhima was also on her way and thinking to herself.

Riddhima (thinks): So that DNA test was not for our kids. I can’t believe I acted so impulsively. But he always finds a way to bring up the past what to do. Regardless I need to still apologise to him for blaming him for the test.

At the School:

Shovan: Mumma you came we were waiting for you.

Shaina: Yes mom, we are so excited to perform in front of you.

Riddhima: I can’t wait to see you guys on the stage (gives a peak on their cheeks).

The kids run inside to change into their costumes. When Riddhima saw Vansh with Sakshi and Angre. Angre is shocked to see Riddhima there as he had no idea, she is the mother of Shovan and Shaina.

Angre: Boss what is Riddhima doing here?

Vansh: She is the mother of the two kids Shovan and Shaina. And they are also my kids.

Angre: WHAT! You are a father.

Vansh: Please don’t tell this to anyone in the family. I am still figuring this matter out and I can’t involve the family just yet. (he leaves to meet the kids backstage whom he saw running after talking to Riddhima).


Shovan: I am going out my turn is coming soon.

Shaina: Okay I will get ready for my performance.

Vansh entered and saw Shovan running back to the stage while Shaina was getting ready.

Vansh: Where is he going?

Shaina: he is going to line up for his performance.

Vansh: I see (he notices she is a bit nervous). What happened you seem a bit low.

Shaina: I am little scared to dance. I did the practice, but I feel like I will make a mistake.

Vansh (makes her sit on his lap): Shaina, just dance for yourself. If you think too much how you’ll look, what the people will think you will never be able to perform well. You know what should matter to you? Just your mom. I know she will be proud to see you perform. So, just go and do your best don’t let anybody or anything pull you down.

Shaina (gives him a hug): Thanks uncle. I feel much better. I will give my best and make mumma proud.

Vansh helps Shaina get ready fixes her dress and makes her wear her accessories. Shaina runs outside to line up for her performance but before going out she turns and says…

Shaina: I will perform for you as well uncle (and goes out).

Vansh was super happy to hear this his eyes welled up as he realised that the kids are slowly accepting him. Riddhima who came to check on the kids but stopped in her track when she saw Vansh with the kids. She was overwhelmed to see Vansh bond with Shaina. The way he got her dressed and encouraged her, melted her heart. Wiping her tears, she was about to leave when she felt a hand pull her wrist. She turned around and found Vansh tugging her.

Riddhima: What are you doing?

Vansh: Why are you going away you could have come in.

Riddhima: I saw you with them, so I thought to leave you guys alone.

Vansh: Thanks for giving me space with my kids.

Riddhima: I am not letting you in their lives I didn’t want to create a scene in front of them especially before their performance.

Vansh: Wow and I thought you were fine with me being around the kids.

Riddhima: Don’t think I can forget the past. But I need to speak to you about yesterday morning. I shouldn’t have behaved the way I did. I usually don’t act so impulsively. I thought you were going ahead with the DNA tests. But Janvi cleared my misunderstanding. I am sorry for being rude. But that doesn’t mean that I am fine all the other issues we have between us.

Vansh: I can’t believe you thought that I am so shallow. I know I threatened you with DNA tests, but it was an empty threat I was never going to do that. Not even in my wildest dreams. I know we have issues between us, but I can never question your character. I know they are my kids I just wanted you to accept it. (holding her face between his palms) Riddhima if I knew about our kids, I would never leave you alone at that critical phase. I know I should have picked you calls and listened to you; I understand it’s my fault I should have picked your calls six years back.

Riddhima: How do you know I tried contacting you?

Vansh: Sameer told me. He came over last night. Trust me you have more fan following than me. Sameer is my childhood friend, but he was praising you.

Riddhima (smiling): Well I guess he understood after so many years how difficult you are. Tell me one thing how is Kabir back in VR mansion?

Vansh (angry again): It’s none of your business. Do you think you can get a free pass to VR mansion because Kabir in there now?

Riddhima (pissed off at for having a go at her – loosens his hold on her cheeks): I don’t fancy living in that maze. Your ‘so called’ family only knows how to hurt me. I don’t intend on getting my ego hurt by coming back. I am just curious that the great VRS has forgiven his betrayer so quickly (she leaves from there after saying this not giving Vansh a chance to say anything further).

The kids perform. Shaina dances on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Shovan and Sakshi were part of the play. They play their respective parts. All the three parents were proud to see their kids up on the stage. After the function Angre took Sakshi ahead with him and didn’t talk to Riddhima as he didn’t want to make it awkward plus Vansh had forbad him from discussing the kids and Riddhima. Meanwhile Vansh was inside the principal’s office to complete some business-related work. He told Angre he will call for another car from home and he could take the one they had here back home. After completing the work, he comes on the gate and was waiting for his car when Riddhima pulled over.

Shaina: Sakshi’s mamu what are you doing here?

Vansh: I am waiting for my car I had some work so had to stay back. But what are you guys doing here so late?

Shovan: We were getting changed and removing our makeup, so it took us this long.

Shiana: Mumma we can drop uncle off, right?

Shovan: Please mumma he has helped us so many times.

Riddhima: Okay fine! You guys are getting stubborn day by day. Vansh please get in we can drop you and you ask your driver to not come.

Vansh agreed because he wanted to spend time with his kids. He was going to sit on the backseat with the kids but Riddhima interjected citing that she is not his driver and he come sit on the front seat. During the ride the kids were up to their antics.

Shaina: Mom look Shovan is annoying me.

Shovan: No, I am not you lair.

Shiana: You are liar!

Shovan: You are stupid!

Shaina: You are stupid.

Shovan: Your hair is stupid.

Shaina: Your shirt is stupid.

Riddhima: Shush both of you. All you need one nudge and you guys can go on like a car without brakes.

Vansh was smiling listening to all this enjoying the cute bickering.

Riddhima: Why are you smiling? You think we are crazy?

Vansh: No, I always imagined how my family would be. It just became true.

Shaina: Uncle you know this Shovan takes longer than me to get ready or changed.

Shovan (now embarrassed and angry at his sister): You are gone now! (and he throws the food he was eating at her.

They started a food fight and started pulling each other’s hair. During the fight the food accidently went to the front seats getting their parents attention. Vansh was pleasantly bewildered at the sight. They are exactly like their mother, crazy. He remembers the night Riddhima was drunk and her antics and was not surprised at the kids.

Vansh (under his breath): Like mother, like children.

Riddhima (unfortunately for him she heard it): Excuse me you think they have taken after me? Have you forgotten how complicated you are? SHOVAN AND SHAINA STOP FIGHTNG OR ELSE I WILL LEAVE YOU HERE.

They reached VR mansion. Vansh got off and thanked Riddhima for dropping him off. However, Tanya how was going out noticed this and was wondering what Vansh was doing with her, in her car. She asks Chachi about Riddhima.

Tanya: Chachi who is Riddhima? You know Sejal’s friend that we meet at the Khurannas.

Chachi: Oh her, please don’t get insecure but she is Vansh’s ex-wife. She is the one we were talking about that day when yours and Vansh’s marriage plans surfaced (she leaves to do her work).

Tanyy (thinks): OMG! She is Vansh’s wife. I can’t let her take Vansh away from me. I have made my place in this house, in his life after so much difficulty. This pride of being Mrs, VRS is only mine. The right to show off Vansh’s wealth is also just mine. I will have to keep this Mrs ex-wife as far away as possible.

Dadi who came outside to water the garden saw that Riddhima dropped off Vansh and thought to share this with Aryan and Janvi.

Janvi’s room:

Dadi: Can I come in?

Aryan: Dadi you don’t need to seek permission.

Janvi: What brings you here?

Dadi: how come you both are home at this time?

Aryan: I closed a deal and had finished all my work.

Janvi: I was done with all my work too so came home.

Dadi: Okay, I came to give you guys news (she tells the whole incident).

Aryan: Wow, it feels like even the universe is also helping us.

Janvi: True! I am so glad that they keep crashing into each other we need these.

They plan on what to do next and how to bring Riddhima and Vansh together.

Precap: Sejal and Sameer’s Sangeet happens. Everyone performs. Dadi and gang implement their plan. Tanya and Riddhima fight over Vansh. Riddhima and Janvi plan on how to further their mission on bringing out Kabir and Anupriya’s truth.

This is it for today! Hope you guys find it interesting. Please leave your comments and let know how I am going. Thanks!

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