Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna Fails Radhika’s Plan

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna enters her room and is shocked to see Anant and Radhika lying on bed. Anant hurriedly stands up seeing her. Radhika says there was no water coming in her bathroom and everyone’s bathrooms were busy, so she came here. Kanak calls Gehna and she leaves. Anant angrily looks at Radhika and walks away. Gehna walks to Kanak’s room. Hema asks her to fix a pin in Kanak’s sari pallu. Gehna does. Kanak asks why she isn’t ready for pooja yet. Gehna says she was just going to get ready. Hema asks her to call Radhika as she knows good makeup. Gehna says Radhika came to take bathe in Anant’s bathroom as she was not getting water in her room’s bathroom. Kanak checks tap, reminiscing asking Radhika to go and take bathe in Anant’s room. Hema says water is coming, why did Radhika lie. Gehna asks why would Radhika lie. Kanak says she thinks everyone is good as she is good, everything is fair in love and war. Hema says she forgot to take jewelry from Baa. Kanak asks Gehna to get ready as she is also this family’s bahu.

In pooja pandal, a committee lady asks Jamuna/Baa about her bahu. Baa sees Kanak and Hema and says here they are. Lady says she is talking about her younger bahu Gehna who singlehandedly decorated whole pandal in such a short time. Gehna gets ready in her room after bathe and seeing Radhika reminisces her lie, asks her to come in. Radhika says she forgot her hair dryer in the bathroom and getting it says her hair is wet and she met get ill if she goes out like this, so she should dry her hair with hair dryer. Gehna says she has never used it. Radhika says she will blow dry her hair and drying it says she should learn to use digital gadgets as her small mistake made an oven blast. Gehna reminisces the incident. Radhika asks if she can ask her something if she doesn’t mind. Gehna says yes. Radhika says she is good at household chores, but even maids do that; a wife is the one who is equally educated as her husband,who can handle her husband’s personal and social life both. Gehna sits thinking while she smirks, then asks if she thinks she is equal to Anant and can walk along with him. Gehna says she knows that she wants to say she is unfit for Anant, but she will try her best to be the woman he deserves and will not accept defeat until she succeeds; when Bapuji made this relationsip and Anant accepted it, even she will follow it faithfully. Radhika asks what if she needs whole life for that. Gehna says she will not lose hope and will continue as fate united her with Anant or else Radhika would have been with him. She thanks her for drying her hair and says she is going to pandal as Baa and others are waiting for her and even she should come soon; tells her that her room’s bathroom tap is fine now and she will not get any problem from tomorrow. Radhika thinks she will write her own fate with Anant.

Committee lady gathers everyone and announces about the cultural games and dance competition at last. She asks a lady to write Kanak’s name first in dance competition and asks where is Gehna. Gehna enters. Lady says she is entering even her name in dance competition. Gehna says she doesn’t know how to dance. Hema says she knows household chores and cannot dance. Another lady says everyone don’t know everything, but if someone teaches then they learn. Tia says she will teach Gehna. Hema thinks Gehna will fall on her face. Gehna hesitates. Lady asks Baa to tell her bahu. Baa says Gehna will participate in dance competition. Lady thanks her. Radhika enters. Kanak tells Radhika that she and Gehna are participating in dance competition, so even she should. Radhika seeing Gehna says even she will perform. Kanak thinks if Kanha’s bansi/flute plays, Radha will dance for sure. Devotees bring Saraswati Maa’s idol. Baa says her bahu will set up idol. Kanak and Hema get happy hearing that. Baa says Gehna will set up idol, the one who has set up the pandal will set up the idol too. Gehna gets happy and emotional hearing that while Kanak and her team burn in jealousy. Gehna sets up idol with Anant and others while Paresh and Tia dance. Hema tells Kanak that all her plans failed and Gehna is praised by everyone. Kanak stops her angrily and takes oath that if Gehna doesn’t ruin Desai family’s dignity by the time of immersion, she will accept Gehna as bahu rani and herself will become naukrani/servant.

Precap: Tia announces competition and gold bangles as winning price. Gehna with Anant participates.
Radhika asks Anant if he will become her partner. He says he will and holds her hand, leaving Gehna disheartened.

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