Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 9th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 9th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Poorvi hugging Neelima and crying. Poorvi says I have lost everything in Arjun’s love, I can’t meet my eyes now. Neelima slaps Poorvi. She scolds her and asks how can she fall in someone’s love like this and ruined herself, not thinking about her family. She says I know many girls like this, but I thought my Poorvi is not like this, you proved me wrong, I was proud of you and you have ruined my trust, what will you tell your dad, you have ruined us. Poorvi says yes, beat me, I should die after this big mistake, I loved a wrong man ad trusted him a lot, he has cheated me, that marriage was by my soul and heart and I did not see that husband and wife a sin, it looked pure to me, I did not know Arjun was planning this, I have loved him by my heart, but Arjun has forgotten everything, I feel this is bad dream which will end and everything will be fine.

Neelima says Arjun uses girls and dumps them, he did not love you and you believed all his lies, but how did you cross your limit, don’t you know the limits of a man and a woman, society forgets a man’s mistake, if woman does a mistake, she is insulted and they believe it’s a sin. Poorvi says we were married. Neelima says what marriage, in that hotel room? She says you should have spoke to us, if that Arjun starts saying your personal matter to you, what then, can you bear this, we have heard taunts about Lakshya, and you are a girl, you were my pride and now my pain, you have ashamed me. She leaves. Poorvi cries. Neelima cries too. Dayal sees it and she wipes her tears. He asks what happened, he will be fine, don’t worry.

She thinks what Poorvi did, there is not repentance for it. He says I know what Poorvi did, you are angry, but think from her side, she was in love and such mistakes happen in this age, but she loves us a lot, she came to know about my accident and came running, knowing we will not let her meet Arjun again. He says I believe she won’t do anything that will hurt us, she will never make us cry. Poorvi recalls Arjun’s words and cries, saying he has broke my dreams, and did not think about me. Arjun cries and says I have hurt Poorvi a lot and blames the stars for taking revenge on him.

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She talks to the stars as they decide the fate of everyone, why did they not decide for her life. Yeh dil sun raha hai……………..plays……………. Arjun says I knew Poorvi will have to live a fearful life, and I can’t do this, but I will give her happiness, the stars have to do this for me. They both cry recalling their love moments and marriage. She says my smile and happiness are lost. There is nothing left in my life, except pain. She says he has taken away everything from me. Neelima thinks she has scolded Poorvi a lot, Dayal is right, she did not do anything intentionally, I should talk to her, she is upset.

She goes to her room and does not find her. She gets worried and asks Gauri and Lakshya did they see Poorvi. Lakshya says no. Neelima says she is nowhere, she can do anything being upset. Tanu gets ready and makes breakfast for Arjun. Sujatha says Arjun is ready, I told I will help you, but she made it herself. Arjun gets ready. Sujatha says I should leave and leaves. Tanu asks Arjun to have food. Arjun recalls Poorvi. He scolds her and says you are not a good human being, and can’t get anyone’s true love. He leaves. She says no one ignored me like this before. She says she will do anything to bring Arjun on his right path, but not lose to him. Bhanu comes to meet Bachcha Singh and they both are glad. He says I have come to meet my daughter and gives him the land files. He brings many gifts for them. Bachcha Singh is glad seeing the land papers.

He says I told you I will make everything fine after the marriage. He says its first gift as shagun, see what happens next. Bhanu says I want to thank by heart as I need this a lot. Lakshya comes with police and shouts Arjun Singh. Bachcha Singh asks him to leave. Lakshya says what Arjun did, he will be punished. Nisha comes and sees Lakshya. Watan and Nirbhik come and scold Lakshya. Arjun comes and asks what happened. Lakshya tells him that Poorvi gone missing. Arjun gets missing. Watan says so what, Arjun did not do anything.

Watan asks inspector to ask Laskhya what happened to him, anything similar, that time he did not say anything. Nirbhik says Poorvi is mad, and its not because of Arjun, she is herself responsible for this, Arjun was marrying and she came to stop him. They speak ill about Poorvi. Watan says Poorvi always runs with someone, she did not get Arjun and might have run with someone else. Lakshya says enough and scolds them. He says Arjun has kidnapped Poorvi, if anything happens to her, I will not leave anyone. Sujatha scolds him. Bachcha Singh asks them do they have any proof, leave now. Tanu comes and taunts Lakshya saying Poorvi loved Arjun and they broke up, so he came to take Arjun along. Lakshya looks on angrily. Arjun thinks where did Poorvi go.

Poorvi asks Arjun why did he come here, leave from here. Arjun says listen to me, and if anything happens to you, I don’t care, Lakshya got police at my home.

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