Satrangi Sasural 9th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 9th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Vihaan starts smiling as he realises that he has imagined the sequence of arushi coming and hugging him. He finds arushi still at her doorstep, and coming towards him. She tries to speak, but he shushes her saying that he too has a lot to say and confess to her, hence he should go first, and asks how is she. She says that this is her question as she has hurt him a lot, and that she doesnt know how to apologise. He asks why apologise, as she has always solved her problems, being Dilwali Kudi, and that he was shocked to know this secrert. He then tgeases her saying that she doesnt seem as intelligent as she writes. She pinches him, and he winces in fake pain. She says that her identity is hidden from everyone, and talks about her confidentiality isssues, regarding her contract. She says that she lives a simple life, and that gives the fodder for her column. He says that before she says another sorry, this moment is to give her something special. He asks sarthi to give it. sarthi gives her the goody bag, that his mothers have prepared for her. Arushi is surprised, and reluctant to take it. she says that she didnt do anything, as its her duty as an ideal citizen. He asks her to stop thinking about her principles, for a second, and that this is just a way of showing their appreciation for having saved their son. She says that his family like him is very sweet. He wonders if she would like to join in the family. He tries to speak, but she apologises for girish, and he asks her to put it water under the bridge, as mistakes were made on both sides. He then braces up his courage. Vihaan tries to propose to her. Meanwhile, they find girish talking on his cell phone on the roof, and arushi says that they shall talk later, as if they are seen together at this time in the night, there would be a huge drama. Vihaan and arushi are tensed. Vihaan turns and leaves. Arushi comes back inside. Girish finds vihaan going away and wonders what was he doing in this locality at this time of the night.

Meanwhile, Arushi comes inside, and sees the gifts. her mother asks whats she doing. she says that their friendship didnt break, as vihaan came to meet her. Her mother is not surprised, saying that she knew this would happen, as even though she hasnt seen him, she knows he is a nice man. She starts seeing the gifts with arushi, who thinks that they are very expensive. Her mother advises her saying that gifts arent measured by their value, but by the emotions with which they are given. Arushi still thinks that this might affect her friendship. Her mother tells arushi that this isnt a friendship anymore, as it has gone far ahead. Arushi smiles.

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Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Sarthi is angry at girish for stopping vihaan’s proposal. Vihaan is surprised that a girl like arushi has a brother like girish. He smiles thinking about her, saying that he wants to give her every happiness, and give her the solutions to all her troubles. sarthi says that may god give a lover, a son, and a husband, like him to everyone. Vihaan smiles.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s and Arushi’s residence
Vihaan’s car driving back in the verandah, wakes up priyanka, who goes out to check. But before she can, mini starts sleep talking, and priyanka’s attention gets diverted. Vihaan takes this oppurtunity, to stealthily get in his room, and when she opens the door, she finds him blissfully asleep, as he acts brilliantly. after she leaves, he is happy

The next morning, vihaan wakes up with arushi’s call, who scolds him for being so lazy and sleeping so late. She says that she hasnt called for him, but for her mother, who sent her such beautiful and expensive gifts too. Arushi tells vihaan on the phone, that a thank you is necessary for the love and affection that his mother showered on her, and hence she wants to meet her. Vihaan says that this formality isnt required. Arushi says that she has already come. He asks what does he mean boggled. She says that since he didnt pick her phone, hence she took his details from the bank, and having gotten the address, she came to his house. He is shocked and scared. She says that she is in the hall. He is very tensed and asks why did she do so. She says that his mother is here, and starts talking with her. He overhears the conversation between arushi, and one of the mothers, while she thanks her. he rushes to the hall and finds noone there. He asks arushi where is she. Arushi says that she is at her home, where else would she be. He is boggled, and asks what does this mean. She says that she couldnt have come like this, and hence was just teasing him. He is relieved. She says that she would say thank you on the phone only. Vihaan finds the bengali mother praying, and tells arushi that it would take time, and hence he would thank her, on arushi’s behalf. As he tries to chitchat, she says that she has lots of work to do, and cancels the call. He starts thinking that she is very naughty, and thinks that she cant come like this, and it would be very special, when she steps in the house.

The next morning, when girish gets ready for his first day of job, all the family showers its blessings in some way or the other. Finally prahlad too comes in, excited and feeling proud of him, and decides to leave him till the chowk. They leave. Dadaji tells them that he still finds it difficult to believe that Girish has completely changed, as things arent what they seem all the time. All get tesned. But Arushi asks him to think positive. Later, she starts serving swets and groundnuts to the children, and decides to celebrate Lohri in the evening. Her mother gets tensed for Girish, saying that she cares for him, and god knows when would he take over the responsibility of the house. Arushi says that she has all faith on him, and very soon, she shall prove it to them.

Scene 4:
location: Vihaan’s residence and
At the breakfast table, all wait impatiently for Dr. Seth to arrive, and start pampering her, while she says that she should get started with Vihaan’s sessions. they are very happy, as each eyes her as their ideal Bahu. narmada and the bengali bahu start talking about Dr. Seth, and the focus shitfs on Dilwali Kudi. Narmada asks Geeta, the bengali mother, why she didnt send any gift for Dilwali kudi. she says that she didnt want to, and that they alos shouldnt have. Narmada asks why. The bengali bahu says that Dilwali Kudi is very unlucky for him, and that she wont ever meet him again, and that come whay may, she wont ever be a part of vihaan’s life, nor even his thoughts. Narmada is tensed, while geeta is upset.

Vihaan’s family is also celebrating lohri. Devika is called by Mini that today there’s a Lohri programme and asks her to come definitely today, as she is their special guest. They are all excited as she agrees. They cancel the call. As she gets back to her work, Devika thinks that from their talks, it feels that they all want this special guest to be a part of their family, and if thats so, then she doesnt mind at all, as there’s nothing wrong, as Vihaan is intelligent, smart and rich. She smiles. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Narmada hesitantly tells granny that they have selected a girl for vihaan, and asks for her approval, as they have called her in the evening. Vihaan is tensed to hear this. Mini asks granny to guess, and then tells that its Devika. Vihaan is tensed, while granny doesnt respond instantly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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