Everest 9th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Arjun joking on Everest as Chand’s GF and doing salsa dance with him. Everyone laugh. Abhiyankar recalls a dance with his wife Tara, and not being able to dance well. She says its better if we do marching, just imagine you are on Khumbu glacier with me, and trying to balance me on melting ice. He smiles. He does better as she teaches him the salsa dance. The ice falls and Abhiyankar asks everyone to gold their positions. Maithili talks to Anjali and asks when is she coming. Anjali says I can’t come leaving them and Akash. Maithili asks how is it going with Akash. Anjali says normal, I don’t think about him, whats the use. Maithili signs no to Vidhaan for icecream. She asks Anjali to tell Vidhaan that she loves Akash. Anjali says I don’t love Akash.

Maithili says you are lying to yourself, why should you drag Vidhaan in this, he has a right to get someone who love him, its your life, I have a right to tell you are doing wrong. Maithili smiles seeing Vidhaan. Anjali says dad made this relation, maybe this is my fate. Maithili says I know you love your dad, but you have to live your life, and one day uncle has to love you love someone else and is not happy with Vidhaan. She says you will be sad when he asks you why did you not take right decision that time, wake up, you still have time. Anjali says I understood, I should have understood it before, only I can take my decisions, not anyone else. She ends the call.

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Maithili goes to Vidhaan and they leave. Anjali gets ready in mountaineering clothes and keeps all equipments. She looks at Everest. Rina records an interview with Dr. Balan. He says the climber’s state who is getting frozen and will be dying, its hard to survive. Ramesh hears them and says we should not believe doctors, as they give worst case scenarios. He jokes on him, and Dr. Balan leaves. Ramesh says I m giving money to feel good show, not for this horror show. Rina asks him to answer few questions. She asks how is he looking normal after the mission got cancelled. He says I believe human is born to help others, money is not everything. Rina taunts him on his company’s future.

He says the shares of the company are highest now. She says there are many complaints. He says its all nonsense, by business rivals. Ups and downs are part of any business. She says we heard that your wrong strategies broke your family. He says cut it now, and says I m giving money for my coverage not to get my name ruin, delete all of it now. He threatens them in their careers. Rina smiles. Ramesh leaves annoyed. The team keeps two stairs in between the two ice mountains. Abhiyankar crosses first. Chanda asks Arjun not to look down. Abhiyanakr hears the crack sound of the ice. Abhiyankar says don’t look down, see here. Akash recalls Gaurav’s death and freezes. Abhiyankar says come. Akash walks and reaches the other end.

Arjun asks Akash to shoot this. He says so many climbers fall her and die. He says wow what a depth, and comments. The glacier shakes. Nima is left alone. The snow falls. Akash is busy recording and does not see a big ice piece falling. He is shocked and runs. Everyone run out hearing the sound at the base camp and see the Everest. Sam tries connecting to Arjun. Ramesh asks whats going on. Sam asks is anyone able to hear me. Ramesh gets worried. Rina gives the bits that glacier piece has fallen, may people die at this point, they have gone to rescue mission. Jagat and Sarita, Shikha Maa see the news and are shocked. Rina asks did we lose our real heroes. Shikha says Akash…..Akash and everyone wake up. Nima is still sitting on the ladder. Anjali is stuck in glacier and proceeding.

Ramesh cares for Arjun. Sarita calls to talk to Anjali. Sam says he is not here. Chand says we were 8 now and just 7 now. Anjali cries.

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