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Veera 9th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts wit few ladies coming to Ranvi’s house, and talking about the situation of Ratan. They ask Ranvi and Gunjan about kids. They look at each other. Chai ji says everything will happen with time. Baldev welcomes his friends and makes fun of Veera. She makes food for them. Baldev insults Veera and says she married me for my good. Billa and Jaggi find his behavior weird. Baldev says my wife does not make food, if you don’t like it, tell me, I will give the food to dogs, and if they also refuse to eat, then we will have it throw in junk. Billa says it will be good, sit and eat. Baldev says don’t try to act great, who knows if you eat it and die, then blame should not come on me. Veera gets hurt by his words and goes to get food.

Ranvi and Gunjan talk about kids. She says we did not discuss this till now, I did not know you are thinking about kids. He says married people think obviously. She says yes, but its not needed now. He asks why, you think I can’t give them happiness. She says no, what did we do in life, we always had problems, we did not live together well, if baby comes in between, then, and the house has so much sadness. He says yes, so I m saying baby will bring happiness, and think about Biji and Chai ji, they will be happy. She says I also care for them, you understand all relations, except my wife. He says I know we have tension now. She says tension is since our marriage, we are lost in all this, and maybe after baby comes, tension may increase and I don’t want baby to come in this state.

Veera serves the food. Baldev eats it and spits it. He says it has too much salt. Veera tastes it and says sorry, its little more. He makes an issue. Billa says its not much, mix the daal and see. Baldev says fine and laughs, saying daal does not any salt. He apologizes to everyone for calling them on lunch, and he will take them to a good hotel. Jaggi says its not bad, sit. Baldev says you guys stay here and have food, I m taking others. They leave. Veera asks Baldev why did he insult her, she worked hard and everyone is leaving food, what did you get.

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He says leave my hand, if you have problem, don’t stay with me. He has pain. She sees the wound and asks how did this happen. He says stay away, even if I die, you don’t worry for me. He leaves. Billa and Jaggi looks on. Ranvi does the field work and talks to a man. Rajveer meets him and asks why did he not come yesterday, I was waiting. Ranvi says its not like I changed my decision. Rajveer says I know you will support truth, you have to come to court, else Nihaal’s murderer will not get punishment, I m sure you will support the truth. Ranvi thinks.

Jaggi and Billa apologize to Veera from Baldev’s side. Veera says I did not feel bad, I m thinking why is he behaving like this, something happened, he gets angry and is scared in night, and sleeps on floor, he has wounds on his hand, did anything happen with him, I spoke to doctor and he said he got some trauma, maybe its Nihaal’s death, but how. Jaggi says its wrong blame on him. Billa says he was tortured in jail, Rajveer did not beat him, but there were goons in jail and they have beaten him. Veera recalls Baldev’s behavior and says something happened there. I will find the truth. I have to get my old Baldev back.

Veera meets the doctor and tells about Baldev’s behavior. She says he loves me a lot, and he hates me today, I feel he wants to trouble me and gets happy, my Baldev was not like this, like his love turned into hatred. He asks the reason of trauma. She says he had a fight with jail inmates, and he has wounds. He says there is something we can know after checkup, but he is losing his mental balance. She says don’t say this, he is not mad. He says you are educated and don’t think this, brain is complicated organ and small wound can make it go wrong, he is losing control on his anger, I can say after checkup. She says how will I get him here, he regards me his enemy. He says get his trust and he thinks everyone is against him, change his mind and get him here, then I will say what you have to do. She says fine, I will try.

Gunjan gets the manager’s call and says maybe Ranvi is not taking call, he is not interested in doing show now. She says Ranvi is busy in personal matters and can’t do shows. He says I did not call Ranvi, I have some work with you, we need you with Ranvi. She asks what is he saying. He says I m coming Pritampura, lets meet and talk. She says sure and smiles.

Veera talks to Baldev and asks him to meet the doctor, and all his bad dreams will end. He says my wife worried for me so much, she went to mind doctor to make me fine, he said I have some fault, and laughs. He says you feel I m mad, first you said I m murdered, fine I will act like mad people. Will you tell everyone that your husband is mad. He hurts her. He spoils his hair and asks am I looking mad now. She cries and gets scared. She says no, I m worried for you. He gets angry knowing she went to psychiatrist. He says you married me asking me for marriage, and you told me on suhaagraat that you married me to save me, and called me murderer, and calling me mad in two days.

Veera gets a button at Nihaal’s murder location and says its Baldev’s, it means its related to Nihaal’s death.

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