Tum Aise Hi Rehna 9th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Tum Aise Hi Rehna 9th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ria calls nurse and asks about Aanchal. Nurse says she got consciousness, but is not in her senses. Ria asks her to check her B.P. Abhi kisses on Ria’s hand and says he is happy about her grah pravesh tomorrow. Ria says she is also happy. Abhi massages her neck. Ria thanks him for caring her. Abhi says he will care for her all his life. Abhi reminds her of the seven vows and says he will be same even now. His love will never fade. Ria says I have full faith on you. Ria hugs him. Abhi and Ria are in the car. Abhi stops the car on the place of Aanchal’s accident spot. Ria tells him that you didn’t do any mistake.

Aanchal wakes up in the hospital room. She tries to take off the glucose pipe. Nurses try to calm her and gives an injection. They say even injection is not having any effect on her and calls Ria. Ria rushes inside. Abhi too runs inside. Ria tells the nurse that patient’s condition is critical and gives the injection. Abhi comes inside. Aanchal gets relaxed seeing Abhi and smiles. Abhi asks can I asks some questions to her. Aanchal tries to speak, but couldn’t.

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Ria says she can’t speak because of the jaw bone fracture. Abhi asks Ria to give her paper and pen. She tries to write, but couldn’t. She tells she has no control on her hand. Abhi asks the nurse to bring a bell. He says I will asks you some questions and asks her to ring a bell if her answer is yes. She rings the bell. He asks where is your family and takes city’s name. She don’t ring the bell. Ria asks him not to pressurize her mind. Abhi asks what do you want from me. She rings the bell and continues to ring. She forwards her hand. Ria asks Abhi to hold her hand. Her song plays Dil Teri Hi Khatir………..

Nurse says it is a miracle. Her BP gets back to normal now. She stares at Abhi while holding his hand. She looks at his wedding ring and looks at Ria. She tries to take off the ring. Abhi asks what are you doing? Ria asks her to leave Abhi’s hand. She doesn’t, so Ria makes her leave Abhi’s hand. Ria asks Abhi to go home to make the arrangements for grah pravesh’s rasam. Abhi says he will stop here until you are there. Ria says we will go home together. She asks him to go as she is here with Aanchal. She says she will finish her work fast. Aanchal nods no. She feels bad as Abhi has left and gets angry on Ria. She throws the bell on Ria. Ria turns and asks her to rest. Sanjana comes and asks Ria to go home. Ria leaves the house.

Ria and Abhi gear up for their grah pravesh rasam. Revathi says we shall wait for Sarthak. Aanchal thinks about Ria’s words about her grah pravesh. Aanchal gets up from her bed. Abhi holds Ria’s hand and start walking towards the door. Aanchal fells from the bed and take out the glucose pipe. Water start flowing out from her veins. She writes Abhi with her blood and dies. Sanjana comes inside and asks the nurse to take her to bed. Her message for Abhi gets wipe as Nurse steps on it. Ria suddenly feeling heavy head. She complains to Abhi. Doctor declares Aanchal dead. Aanchal’s soul comes and enters home with Ria.

Abhi apologizes to Aanchal’s dead body as he didn’t hear her. Ria is shocked to see Aanchal’s dead body opening her eyes.

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