Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 30th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 30th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun meeting Kumar. He gives money and says about misunderstanding. He says Tanu is not pregnant. Poorvi hears this. Arjun thinks its good she heard it. Yeh dil sun raha hai…………..plays………………Poorvi asks Arjun is this all true, is Tanu not pregnant, what he said in drunken state, did he say true. He thinks he can’t tell her what he felt seeing her insult. She asks again. He leaves. Bhanu asks the minister Mishra whats all this. He asks him about selling land to Viraj and threatens him. Mishra says leave all this, everyone knows who can do what, if I get exposed, you will be exposed too as we did the mistake together.

Arjun tells Poorvi that he was drunk and said false. Poorvi scolds him and says you don’t care about others emotions, I m a fool, I m ashamed to love you. Arjun leaves and cries. Poorvi cries too. Yeh dil sun raha hai…………..plays……… Bhanu and Bachcha Singh come to meet Viraj at his home. They see his pic and say he has power, he got much in young age. Bhanu says we came here to talk about land. Viraj comes down the stairs and greets them.

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Bachcha Singh says your house is best. Viraj asks their problem. Bhanu says we came by a request, you both the land opposite to our land, we want to make hotel, you don’t make hotel, we will give bigger land and you can make colony, we will help you. Bachcha Singh says your age is equal to my son, and my age is equal to your father’s age. Viraj says Arjun took the land. Bachcha Singh says yes, Arjun is my son and Bhanu’s son in law. Viraj says but he does not have anything like you, he has guts, he refused to me when I gave double money.

He says what were saying I achieved a lot in young age, I have quality to identify people, I can see you both are big creeps. They are shocked. Viraj says you called me son, you are such person who will not fail to backstab your son. Bhanu says when you have called us creep, see what we will do, if you know the value of your life, then listen to us. He asks him not to make hotel, else he won’t be alive, this is business. Bachcha Singh says what we say, we do it.

Viraj goes. Bhanu laughs and says he got afraid. Bachcha Singh says he is shaken, I think he went to get land papers. Viraj gets the gun and gives Bhanu. He says why should I wait, kill me. Bhanu asks is hhe mad. Viraj says you shoot me, your money to contract killer will be saved, its my gun and you will ve saved. Bachcha Singh says I also have gun, and we don’t miss target. Viraj says kill me, as I won’t stop hotel project, shoot me. Bachcha Singh fires on ceiling and is shocked. Bhanu asks Viraj is he nit afraid of death. Viraj says I m just afraid of myself, as I can do anything with me and anyone, so my gun is always loaded.

Bhanu says if he kills himself, we will get into trouble, lets leave. They leave. Poorvi resigns from the job. Kumar asks why is she resigning, she can’t get new job easily. She says she will join Viraj’s company. He asks did you get offer from him. She says no. He says its wrong decision. She says I want to try my best. He says Viraj can’t hire anyone like this, he is a rich man. She says I know, I have courage and aim to talk to him, I will join his company. She thanks him. He says all the best and she leaves.

Bhanu and Bachcha Singh come home and talk about Viraj. Bhanu says if Viraj was shot, we would have got stained by his murder blame. Arjun comes. Bachcha Singh asks him about Viraj Raichand. He tells him everything what happened, asks him to suggest. Bhanu says we have to do something. Bachcha Singh asks him to make big hotel that everyone just see it, and Viraj’s hotel gets flopped.

Poorvi comes to Viraj’s home and tells the guard she eants to meet Viraj. He says he is not at home. She says I will sit here and wait. He says he will come late. She says she will meet him and go. She waits till night. Viraj comes and she sees the car. He asks the guard to tell him that she wants to meet him. He says wait here. She prays to Lord. The guard informs Suresh about a girl wanting to meet Viraj. He tells Poorvi that Viraj won’t meet whom he does not know, he does not give such unknown people work. She thinks she left her job too. She says she has to meet him.

The guard stops her. He says he can’t let her go, else his job will go. She thinks she will meet Viraj and work in his company. Lakshya comes for an interview of delivery boy. The man asks how will you work such low job being a doctor. Lakshya says my family needs money. The man says I feel you really need this job, you can start working today. Lakshya thanks him, and thinks if Poorvi can dance infront of them for family, why can’t I do this small job.

Neelima tells Poorvi that she is glad she left the job. Poorvi says I left it to do a better job. She thinks she will not tell Neelima till she gets job in Viraj’s office. Neelima tells this to Lakshya. Lakshya says he got the job, a delivery boy job, as no hospital will hire him now. Poorvi asks how can work this being a doctor. Lakshya says I will work, I learnt it from you. Neelima says she is proud of them, she has passed as a mother. She hugs them. Poorvi thinks she has to work in Viraj’s company, and has to meet him in his office. Sanjay comes to them and greets.

He says I had some work and came to meet you. He says if they need anything, they can tell him. Neelima says what will we need, you gave this home to us. Sanjay says you are like my mother, and have right on me. Sanjay meets Arjun and says he heard Poorvi left job, and Lakshya is working as delivery job, they are in bad state, they need money. Arjun gives money and says give them, and tell me if they have any problem. Sanjay asks why don’t he tell Poorvi how much he loves her, they all hate him, they should know this. Arjun says I can’t say, this is my punishment and I m regretting, don’t bring my name in this. Sanjay says fine, I will give this money. He thinks why did Poorvi leave the job, she can do anything or her family, maybe she wants to do any big work.

Poorvi meets Viraj at his office and says she wants job, and lied to meet him. Viraj looks on.

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