Doli Armaanon Ki 30th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 30th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Ishaan asks whats she talking about, but she is adamant, while sandhya taunts that she knew that ishaan wont agree. Damini shuts her up, saying that he cant even go against his mother and shall never disappoint them. Damini asks him not to take stress and just prepare for the evening. he leaves hastily, and straight to Anirudh’s room, and asks what happening, as he knows that his son loves urmi, and wants to marry her. His father says that he knows his benefit. Ishaan asks him one reason why this girl is good for him. As he narrates the qualities, ishaan says that urmi also has these qualities, and infact is one step ahead. Anirudh points out her marital status, and her motherhood. ishaan asks if that dampened her qualities, and he

has never thought this way. Anirudh says that marriage isnt a joke, and he wont be able to be happy in the long run. Ishaan says that he hasbeen happy wiht his love for so many years. Anirudh asks him not to be selfish and thinks of the family too. ishaan says that urmi would bring happiness to their household too, along with him, and reminds him how much he has praised urmi. He says that he loves urmi be the heart and wants to spend his life with her. He says that he doesnt know if marrying someone else would make his father happy or not, but he knows that he wont be happy or be able to love anyone else, other than urmi, and asks if he justifies the injustice that he does with any other girl. ishaan tells him that he knows his father wont do anything wrong, or make his own son unhappy, and has the faith in him, that he takes the right descision. Ishaan says that he wont go against his wishes, and marry urmi, nor would he marry anyone else other than urmi. Ishaan leaves.

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Later, downstairs, sandhya keeps pointing out that ishaan hasnt said yes. damini says that ishaan wont go against her. he passes out, while damini asks him to get ready, as she doesnt want him to be late. While ishaan stands dazed, anirudh comes in asking if they are all set to go. damini happily says yes. He asks her to pack some chocolates as well. damini is confused and asks why, as they have already packed enough sweets. Anirudh says that children like chocolates and not sweets. damini is confused and asks why would there be children. He says that shaurya is still a child, and when they take stuff for urmi, and nothing for shaurya, he would feel bad. ishaan is shocked to hear this and turns around to face his father. Anirudh assures ishaan that the bahu of their house shall be only urmi, and compliments his choice. Sandhya and damini are enraged, while ishaan is shell shocked. he hugs him, saying that he loves him. She asks anirudh how can he agree, and he says that this is due to ishaan, who managed to convince him, that he needs to prioritise his son and not social acceptance. sandhya doesnt like it. Damini tries to speak, but anirudh says that he has finally decided, and urmi and only her shall be ishaan’s wife, as his happiness is with his son, and his son’s happiness is with urmi. She says that if he doesnt have a problem, then why would she, as she was only thinking about this familys’s repute. ishaan asks if she really doesnt have a problem, and if urmi is here, then she would accept her. she resignedly complies. He overwhelmingly complies. She thinks that she wont accept urmi so easily, and that she is determined that urmi wont be this house’s bahu. sandhya continues to taunt while anirudh is too happy, and rati too enjoys this. Damini says that now since they have changed plans, and the shagun is to go to urmi, then they should prepare well in advance. ishaan thinks that even his parents accept, then only urmi needs to give her acceptance now.

In her room, damini is angry, while sandhya comes trying to taunt and instigate her all the more, by pointing out her big claims and then falling flat on her face. damini says that she didnt want to go against anirudh, as it wouldnt have helped at all. sandhya keeps taunting her, with smirk, that her son and husband are out of her control now, and soon everything shall be hers, and under her control, instead of Damini’s. She refuses to believe this, saying that she wont succumb to defeat so easily, as as long as she is alive, urmi wont come in this house, as noone can steal her ishaan from her.

Scene 2:
Location: Goa beach
Samrat is tensed, and decides to call the waiter, who had got his meeting with the moneylender. After he recognises samrat, and then samrat gives him a task, to follow urmi and get every detail about her, including every background of hers. He complies.

Scene 3:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Urmi is shocked to find shaurya advocating for ishaan, that he loves him and her very much, and hence she should marry him. gaurav and asha is tensed. urmi asks who brainwashed him, and he says that there’s nothing wrong in what he is saying. she asks how dare he talk to her like this. she is flustered and embarassed, and asks him to go inside and study. He says that he knows and hence he is saying so, and is stuck that he wants to make Ishaan only his father. She is shocked at his audacity, and gaurav asks him, if he is sure that he wants ishaa as his father. he complies. urmi asks him to shut up, as this wont happen. He asks why cant this happen, as he wants to stay with ishaan and only ishaan, and hence she would have to marry him. She asks why is he talking like this all of a sudden today. He says that he wants that like other kids, he also needs a father. she asks why did he need his father all of a sudden, and if his mother was insufficient. He jerks her hand away, and says that its indeed right. He says that he never says, and is teary eyed, and says that his friends’ fathers come with them, and celebrate their birthdays and are always together as a family, and he too wants that, and hence she would have to get ishaan as his father. she says that he wont get a father. He asks why. she says that this is because, a father isnt a commodity to go and buy. he tries to speak, but she says that she wont have anymore of this nonsense, and he should get this straight. He says that he has talked to ishaan already. before he can finish, she slaps him, unable to shut him. All are shocked and tensed. shaurya rushes inside.

Later, gaurav asks urmi whats the problem now that shaurya too wants him. Urmi asks him not to bother and start this over again, as its isnt possible, and she is extremely at discomfort to even imagine that. Just then, Asha comes in saying that shaurya has high fever. they both are shocked. The doctor comes and says that shaurya would be okay and she has administered the injection. urmi asks what caused this problem. The doctor says that it could be due to mental and physical harassment, and asks them not to worry. asha leaves the doctor to the gate. While urmi stands by shaurya, he keeps murmuring ishaan in his sleep. she is shocked. Gaurav says that she shouldnt have been so strict, and asks her to understand his problem, as he wants a father, and sees a father in ishaan, and that he has been in their life for so long, that he has almost become a family member, and asks her if they ever notivced both of them together. she stands tensed. gaurav says that they just need to formalise it. Gaurav tells urmi, that shaurya needs ishaan right now, and they should call him. She says that shaurya’s demand is illegitimate, and it isnt necesssary to fulfill all demands. She says that ishaan wont become the weakness of her house. She adds that ishaan wont even come to her house, nor their life too. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: As sandhya and damini, along with anirudh come to urmi’s house for the presentation of the shagun, sandhya doesnt leave any stone unturned to taunt her in the garb of happiness. she says that urmi already has the most expensive things of theirs, Ishaan, and what else can she need from them. But amidst all this, Anirudh finds urmi tensed and is concerned.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. fan of the show

    They should have talked to Urmi first, now she will feel forced, instead of giving her time to adot the proposal on her own.

    1. I agree- noone seems to be bothered about Urmi’s opinion- If she does not feel ready for marriage then so be it-this has to be respected and accepted- after all she was the one who went thru the trauma of an abusive husband and mother in law- now, that she has reconstructed her life, why can’t she be allowed to choose? She knows Ishaan is a good guy!

  2. fan of the show

    Why do so any mothers consider bahu is robbing their son? And why would anyone marry when the boy’s mother hates her? And even her daughters may suffer the same fate when they get married. This is attachment to the extremes in both cases.

  3. why is there always a malicious mother-in-law ?why isn’t urmi accepting ishan’s proposal ?and why is shaurya sick?

  4. Shaurya is just acting I guess so that urmi gets engaged to ishaan

  5. When is ‘MAHA EPISODE’ pls?

  6. Why is damini being so selfish toward urmi n shaurya is rite

  7. Urmi needs all the love & support she can get right now, she’s already been seriously traumatized.

  8. this story needs to end right away it is going no where frustrated viewer

  9. I don’t think samrat beat Urmi enough looks like she needs some more beating to realize there’s a good guy right in front of her who wants to marry her she’s ruining her own life as well as her son

    1. What an awful thing to say! No woman deserves to be beaten- she has the right to have her own opinion- if she does not feel the need to marry again that everyone should respect and accept it- I personally do not like the emotional blackmail that Shaurya was trying to do- He is a kid and should remain and act as so!

    2. Are you for real to endorse such abusive behavior.Samrat is evil and very abusive and abuse causes a woman to be scared of getting into another relationship.Yes ,her son needs a fatherly love which a woman cannot give.Fathers in their sons lives are important ,just as a mother in a girl’s life to teach them the basics of a young man’s youthful years.Urmi needs time to figure out if she wants to do this.I do not think she is over the trauma Samrat had put her through.L do believe you have not seen this show from beginning.One more thing Rahaan and Samrat were best of friends and he found Urmi for Samarat,there fore these are barriers in her lif now. Therefore think before you write ,If you are a male remember you have a mother and sisters and if you are a woman you may have daughters and also a mother ,.Think about it.Have a bless day.

      1. fan of the show

        This is justa way to get conversation flowing – state an unefendable opinion andlet everyone vent their disagreement…

    3. Do you listen better after beatings? Expain us how that works.

  10. I wonder what happened with Anushka ??

    1. fan of the show


  11. fan of the show

    Funny, isn’t it, that the show always gets 2-3 “Awful”ratings – does that mean those who think it’s awful WATCH IT EVERY DAY? HAAHAHA!

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